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torek, julij 22, 2014

L'OREAL Nude Magique Eau de Teint
100 Porcelain
After my cousin bought this foundation and kindly let me test it, I had to get it for myself as well. I was concerned that the lightest shade would be too dark for me and it is indeed a bit too warm and dark, however, due to the supremely light is-it-a-tinted-moisturiser-or-a-foundation texture, I can make it work. This has a finish that looks like you already used powder on top and is so light only an occasional patch due to the drier matte texture reveals your wearing something. I'm glad I got this for the summer months. I'll do a proper review. 
Feel Unique, 12.99 €.

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Concealer
15 Fair
I have heard rumours of this being very similar to NARS Radiant Creamy concealer. They are so wrong. There is no comparison between the two except the packaging is similar. Maybelline's is much lighter and more liquid, it's not as creamy and the shade, well, the shade is a disappointment. 15 is supposed to be the lightest one and it's not all that light and unfortunately it has some very unflattering orange hues. So far I'm not loving it, I mean it's decent and the coverage is ok, but I've had better. There will be a review. 
Feel Unique, 7.79 € (Slovenes can get it on Salma).

 During one of my strolls through E.Leclerc, a new brand caught my attention called Inell. It's ridiculously affordable and from what I could see from the ingredients, it has some very decent products. Here's what I got:

INELL Eau Micellaire
Micellar water 
The first thing that caught my eye was a massive micellar water that bears a striking resemblance to Bioderma as well as Garnier's bottle. It holds an impressive 500 ml of micellar water and costs only 2.29 €. My jaw dropped to the floor so hard it landed somewhere in the Pacific and after a quick glance of ingredients (Poloxamer 184 on second place, the same ingredient as in Garnier's and L'Oreal's versions), I promptly put it in my basket. I'll do a comparison of Garnier's and Green Line's micellar water in a future post, but so far I can say there is very little difference and you should grab it if you see it.
E.Leclerc, 2.29 €.

INELL Démaquillant Yeux Spécial Waterproof
Eye makeup remover waterproof
You have no idea just how much hate my current Nivea's dual phase remover has stirred, so when I saw this little affordable guy that again shares similar ingredients to my favourite Maybelline one, I didn't hesitate to take it as well. The packaging is so much better than all the rest, but I'll show you that in the review. I've used it a couple of times and I'm not convinced yet, but it is better than Nivea's.
E.Leclerc, 2.03 €.

INELL Mousse Nettoyante Hydratante 
Hydrating Cleansing Mousse
Many, many years ago I used L'Oreal's Happy Derm mousse in a can and it was my favourite cleanser, but I can't find it any more, so I was delighted to find something similar and for so much cheaper. Basically, the texture of it is like a whipped cream in a can, so a dense mousse that is very different from that diluted crap everyone except L'Occitane is selling. Best of all, it smells exactly like that cleansing oil from L'Oreal, the scent that I adore and describe it as beach like, even though it doesn't really smell all that typically beachy. I'll do a review when I'll be using it long enough, but so far this gets my two thumbs up and it's become a part of my morning routine.
E.Leclerc, 1.51 €.

I was told in the comments that Inell is a brand from E.Leclerc, so it's only sold there.

Nourishing hair mask shea butter and honey
Ulmiel from Did some say nail polish? pointed me into direction of Le Petit Marseiliais hair products with her recommendation. I could only find this mask from the line for dry hair, though I had hoped to try more things. First of, this smells divine to me, it's a very good, albeit a strong, honey scent. I've tried it twice so far - it's super thick (a very good sign for me) and the results were very satisfactory. I'll do a proper review after a few uses, but I think I may have discovered a new drugstore gem.
E.Leclerc, 5.18 €.

GARNIER Fructis Wunder Öl 
Miraculous Oil 
I bought this to use on others when I do their hair, but naturally I'll test it out myself as well. It is a very light and runny hair oil that is the closest in texture to Elixir Ultime. It smells a bit blah to me, like Nivea with a slight fruity twist or some baby cosmetics. I may have expected too much from it. In the mountain of drugstore hair silicone-oils, judging purely from ingredients, absolutely none apart from this one and one other whose brand name I don't recall is anything particularly special. Given that the argan oil is supposedly not only in trace amounts since it's placed third on the INCI list, I presumed it was pretty much on pair with the professional salon brands ones. It is not. I may be thoroughly spoiled by Orofluido and the likes (I've tried most of the popular ones which you can read in my Hair Oils Series), but yes, there is a difference between high-end and drugstore treatment that I guess most people won't notice on their hair, but on my dry hair there just is. I will do a proper review for this.
Müller, 10 €. 

ALVERDE Cellulite Körperöl
Anti-cellulite body oil
After two empty bottles of the Coconut version of Alverde oil, I picked up a different version as I have grown tired of the scent. I chose this based on recommendations from my readers (I remember Kristina recommending me this), it seems that this is the most popular one and based on the scent itself, I can see why. It has a wonderful lemon-citrus scent that is familiar to me as one of  Alverde's scrubs has the same scent. It's marketed as anti-cellulite product, but since I have none to speak of or at least one that I would care about, I won't be using it for that purpose, but like all other oils for a multitude of uses. It has the same light texture as the coconut one and in terms of performance there is no difference between them whatsoever. It's great what else can I say.
Ingredients here.
DM, 6 €.

REXONA Clear Pure Crystal Dry Deo Stick Anti-Perspirant
A repurchase as I implied in my latest empties. This is the only deodorant so far that hasn't stopped working on me and after my recent disappointment with Garnier Neo (well that was money well spent!), I ran off to the nearest supermarket and bought my trusted Rexona again. It just works so well, though the white marks are a bit of a pain, but I can deal with it.
2 - 3 €, Tuš.

NIVEA Anti-perspirant Pearl & Beauty 
I always double my deodorant meaning I use a stick or a roll-on one and then spray on top. It's my technique to make sure that deodorant don't lose their mojo on me too fast and it keeps me fresh longer. I used Pearl & Beauty sometime during my teens, you might remember the utterly ridiculously claims they had about how it contains pearl extracts that make your armpits nicer (I'm still laughing), but I remembered liking the scent, which was the original reason I bought it all those years ago. Of course, when it stopped working I moved to the next one. It smells so lovely - powdery floral and just very feminine. I really like it and it works fantastically in combination with Rexona as it keeps me dry and fresh super long. By the way, this one leaves white marks as well.
DM, 2.99 €

YUMMY Strawberry Shower gel, Body Butter and Hand Cream
These products smell like Milka strawberry yoghurt chocolate. Yes, I'm serious. I get the strongest craving for chocolate when I use these. Anyway, the shower gel is huge with 500 ml of product, the body butter is a nice thick one as I like them and the last item is the hand cream, a beauty item I practically never use. I'll do a proper review of the set.
I was sent these from Click2Chic, but this set costs 14.99 €.

By the way, I went to Austria recently, so naturally, there will be a second part of the New In and I dare say a more exciting one. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Tvoji New in posti so mi vedno tako ql, pa vedno kaj novega dam na WL. :)
    Tale Nivea Pearl&Beauty sprej mam jaz tudi, res fajn diši pa vredu učinkuje na meni (nisem opazila belih sledi).:)

    Pa komaj, komaj čakam drug del z pridobitvami iz Avstrije! :)))

    1. