Dior Addict Fluid Stick 479 Magique

četrtek, oktober 23, 2014

It's hard to resist a product in a pretty packaging and as shallow as it may sound, I admit that the cool, yet glam tubes of Fluid Sticks played a huge part in why I wanted at least one. These lip gloss/liquid lipsticks just exploded on the market in the past year and though I'm a through and through lipstick person, I'm quite enjoying these new releases and Dior's is certainly one of the most glamorous.

Fluid Stick in Magique is a very pigmented lip gloss with a high shine finish, so it gives the appearance of a lip gloss and lipstick in one if you apply a thick coat, however, it can be worn very subtly, giving the sheer glossy lipstick effect. It's a thick gloss, hence the abundance of pigmentation and it's not sticky, however, it has quite a "wet" feeling on the lips, so it feels a bit pleasantly cooling upon application. 

Magique is a medium pink-coral shade and, for me at least, a very everyday colour that looks very glam due to the shine. I was considering buying Wonderland, just like Sara, but when I was swatching all the shades in the shop, I decided on Magique because it's a colour that is easy to wear and should work with a lot of things.

The scent is nothing special. It has a gentle caramel/vanilla scent, but with a chemical component. It's not strong, so mostly I don't even notice it.

Staying power is better than at most glosses I've tried, which is what I expected from it considering the high price tag. It's not uncommon that it survives a meal, but it depends on what you eat. I believe these promise to leave a stain and I notice that this shade does. It's not a proper stain, but it's more of a lingering lipstick stain - for me that's enough.

As I said the packaging is a complete stunner and the applicator is nice to use. This pretty tube gained a special place on my vanity.

I got mine in Műller for an eye-watering 31.79 €, though I did use a few of their "receipt coupons" to soften the blow. Besides, I had a particularly lousy day, so some pampering was in order - it felt very satisfying holding such a pretty new goody in my hands.

I have a few other lip gloss/liquid lipstick hybrids: L'Oreal's L'Extraordinaire,  Revlon's Moisture Stain, Catrice Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polish and Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lacquer. I think Dior's is the best one, although I admit I have quite a soft spot for L'Extraordinaire because of the divine peach scent, but's not quite as pigmented and long lasting as Dior's (Catrice's wins in terms of staying power - it's pretty awesome). So do I think it's worth the money? If you're a hardcore lip gloss girl, who loves high shine finish, then yes, the quality will appeal to you greatly. Otherwise, I think it's a lovely pampering product, especially nice for a Christmas gift, but whether you want to splurge on a lip gloss, which never lasts as long as a lipstick or a matte liquid lipstick, it's up to you. I don't regret it for a second.

Have a great day!

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  1. Ful je krasen odtenek, mislim, da bi prav vsaki pristajal. :)

  2. Uau, čudovita izgleda!


  3. Vredno nakupa, ane? Je pa bil ta tudi moja prva izbira. Paše ti :D

    1. Absolutno :) Prav vsak občuduje embalažo, sem slišala tudi, da izgleda kot parfum in šminka v enem, potem te pa presenti ta aplikator :D Hvala <3

  4. Odličen je :) Ful lepo ti pristaja pa še cute embalažo ima <3

  5. Pakiranje je res prekrasno, odtenek pa tudi. Zanimivo, da res deluje kot vsakdanji odtenek tudi če je bolj živ :)