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ponedeljek, oktober 30, 2017

A different type of format for the end-of-the-month post. I only had three favourites that I haven't mentioned in a while because I've been mostly sticking to the same products for the past few months and most have been in last favourites posts already. I share my favourites every month, but you don't get to see a general overview of products I use every day, my current skin care routine, body care and also what caught my interest or disappointed me in a span of a month. So this will be a mix of everything and I hope you don't find it too much at once.


I won't say I'm a big fan of the formula, especially when comfort is concerned because these are thick and super sticky in the first half an hour after application. However staying power of these is outstanding and Pioneer quickly became my perfect red. I've spend a couple of my visits to the drugstores trying to find something similar to L'Oreal's Blake (which to the best of my knowledge is  discontinued), preferably in a matte liquid lipstick form and I realised we have very little cool toned red shades, at least as pretty as this one by Maybelline. It's such a beautiful cool red with a pink-cherry base that has a timeless feel. I'll call this a perfect Snow White shade. 

I've been avoiding peach blushes for a while now because I felt they look a bit too warm/unnatural on my pale skin and I prefer using mauve-rosy blushes for a more subtle, defined look. But I grabbed this at random, since when it comes to blushes I have phases when I dig out those I haven't used in a while and it reminded me how great this blush is. Applied with a light hand it gives me a very believable flush and the sheen in this is amazing - it's just like you'd apply Mary-Lou Manizer over a blush. TheBalm blushes are my favourite in terms of quality because they last so well on my cheeks, but all were in the peachy-pink or plum family before this year, however, now they finally released two blushes that are so much colours: Balm Dessert and Balm Beach.

PALMER's Swivel Stick
This is still the only lip balm I use and the only one I ever truly loved, but this month I found its new super power. In the last  months I've suffered a few minor injuries. First I fell and twisted my ankle, scrapped my knee pretty bad and it took about a month to heal (I couldn't bend my knee for almost two weeks). I still have visible cuts and I suspect I'll have a permanent scar there. And second I got a long thin burn going from the knee to my foot on one leg. Both injuries have been healing slowly, despite using panthenol and other creams, until I decided to use this. It started to heal so much faster, it erased 60 % of that burn in a week or so, before it just looked the same for a month. The scrape on the knee is a bigger challenge because it was a deeper wound, but I've seen some improvements as well. I need to buy some extra products from Palmer's, these really are effective. 

/Če vas novica še ni dosegla, The Body Shop končno prihaja tudi v Slovenijo. Sicer bo le spletna trgovina, ampak bo vseeno veliko lažje priti do izdelkov. Kdaj bodo odprli svoja virtualna vrata še ni popolnoma znano, pravijo, da zagotovo pred decembrom, ustvarjene pa že imajo profile na socialnih omrežjih Facebooku in Instagramu/ 

*THE BODY SHOP Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil
I think I'm in love with this, at least its effect on my skin which is right now in such great condition. It's clear, soft and very radiant and this is the only thing I've been using. It's a dry oil, so there's very little of that greasy feeling, even less than at Nuxe, so that's a step up in my books, except for the scent which is somewhat nutty-herbal. Nuxe is still brilliant, though, and way cheaper, especially per ml, but I'm tempted to buy a full size of TBS. 

*THE BODY SHOP Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream
I loved this immediately when I tried it. The scent is divine, like a honey with sweets type of scent, but also with notes of comforting almond. I love it way more than Honeymania, their other honey scent which they promised will smell like the real deal, but it ended up smelling floral. Almond Milk line is designed for sensitive, dry skin and this shower cream feels like a lovely product, so I'd like to explore this line more.

*THE BODY SHOP British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask
This is a typical moisturising masks that I'm sure you can leave on overnight, though they recommend you wash it off after 10 minutes, which I did because it's a sticky thick gel. The effect of this were impressive. Not only was my skin nicely hydrated, but it was also super smooth, soft and it looked so good, in fact good enough for a no foundation day next morning - both time I used it. Its effect reminds me a lot of some Asian sheet masks, like TFS Solutions or Snow White, Papa Recipe and MBD Black Pearl. I also need to mention the scent, which is fantastic. I hate that granny rose scent that's in every rose scented product - this is far from it, in fact it's the most authentic proper rose scent I've encountered. It genuinely smells like roses that are planted by the house. 

