I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

torek, avgust 13, 2013

I talked about my renewed faith in Essence mascaras in my Product of the Week post a while ago, where I talked about get big lashes volume boost waterproof mascara. I was highly recommended to try I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume mascara by a couple of bloggers, who said it is really good (Passing Fancy and Summer). Of course, the next time I was in a drugstore, it landed in my shopping basket. Now normally I don't go for non-waterproof mascaras because I have the most stubborn lashes that don't just look completely unruly but are also very straight, some even grow downwards, and they refuse to stay curled. However, I heard it holds curl despite being a regular formula. 

Well, it doesn't. My lashes drop like a rock with it. But, I'm not going to make a bad review based on what is truthfully it's only fault. It's not mascaras fault my lashes are being annoying. 

It's quite a volumising mascara and the formula is among thicker ones. First application will leave you with defined lashes, but the second could get clumpy, but not necessary. It gives a nice amount of length. I love the brush. I really do. It looks a bit funny, but I like plastic brushes and this one has some bristles at the end that make it easy to apply mascara on smaller or corner lashes.
The packaging is super tacky and looks like it was made for 12-year-old girls, but so do all Essence mascaras. It's among the biggest mascaras.

It's a pretty good mascara for a reasonable price. It gives volume, length, separates ok and I like the brush. If your lashes don't have a problem with staying curled, give it a go. I can't remember how much it was, but around 3€. I wish Essence made a waterproof version of it, but mine is going either to the makeup graveyard a.k.a. my mother's makeup bag or to my cousin.

In še info za Slovenke. Müller ima 20% popust na vse maskare od 12.8.-24.8. če še ne veste. 

Have a great day!

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  1. I agree that it doesn't hold curl at all but looks good anyway. The thing I dislike the most though it's how fast it has dried up thought I guess one can't complain much for the price haha

    1. I wouldn't know how fast it dries up, because I've only had it for about a month, but the blue one is still ok after months. But, I do like drier mascaras :)

  2. Jaz sem jo tudi kupila zaradi Žive, ker je ona tako navdušena nad njo :) Najprej se mi je zdela malo scary za nanašat, samo ko se navadiš ni problema. Glede volumna je ena boljših maskar kar sem jih poskusila, meni je všeč :) Na začetku sem bila skeptična ker, tako kot si napisala, imam raje waterproof maskare, samo glede na to da se v tej vročini dobro drži je vseeno v redu :)

    1. Meni je bila pa krtačka takoj všeč :) Volumen je ok in zdrži dobro, samo zavihane jih pa ne obdrži niti sekunde.

  3. Hello there. I liked very much the product. I explained in my blog. I would appreciate if you visit my blog. Goodbye :)