Products worth the splurge #3

nedelja, oktober 12, 2014

URBAN DECAY Naked and Naked Basic Palettes
The famous Naked palettes. Even though I don't really talk often about eyeshadows or palettes, I'm sure you're probably sick of hearing about these two, but they are so worth it. I pretty much wear just these two palettes  all the time (and that L'Oreal eyeshadow plus a few Mac shades), especially the Naked Basics one. The quality is spectacular, they are properly pigmented, have a lovely buttery texture (even the matte ones!) and the colours are so beautiful, the perfect neutrals.
I've tried several budget palettes lately and honestly, I'd rather save up and buy one of the Naked palettes instead.

SHISEIDO The Makeup Eyelash Curler
Eyelash curler is a tool I find essential in my makeup arsenal. As you could see in the How to Curl Stubborn lashes post, my lashes, although they are very long, are very straight, so to avoid it looking like I have no lashes or a lazy eye when looking from the front, I need to curl them. There are two eyelash curlers I like, one are from Tana and the second are these Shiseido one. I find that Shiseido's fits my eye shape a bit better and really creates a nice, not-crimped curl. I also like these because it's easy to get replacement pads. I've tried several budget eyelash curlers and all were rubbish because they pinched, but these a fantastic.

This a very gentle, chemical exfoliator with glycolic acid and my skin loves this. It keeps my skin in good condition by removing the dead skin cells, so my skin is clear and smooth. I've noticed the biggest improvement in my forehead area, it's pretty much baby smooth all the time now. Despite being an AHA product, it's still moisturising, so it feels more like a lotion and it's super gentle (doesn't sting one bit, even if I have a small wound). 

L'OCCITANE Almond Cleansing and Soothing Shower Oil
My adoration for this shower oil has been persisting for years and this is my ultimate pamper product. It's an amazing, super-luxurious feeling shower oil that smells divine and transforms into this thick, rich foam when water is added. It's a great product for those who suffer from dry skin and can be used instead of a shaving gel as well. As I've said before I buy 500 ml eco-refills, but there is a travel size of this available for those, who just want to try it first.

JOICO K-Pak Intense Hydrator
I'm an advocate of investing in a few more euros into hair care, even though most people don't even remotely care about their locks as much as me. K-Pack Intense Hydrator is not budget product, though it's not too expensive either if you know where to look, but it is a superb product that injects some serious moisture to the hair and transforms even the driest tresses into decent hair. It makes my hair super hydrated, silky and soft as well as it has keratin and protein in it, so it also helps strengthen the hair. If you have more demanding hair like me, I highly recommend you check it out.

Have a great day!

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  1. Moram res probat Clarinsov tonik. Sem ga že iskala pa nikoli nisem bla ziher kateri je pravi, zdaj sem si ga pa dala v evernote, za takrat, ko mi zmanjka trenutnega tonika :)

  2. Glede tega L'occitanovega tuš gela se pa čisto strinjam! Si ga deliva z mami in je super za kožo :D

  3. Tud js mislim, da bom si bom morala privoščit ta Clarinsov tonik, me zelo mika :)

  4. Well since L'occitane re-opened in Belgrade, now I have no excuse but to try the magical oil. :D

  5. Clarins imam zdaj že nekaj časa in mi je všeč. Res nič občutljive kože, zelo nežen. Zanima me kolikokrat na teden ga uporabljaš? Jaz ga zdaj samo 2x, bi ga najraje vsak dan:). Pa tudi glede Joico se seveda strinjam, K-Pak linija je odlična:).

    1. Jaz ga uporabljam skoraj vsak dan in ni preveč. Ampak prerežem vatko na polovico in uporabim samo par kapljic. Ne opažam nobenih slabih učinkov, samo pozitivne :)

  6. Tale Clarins tonik sem jaz iskala po Mullerju nekaj časa nazaj in našla vse druge, samo tega ne - a je sigurno še v prodaji?

    Naked paletke so pa itak najboljše... komaj čakam da dobim Naked Basics 2. :D

    1. Nazadnje je bil še v NM. Ga je pa težko najdti, ker od Clarinsa vse stvari isto izgledajo. Na All Beauty ga imaš tudi :)

      Me too. Sem jo v petek naročila :D

  7. Yes, totally agree on the Almond Oil Shower Oil! I featured it on my blog as well a while ago, it's such a treat!