*L.O.V. LOVtreat Color & Care Nail Lacquers
640 Soft Sensuality
You just can't go wrong with a L.O.V. nail polish. Each one I've tried I loved, this one included. It's a sheer nude formula, so at least three coats are needed if you want that milky effect, but it applies nicely, lasts well and it apparently even has some nourishing ingredients - we'll see how that pans out. I'm loving the packaging to death, all of their nail polishes should have a rose gold cap.


In the last month I've been exploring locally accessible sheet masks, checking out what we even have in Slovenia and Balea's are some of the very rare ones, also the cheapest along with the a CadeaVera one (hydrating with pomegranate. They have one more, but it's a hydrogel that costs 3 €). I tried four versions in total (Vital, Aqua, mit Aktivkhole and Born to be Lazy), three recently and these have to be some of the least impressive sheet masks out there. I recall Vital being okay-ish, but the other three were a waste of my time. Vital, Aqua and Born to be Lazy have the thickest and least saturated sheet I've tried, so they aren't comfortable, neither super dupe moisturising like Asian masks are, though effects of Born to be Lazy and Aqua weren't completely bad, they just weren't as impressive as other masks I've tried.  The black Coal one has a lovely material, truly the sheet is so comfortable and nice, but it left my skin feeling tight, uncomfortable and with no visible effect. I won't be buying these anymore.



I'm still using CATRICE COSMETICS Liquid Liner in 010 Dating Joe Black every day, while for mascara I've been using three: ESSENCE Volume Stylist Curl & Hold Mascara (my fave, but it's starting to go dry), MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Mascara in the new super pretty metal packaging (it could be more volumising and fan out the lashes a bit more. Not completely impressed by it to be honest) and most recently L.O.V. LASHseduction Instant Volume Mascara (super volumizing, but very wet for now and super messy).

I've been mixing it up with foundations, so I don't always use my favourite MAYBELLINE's Fit Me and neglect others, but none is as good, so I won't mention them. In the last week I've been trying to test the new L.O.V. EXTRAordinary Perfecting Fluid Foundation that I was sent, but I need to mix the lightest shade with THE BODY SHOP Adjust Drops to be able to pull it off. Overall it's CATRICE Nude Illusion formula in an innovative packaging - a thick, creamy texture with a medium coverage that can be build-up to close to full and it has a satin finish. For powder I've been using BOURJOIS Java Powder all month and as concealer BOURJOIS Radiance Reveal on good days (running kind of low now), while COLLECTION Lasting Perfection Concealer was my choice for days with spots + noticeable circles, switched from CATRICE Camouflage concealer because it looks too unnatural on me.

I've already talked about THEBALM blush under favourites, but for some extra highlight I'm still using the super-duper-shiny-it should-probably-be-illegal Unicorn Highlight by MAKEUP REVOLUTION (what is happening to me? I need something new).

For lips I've been wearing mostly MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Inks because I was testing them, but after that review was posted I returned to lighter formulas to give my lips a break, at the end of the month I settled back on my old trusted favourite NYX Cannes. I got a Catrice's lipstick in Lucy's Red from the Dawid Tomaszewski LE this month, you can find swatches of it and the highlighter stick here.

On my nails were only two nail polishes. In the first part of the month it was ESSENCE the Gel Nail Polish in 98 pure beauty and in the second L.O.V. nail polish mentioned above. I've been having a nude stage for months now. My top coat is as always SECHE VITE.


Day routine:
- Just water or if I have panda eyes I'll use MIXA Micellar Water Anti-Dryness
- TONYMOLY Panda's Dream White Sleeping Pack or when I get scared Panda will run out, GREEN LINE HydroMineral moisturiser which they recently discontinued (Basic for normal/combination skin is the same, anyway)

Night Routine:
- BIOBAZA Face Cleansing Micellar Oil (liking it less and less because it doesn't remove mascara well)
- COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (every time I stop using this for too long my skin gets worse. Staple for stable skin) or THE ORDINARY Advanced Retinoid 2%. I never use these at the same time.
- NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Oil

In the last week I've been using THE BODY SHOP Oil instead of Banila, Nuxe and Sulwhaso, so I can properly test it without interference with other products. 


