What's in my Bag

sobota, julij 06, 2013

Aside from an unusually large amount of pens, I keep the contents of my bag at a quite basic level (for a girl, of course). I don't carry around a mass of makeup, because I find it unnecessary and I never need fixing it apart from the lipstick. So here is a pretty boring content of my bag:
(you'll have to excuse the low quality pictures. I had to use my old camera who could do with a few more MP among other things. But I kept them large so you can see things more closely if you wish to)

1. Mint green purse/valet (from Tally Weijl) 
2. One of those textile shopping bags (very well-made might I add, but takes up more place than the others)
3. Rubber/eraser or whatever you wish to call it
4. Soap bubbles, because what would a women's bag be without them (I'm so immature)
5. A collection of pens
6. My old, battered Sony MP3 player (NWZ-A816)
7. My smartphone Samsung Galaxy SII. The silicone case is from eBay called Purple flowers (the reindeer sticker is not included, of course)
8. My mint green mini zip bag from H&M holding a ton of stuff. I prefer to keep most of the stuff in here rather than having them scattered all over the bag as I don't want to waste hours of my life searching for stuff.

Contents of the mint green mini zip bag:
1. Preven's antibacterial wipes that I've been buying for years and are always in my bag
2. Makeup remover wipes from Essence the waterproof version ones. I've bought a few packs so far and they are quite lovely. Won't remove waterproof makeup, but don't sting my eyes and are compact/small enough to carry around.
3. A fresh pack of tissues
4. Anatomicals snog me senseless mints. How clever is the name!
5. Another collection of pens. Most are the Frixion ones which have a rubber on the other end and can be erased (might I say brilliant!).
6. Painkillers
7. Cloth for cleaning glasses
8. Sticky notes
9. Mini mirror that I got for super cheap in Butlers. It's is a great size, double sided and super slim. Love it.
10. Balea mini deodorant - my favourite because it smells like peaches. Unfortunately, it was a LE.
11. My trusted Kérastase Elixir Ultime for quick fixes, taming the frizz, giving shine and some aromatherapy. I love the fact it has a pump and the bottle is plastic.
12. Some über cheap, but pretty sunglasses that do little to protect my eyes from the sun (at least I suspect so. I should buy proper ones)
13. Burt's Bees lip balm
14. Mini H&M red lipstick. I love this shade.
15. Chewing Gums
16. A pin I've been carrying around for years. My friend gave it to me before we even knew each other. It never left my bag since he gave it to me, but carries no particular meaning.
17. A collection of hair ties, bobby pins and grips, which I rarely use because I always have my homemade ties either on my wrist or in my hair, but it's nice to have a spare.
18. Collection 2000 concealer. It covers everything.
19. This spot is meant for any lipstick that I am wearing on individual days, but in the picture it's Catrice's Matt About Pink, which I wear the most. I never carry more than two lipsticks - the one from H&M which is always in my bag and my shade of the day. I don't want my stuff (including other makeup products) to get forgotten/lost in my bag.
I don't always carry the mini zip bag, especially if use my small bag (which is more often than my "big" bag), but I just take a few products with me including the phone and my purse.

So the mystery is revealed. It's a pretty boring collection of stuff, but it's all I need. Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day! 

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  1. A si denarnico slučajno kupila pred kratkim? Me wants it :D Tole pakiranje milnih mehurčkov je pa kr zavajajoče ;)

    1. Enkrat pozimi se mi zdi. Vprašanje če jo še imajo.
      I know, ampak je cute :)

  2. Ni dolgočasna, temveč najbolj kjut vsebina torbice :) mi je všeč ker je vse tako mint, uporabno pa še ta mala flaškica me je nasmejala hehhe

    1. O, hvala :) Ja se vidi, da je mint green moja najljubša barva :D

  3. Zanimiv post:) jaz imam enako belo denarnico, ena mojih najljubših, kar sem jih kdaj našla. Zelo priročno narejena:)

    1. Se strinjam, je zelo dobra glede nato, da je še kar poceni. Imam še črno verzijo :)

  4. Vau, ful lepo organizirano :) Jaz kar sproti namečem notri kar vidim. Kje je pa torbica?! *firbec* :D

    1. Hvala :) Moram met en sistem, drugače ne bi nikoli nič našla :)
      Večja torbica je po pravici povedano pregrda in raztrgana za v post. Kupuvanje torbic ni moje najlubše opravilo, še posebej večjih, tako da imam vedno eno poceni in bolj brezvezno :D Manjša je pa H&M-ova tale: http://www.hm.com/si/product/07790?article=07790-C

  5. oo kako luštkano :) Jaz pa prepogosto menjam denarnice in svakič znova vse zložim notri :D Pa vsakič kaj drugega :D

    1. :D Tale vsebina je pa že kakšno leto bolj kot ne ista, le torbica in denarnica sta bolj novi :)

  6. Mint denarnica in torbica sta <3 Imam pa isti mp3 in je najboljša stvar sploh, moj po nekih petih letih še vedno dela :)

    1. Mentolno zelena je moja najljubša barva, nisem mogla it v trgovini mimo denarnice in torbice :)

      Moj je bil kupljen leta 2006 in še vedno dela kot prvi dan samo slušalke sem zamenjala. Sony je kvaliteta :)

  7. Torbica je čist preveč kul :)! Super so mi taki posti, ko lahko malo pofirbcam drugim v torbice ;)!


  8. Ooo, ful luškana denarnica!