Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain 020 Rio Rush

ponedeljek, oktober 13, 2014

I'll start by saying that this for me isn't what I'd call a lip stain, in fact, it's essentially a very pigmented lip gloss. However, confusing name aside, it's a nice lip gloss with a very good colour pay-off and it does feel moisturising on the lips (then again most glosses do, right?).   
(Ocena v slovenščini je na dnu objave.)

Rio Rush is a bright medium pink, which to me looks kind of Barbie-ish, but it's still classy enough. I had several colours to choose from when I was given this to test and this one immediately caught my attention. It's a very adorable colour and I can imagine it on a young girl because it gives a very fresh, cute look and it would look awesome paired with a touch of mascara and a pink blush. You get a very good colour pay-off with just one coat, it's really not far away from a liquid lipstick also because one coat has more of a creamy shine and with the second coat you get a proper glossy shine. The colour doesn't stay super vibrant for long after application, but it settles into a very wearable, everyday shade and the super glossy finish quickly gets more creamy and subdued. I wonder if that is what they meant by stain, but stains are meant to be very long-lasting as well as smudge-proof and this isn't. 

The formula is an interesting hybrid between a creamy gloss and a mousse type of liquid lipstick, I haven't tried anything like it. It's closer to a liquid lipstick in formula, but it's still a gloss. Staying power is very good for a gloss and due to stronger pigmentation, it manages to cling on for several hours. It doesn't survive eating or drinking and only slight traces in form of individual patches remain on the lips, so I would definitely refrain myself from calling these stains. It feels very comfortable on the lips, there is no stickiness or gloopiness, it doesn't flake and wears off evenly. I don't know how other colours perform, but the formula of this one is certainly lovely.

The packaging is a square tube with a doe foot applicator. It's not the prettiest packaging in my opinion, but that's subjective anyway. The applicator is curved and fits nicely on the lips.

It smells like paint if I put my nose to it, but it's not unpleasant or annoying, I actually don't even notice it

It's a lovely lip gloss. Yes, the name is deceiving and I think that if they just called them what they are, maybe glossy liquid lipsticks, I really doubt it'd affect market appeal. The shade I have is super pigmented, the formula is very comfortable to wear and staying power is good for a gloss, but there is no staining at all like at Catrice Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polish. The colour looks adorable once it settles and it's very everyday appropriate. 

These cost about 10 €, but it depends where you buy them.

Če začnem z imenom, ki se meni zdi zavajajoče saj stain pomeni, da se barva nekako zažre v ustnice in je zaradi tega izjemno obstojna, tile se meni pravzaprav zdijo bolj kot sijoče tekoče šminke oz. kar zelo pigmentirani glossi. Če nanj gledam kot na gloss, je eden izmed boljših. Rio Rush je prikupna, živo roza barva, meni se zdi skoraj kot Barbie odtenek takoj po nanosu, ampak se hitro umiri v lepo in nosljivo roza z rahlim kremnim sijajem, ki je primerna za vsak dan. Pigmentacija za gloss je izjemna, saj že z enim nanosom dobim skoraj popolno prekrivnost s kremnim sijajem, drugi nanos pa doda pravi glossy sijaj. Tekstura je unikatna saj je kot nekakšen hibrid med zelo pigmentiranim glossom in penasto tekočo šminko. Obstojnost je dobra za gloss, saj zaradi pigmentacije zdrži par ur, seveda pa ne preživi obroka ali pitja oz. ostanejo samo rahlo obarvani "madeži" na ustnicah in je potreben ponoven nanos . Je zelo udoben za nošnjo, ni lepljiv in enakomerno bledi z ustnic. Ne vem kako se obnesejo drugi odtenki, ampak formula tega je definitivno dobra, če ga ocenjujem kot gloss. Embalaža je navadna kvadrasta tuba z malce večjim in ukrivljenim aplikatorjem, ki lepo nanese izdelek na ustnice. Ima zelo rahel vonj po barvi, ampak jaz ga večinoma ne opazim, sploh ko je na ustnicah. 

Moisture Stain je zelo pigmentiran gloss in ne stain, ko namiguje ime, in za gloss je zelo kvaliteten in udoben za nošnjo. Na je voljo na Click2Chic za 10,89 € (8 ml) v 7 odtenkih.

*I was given this product to review / Izdelek, mi je bil podarjen za oceno.

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  1. Najlepši odtenek si izbrala in super ti pristaja :)

  2. such a nice review , i dont usually learn from blogs. but here i got something that i learned
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  3. Meni je pa embalaža všeč :)

  4. nimam še nobenega, sem pa jih v drogeriji sprobavala in so res ful gosti..ampak nekak so me na pogled L'orealovi staini bolj pritegnili :)

    1. Iskreno so tudi meni L'Extraordinaire bolj všeč, predvsem zaradi vonja po breskvah (I can't help myself :D)

  5. Such a lovely color :)
    As I said already Great Pics :)

  6. Super lep odtenek, imam podobnega od essence stay with me in moram reč, da ga obožujem :)