From shower products I've been most enjoying using BILOU Shower Foam, though BALEA's is exactly the same, it just doesn't smell as nice. I've actually used BALEA far more because typically for me I'm saving BILOU since it's "the good stuff". For a body moisturiser I've been using SOAP & GLORY Smoothie Star Body Buttercream. It's the body butter whose scent I like the least and I want to use it up quickly, so I can buy something from THE BODY SHOP (Shea and Satsuma are at the top of my list for a long time now, but the new Pumpkin Vanilla is so praised I can't ignore it). I actually got the Christmas version of the later, Frosted Berries, which smells like yogurt with forest fruit and it's to me a spring/summer scent. Soap & Glory is working great for dry skin and I don't mind at all it needs some time to sink in. 

I gave up completely of MITCHUM's Deodorant and I'm also not impressed that much by LADY SPEED STICK, so went back to REXONA to see if it works again, but unfortunately it's failed me a few times, so I'll have to find something new. NIVEA's Pearl &Beauty in spray is still great, but the roll on version did not impress me.

I still use only L'OCCITANE 20 % Shea Butter as my hand cream (Original and Vanilla) and PALMER's Swivel Stick as my lip balm.


Still using NEUTROGENA T/Gel, but it's not working that well for me anymore. L'OREAL Extraordinary is still my most used shampoo and L'OREAL Professional hair mask the only one I use. I've recently started making my own scalp scrub using sugar, baking soda, a bit of olive oil and some MATRIX Shampoo (I don't feel bad about wasting this one). Leave-in conditioner is still from SEXY HEALTHY HAIR and as always I use DOVE Quench Creme Serum. As a heat protectant I always use BALEA Wunder Serum. I still adore GOT2B Oil-licious Weightless Dry Oil Mist - the best fast fixer, healthy super shiny hair faker.

My hair styling routine has been the same for years now. I use REMINGTON Pro Soft Curls curler which has a 2.5 cm wide barrel, I brush my hair with a TANGLE TEEZER so I get more polished waves instead of spiral curls and then I get them into shape that lasts using GOT2B Rise 'n Shine Soufflé and finish with LEE STAFFORD hair spray. I forgot to take a picture of my hair dryer, but it doesn't matter, since it's discontinued for years now. I use a cheap Remington one and I also use the nozzle plus EBELIN's Round brush.


MISSHA MISA Geum Sul Vitalizing Tension Pact SPF30 PA++ #1 // Gold-Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses from AliExpress. These are for kids because I'm petite, but a large size exists // PAPA RECIPE Bombee Whitening Honey Mask Pack of 10, MEDIHEAL Line Friends Ampoule Mask Sheet Pack. All four kinds: E.G.T. TimeTox (firming, anti-wrinkle), I.P.I Lightmax (brightening), P.D.F AC-Dressing (for problematic, oily skin) and N.M.F Aquaring (hydrating) // THE FACE SHOP The Solution Mask Sheets 10 kinds: Peptides - Wrinkle care, Vitamin C - radiance, Hyaluronic Acid - hydrating, Propolis - nourishing, Pearl - brightening, Tannins - pore care, Beta hydroxy acid - smoothing, Madecassoside - soothing, Collagen - firming, Ceramide - moisturising


MAYBELLINE Gigi Hadid Collaboration - just a more expensive spin on their products in a pretty packaging. Unclear if it will be available in Slovenia // THE FACE SHOP Rice Cleansing Oil // THE ORDINARY Buffet // TREND IT UP Highlightening Eyeshadow Cream Waterproof & the new CATRICE single eyeshadows because they are crazy buttery// ETUDE HOUSE Honey Cera Firming Body Cream (allegedly smells just like honey) // Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette In Bloom // Chloe - Love, Chloe fragrance (powdery - clean with floral notes) // CATRICE Kaviar Gauche holiday collection 2017.

Have a great day!

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  1. Wow, ein sehr ausführlicher post. Interessant, aber etwas zu langwierig zu lesen (für mich). Wenn du dieses DIY scalp scrub verwendest, fallen dir da nicht vermehrt Haare aus durch die mechanische Belastung durch das Reiben?
    LG Sarah

    1. Hello Mateja, great post as usual.
      I really enjoy reading your blog , your articles are always really complete and your photos amazing.
      I already own the tartelette in bloom palette and I find the shadows a little bit chunky to be honest ( even if the colours are gorgeous and unique).
      As a k-beauty lover, I can only recommend you to check the beauty channel of Gothamista. She has such good recommendations.

