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torek, junij 24, 2014

 L'OREAL L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick
201 Rose Symphony
I believe we have love at first swipe. I've just got it yesterday and despite not being a fan of lip gloss, I find this fabulous. The texture is so creamy and lip balm like, the pigmentation is semi-opaque, the shine is lovely, it's not sticky and best of all it smells amazing. Just as Sanja said, it smells like peaches - my favourite scent ever. I need more of these. Rose Symphony is a stunning warm rose-pink shade with just a touch of gold shimmer. I'll do a proper review with swatches.
I'm not sure if these are coming to Slovenia, but I hear they are already available in Austria.
£8.99, Boots.

 L'OREAL Lumi Magique Concealer
I really hesitated whether to get this or not. I heard it's an affordable dupe of Touché Éclat, but it has very mixed reviews, so some adore it and some find it useless. I've tried it today and the shade looks about right for me, but I don't notice any particular illumination. I'll report back with a full review after a longer use.
£8.49, Boots.

 GOOD THINGS Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser
My beloved Balance Me is on its last legs and though I would repurchase it, I decided to try to find something more budget friendly and since I heard some great things about this cleanser, it was my first choice to try. It's another one of those that need to be removed with a washcloth and I've only used it once, but so far it looks like it's a nice gentle cleanser that does its job. It has a soft sort of honey scent.
£4.99, Boots.

SUPERFACIALIST Rose Hydrate Cleanser 
Another bloggers' recommendation in the budget cleansers category. It smells like roses, which I'm not a fan of, but I'll survive. Again as with Good Things cleanser, there will be a review one day.
£7.99, Boots.

SALLY HANSEN Airbrush Legs
 Light Glow 
This is instant tan and makeup for legs in a can. The colour is just right for my pale skin to breathe some life in it, as it's about the same colour I achieve with my self tanner and not at all orange, but rather incredibly believable. I'm testing it today, so I just applied it. It's not the easiest thing to apply, partly due to the spray not distributing the product well and it needs to be blended fast because it dries super quick and after that is doesn't budge at all. I does smell funny, almost like a self tanner. I'll do a proper review after longer use, but so far it's not bad, though I hoped for a higher level of coverage.
£9.99, Boots.

The three next bits I didn't get for myself, but I was kindly allowed to take pictures and swatches of them for my blog. 

L'OREAL Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint
150 Nude Beige
This was on my wishlist as well for ages, but mixed reviews and the fact that the lightest shade might be too dark for me kept me from purchasing it. Honestly, if I saw it in person in our drugstores and tried it (L'Oreal get a move on), I'd pick it up in a heart beat. The texture is so light, yet it has nice coverage and it blends so naturally on the skin while leaving a satin-matte finish. I think I'll have to pick up a bottle for myself. The bottle is so adorably dinky, but it doesn't have a pump, however, I don't find it too messy to deal with.
£9.99, Boots.

  MAYBELLINE Dream Terra Sun Bronzer
10 Bronzed Tropics
My word is this gorgeous in person! The bronzer doesn't really work on my skin as the shade just looks wrong and too warm, though it's not orange. The blush, on the other hand,  is stunning - a beautiful pink-coral. It does have gold shimmer in it, which is visible particularly in the bronzer part, though on the skin it doesn't show up. The pigmentation is not excellent, so it's one of those products you have to build up slowly or maybe it's just the top layer that's like that, I can't really say. By the way, it has a strong smell of sunscreen or baby shampoo.
How many of you think this will ever reach our drugstores? No one? I thought so. 
£6.49, Boots.