    2. @Sarah Yeah, it was a long post, I hope you didn't find it too tedious :) I'll keep them shorter next time.

      I seriously doubt a scrub has any effect of hair falling out. If it would, then every body scrub would also be a depilatory product, right? :) I've been using different hair scrubs for years and all my hair is still here, in fact when you have dandruff like me, it's essential you get rid of that layer of that skin because it's suffocating the roots. You can always just use baking soda if you're too scared to use sugar, but the later melts fast, so it's not that harsh on the scalp.

  2. @anonymous Hi! Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoy my posts <3 Oh, I heard only good things about Tartlette :/ So it's not as amazing as everyone says? I really love the colours in it. To be honest I ignored it completely up until this month, but then I watched a few videos and seen a few random pictures and it just appealed to me. It's so expensive that I probably won't ever buy it.

    I follow her :) That The Face Shop cleansing oil is on this wishlist because of her recommendation :)

  3. Mi je všeč nov format. Včasih je res težko vključit izdelke, ki so stalnica v svoje objave. Čeprav načeloma poskušam to narediti v mojih favoritih.

    Sem videla, da si pri Metkini objavi omenila, da je Mixa najboljši približek Biodermi. Iščem neko cenejšo alternativo, čeprav že v štartu ne verjamem, da je kaj tako dobrega kot Bioderma. Bi priporočala nekomu z občutljivimi očmi? :)

    L.O.V. podlaga me je navdušila s prekrivnostjo. Mi je kar žal, da nimajo nekih svetlejših odtenkov.

    The Face Shop olje je tudi na moji wish listi. Slišim pohvale in me vsakič znova mika. Baje eno izmed olj, ki res odstrani ves makeup. Pridružujem se tudi Buffet-u. Čakam, da spraznim druge The Ordinary izdelke in potem verjetno naročim tudi tega. :)

    1. Ja, ta objava je bila nekakšen skupni update, jih pa ne mislim kaj dosti delat, ker bi bile vse iste :)

      Absolutno je Mixa za občutljivo kožo, saj imajo na embalažah napisano, da so testirane na občutljivi koži. Moja je za suho kožo, ampak imajo še druge verzije. Mislim, da se ti splača sprobat, meni je res dobra.

      Za Biobazo bom kupila TFS, ker me že tako živcira, da Biobaza ne odstrani vsega. Prav dvakrat moram uporabit olje, potem pa gel. Samo upam, da mi bo TSF v redu, ker veliko olj mi maši pore. Buffet sem že skoraj naročila, pa sem potem dobila TBS izdelke, tako da pride na vrsto, ko zaključim s testiranjem olja. Sem zbirala med Matrixyl in Buffetom, pa itak ima slednji tudi Matrixyl not.

  4. Spet nas dražiš z Body shopovimi izdelki in moji whislisti sta se pridružila še dva nova izdelka...
    Očala izgledajo super in z njimi boš definitivno zelo kul. Trend it up kremasto senčilo je fantastično (jaz sem ga kupila sestri, sama ga še nimam), tekstura je taka fajn želejasta in shimmer je čudovit nima pa veliko barve v sebi (razen bel, ki je pa zelo frosty).
    Nova Kaviar Gauche kolekcija bo pa spet čudovita in ker si pri prejšnjih nisem nič kupila si bom mogoče pa sedaj kaj privoščila, če bo še kaj ostalo. Imam občutek da bodo izdelki pošli precej hitro

    1. The Body Shop je ena izmed mojih najljubših trgovin in če sem katero trgovino najbolj pogrešala pri nas je to ta, npr. za Mac me že prav malo briga, sploh odkar so šle cene v nebo. Ampak me pa že moti to neko stalno obljubljanje, trgovine pa še nikjer. Konec oktobra je tukaj, zdaj so že premaknili otvoritev na nek nov nedoločljiv datum :/ Pa veliko bolje bi bilo, če bi takoj dobili fizično trgovino, najbolje da nekje v ljubljanskem BTC-ju. Načakali smo se itak že preveč...

      Trend it up stojalo sem prvič bolj resno pogledala in so mi ta senčila takoj padla v oči. Bi jih pa imela bolj za highlighterje, so mi izgledali kot da bi delovali ok tudi na licih :)

      Joj, ta Kaviar Gauche je popolna <3 Moram jo dobit. Upam, da bo tudi v DM-ih, ker imamo v mestu eno zakotno poslovalnico, kjer sem našla tudi po 3-4 mesece stare kolekcije. Drugače ciljam na naš Müller, samo ne hodim pogosto v trgovine, pa vse zgrešim.

    2. Se strinjam glede Mac-a, cene so visoke, ampak mislim da ko se bo trgovina enkrat odprla bom šla pokukat, sploh če bodo tudi pri nas prodajalke/vizažistke, ki bi mi lahko svetovale glede odtenkov in me kaj novega naučile. Če bom pa kaj kupila je pa že druga zgodba. Glede TBS-a sem pa že tako zelo neučakana, vsak dan najmanj trikrat preverim, če spletna stran že deluje (včasih tudi v službi, čeprav računalnikov ne smemo uporabljati za surfanje po netu ;). Sem upala da imaš ti kaj več info., glede nat oda so te kontaktirali...

    3. P.S. Katera pa je ta zakotna poslovalnica? Sem originalno iz okolice Nm in sem praktično vsak drugi teden v bližini... tako da če bo kdaj slučajno kakšna nuja ;)

    4. Ko sem začela kupovat Mac so bile šminke po 15 €, potem so pa kar začeli vsako leto po pol evra gor :/ Edino D for Danger in Peach Blossom bi kupila, ampak to je takoj 40 €. Senčila mi niso tako kvalitetna kot pri drugih znamkah in blushi isto. Če bi se trgovina odprla 10 let nazaj bi stalno tam tičala, ampak zdaj so jih pa ostale znamke gladko prehitele.

      Na listu, ki sem ga dobila zraven paketa piše, da bodo odprli konec oktobra. Al tudi na splošno blogerji ne dobimo kaj več informacij kot kupci. Zihr se je kaj zataknilo, je pa moj paket prišel iz Madžarske in imajo paketi tudi nalepke v madžarščini.

      Nasproti Revoza v Žabji vasi:) Veš kok majo vsega - vse od Catrice Dawid Tomaszewski, Travellight Stories, Essence Coast n' Chill, & the lovely little things (vse tiste kjut paketke s slikcami), Cubanita (sam ni več highlighterja), I want Candy, live laugh celebrate paletko s tistimi perlicami, tono čopičev Essence z watercolour dizajnom - ma vse maš še tam :)

    5. Hvala za namig glede dm-a, mogoče se pa tam kdaj vidiva ;)

    6. Ni za kaj :) Sem sicer večkrat v Qulandiji, ampak morda pa se res kdaj vidiva :)

  5. Ah I really wanted to like the Maybelline liquid lipsticks, but I don't. They caused me an allergic reaction and they felt super dry. xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. I remember you saying you had to return all the shades you got. It's not the most comfortable formula, though not drying on me, just thick. I'd like to find a dupe in a different formula, my prime candidates are Milani's Attraction and Stila's Fiery.

  6. First of all I'd like to say that I was really excited for this long post! In fact, I truly appreciated it and liked how complete it was, so I wouldn't mind having a few more :)

    I think for now that you've completely sold me on those Super Matte Ink. I went to see if I could find it in DM and sadly not, so I guess I'll have to wait, but that red is PERFECT. I totally want it now alongside Ruby Woo since L'oreal Blake doesn't exist anymore. The Swivel Stick was my favourite by your recommendation, but I've since found another moral locally accessible lipbalm in DM, the one by Bee Natural! Nothing from TBS really appeals to me but I guess I'll have to check that mask, oil and the body butter.. Oh god. I also bought the same mascara from Essence and it's amazing, glad I didn't spend on the Lash Paradise so thanks for that :) that sunscreen is from Biore is amazing, I'm also using it but the current version, and there's nothing better for me. If you want to try a good dedodorant / anti-perspirant, the Rexona Clinical one is the best stuff out there, since nothing else works for me.
    How does the Lioele oil compare to the TBS one and Nuxe? They're around the same price range but the other two are easier to buy here in EU. I want to try the Kose Oil Cleanser next because it's so cheap from Japan and said to be effective, cleansing balms just don't do it for me. I started using Differin instead of acids and it's so cheap here (about 5 euros) with prescription, and keeps my skin balanced and blemish-free plus even-toned, you could look into it. :)
    Thanks for the amazing post as always!