  RIMMEL London Stay Blushed!
001 Pop of Pink
This is a cream blusher in a tube with a sort of a mousse-meets-cream texture. The shade is beautiful, a soft pink with a hint of coral, again another one right up my alley and very close on the cheeks to NYX Cream Blush in Natural. It shows up very well on me, so the pigmentation is sufficient and it's easy to apply, though you have less time to work with than with other cream blushes I tried because it sets fast.
£4.49, Boots.
 *MAKEUP REVOLUTION Welcome to the Pleasuredome
18 Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette
The palette holds 18 eyeshadows ranging from neutrals to bright shades. Top 12 are shimmery and bottom 6 are matte. So far I can say that some shades perform better than others, but it's definitely a very nice mix of colours. I like the neutral ones, the brighter colours not so much, but there is a shade that is like MAC Patina's cousin and two shades are very Satin Taupe-ish. The mattes are really lovely and most of them are nicely pigmented. There will be a review with swatches, but so far I'm really enjoying this palette.
8,95 € na Lič

No Good Waiting
A frost rusty shade. I'll do a proper swatch one day, though this is so not my colour.
1,95 € na Lič

Have a great day!

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  1. Joj no... spet se mi wishlist povečuje in povečuje. :D

    Zanimajo me predvsem ocene za 'tekočo' šminko od L'Oreal, Lumi Magique korektor, Nude Magique puder in pa oba cleanserja (no, pa sem skoraj vse omenila). :)

    1. Nude Magique puder ni moj (se vidi po odtenku), tako da prave ocene ne bo, ampak kolikor sem ga sprobala na hitro mi je zelo, zelo všeč :) Druge stvar pa bodo :)

  2. oh, same faaajn stvari<3 po eni strani dobro, da nimam kartice, drugače bi bankrotirala. :D
    mi je pa zelo, zelo, zeloo všeč Rimmel blush in že komaj čakam oceno. :) in pa seveda paletka ter lak, ki si ju dobila od Lič :)

    1. Ah, saj se da čisto zmerno živet tudi s kartico :)
      Tako kot L'Orealov puder, Rimmlov blush ni moj, tako da tale mini ocena je vse kar lahko povem. Mi je pa všeč in se ga splača vzet :)

    2. jp, samo ne velja za mene, se težko uprem mikavnim stvarem. :P
      o, super, potem ga bom verjetno naročila na Salmi, sem ravno preverjala in ga imajo. :))

  3. Kak naj človek varčuje ob takih haul-ih nooo :D
    Joj kak je Rose Symphony lep odtenek <3 Pa seveda, hvala za omembo.

    1. Rose symphony je prekrasen :) You're welcome :)

  4. Maybelline bronzer mi je zelo zelo všeč, čeprav škoda, da so vsi bronzerji tako oranžkasti-sploh ti cenejši. Makeup Revolution paleta mi je tudi zelo všeč, sploh zeleni odtenki so zanimivi.:)) Jaz sem dobila Run Boy Run in sem popolnoma navdušena. Zelo lepi odtenki in močno pigmentirani:)

    1. Maybellinov bronzer se mi ne zdi oranžen, je pa zelo topel in vleče na rumeno, tako da zame takšna barva ni, ker mi bolj pašejo rdečkasti ali pa hladni bronzerji :)
      Vidiš meni se pa ravno zeleni odtenki ne dopadejo, jaz na splošno nisem fan barvnih senčil :) Kvaliteta se mi zdi pa v redu, ampak se vidi da je nizkocenovna.

  5. Ojej, Mateja no, spet si mi wishlist podaljšala. Sploh tistale tekoča šminka od L'Oreala zgleda čudovito!

    1. Haha, I'm sorry :) Meni je tale L'Orealov gloss je super :)

  6. Oooh I'm going to look for that cream blush from Rimmel! I doubt I'll find it but who knows, maybe I'll get lucky.

  7. Oooo, tale L'Orealov gloss je pa zelo lepo pigmentiran! Hmmm, temptation! ;) komaj čakam posamične reviewe, v bistvu me precej stvari v postu zanima. Paleta MUR je videti čudovito, jaz sem nad svojo navdušena, lak sem dobila v bolj natural odtenku, ki je krasen, ampak čopič je pa abominacija, me zanima, če bo pri tebi enak. V glavnem, se že veselim posamičnih ocen. :))

    1. Nisem še sprobala MR lak, ker me barva odbija, sem pa pogledala čopič in je kar tanek, kaj drugega posebnega pa ne opazim :)