    1. I'm glad you liked the post :) These are the products I've been using for either months or years, so only when my routines change significantly I'll do an update post :)

      Pioneer is definitely the prettiest red in the drugstores in my opinion. Even cooler than Blake, while Ruby Woo is a warm shade anyway.

      I think I've seen Bee Natural the last time I was in a shop. I assumed it was hard and waxy like Burt's Bees balms, so I didn't even check it out. I don't like that strange layer most lip balms leave, I prefer the buttery feel of the Swivel Stick.

      I love TBS, but they are sure taking their time with the grand opening here. Top of my list are body butters, but they have plenty of great products, the only thing I'm not a fan of so far is the makeup. I'm a person who loves scented products, so TBS is like heaven to me :)

      Rexona Clinical is expensive, so was planing more on switching brands first. That tends to work for me. I don't have a massive problem with sweating anyway, I just need something to keep me smelling fresh. But if everything fails, I'll try Rexona if I can find it, thanks.

      I don't have Lioele oil and I'm not sure which one you even mean? My Google search was futile. TBS and Nuxe are similar, expect TBS has got more of that dry feeling because it's got camelia oil. I hear Physicians Formula's oil has got that one too.

      My skin is clear 95% of the time, so I don't need prescription medicines. My brother used Differin when he was battling severe acne. COSRX is more of a maintainer for me for preventing occasional baby blemishes and keeping my chin clear in that time of the month. It contains salicylic acid which gets the dirt out of the pores, therefore preventing potential inflammations.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  7. Kje se pa naroci to olje? Meni je Biobaza fajn, pa Clinique Take the day off, je pa res da karkoli tezko odstrani maskaro, ker so zdaj skoraj vse maskare s takimi crnimi pgmenti, da je hudic. Pa kaj nas s tem The Body Shopom ze en mesec rajcajo, pa se nic. So,rekli, da bo konec oktobra, danes je ze november, pa ne duha ne sluha....

    1. The Face Shop? To je korejska znamka torej jo lahko dobiš na eBayu in v spletnih trgovinah s korejsko kozmetiko (Jolse - zastonj poštnina, Cosmetic Love, Tester Korea, Sweet Korea,...). Biobaza je fajn, ampak pri maskari pa kompletno pogrne. Za to TFS olje me malo skrbi, da ne bi slučajno kaj dražilo oči, ker večina testerjev korejskih gelov in pen, so bile kot lava, ko so zašli v oči, čeprav testerja olj pa še nisem imela. Ah, za preizkusit bo :)

      I know, mene tudi že nervira tole obljubljanje s strani TBS, sploh, ker stalno objavljajo na socialnih omrežjih, ampak resnično upam, da se bo vse vzpostavilo kmalu :) Oktober je mimo, zdaj sem brala, da pravijo, da bo pred decembrom. Upam, da res, sploh ker obljubljajo božične kolekcije. Morda je še bolje, da moramo malo počakat, lahko več našparaš vmes :D Tile testerji so me čisto preveč navdušili, sploh za masko nisem imela pričakovanj in je tudi nisem ravno hotela uporabit, ker diši po vrtnicah, ampak me je zelo pozitivno presenetila :)

  8. Luštno da si takole združila vse kategorije, je dober pregled in precej "pomaga" :D
    (Morda mi je pa všeč tudi zato, ker namesto da bi samo dodajala stvari na WL, lahko kakšno tudi odstranim, ker praviš da ti ni všeč :D )

    1. Me veseli, da ti je všeč in v pomoč :) No saj moj namen ni samo prazniti denarnico, ampak tudi kaj prišparat - I try things so you don't have to :D

  9. That Hot Mama blush looks great! Might have to pick that up when I see it!
    -Kyra || lovekyra.co.uk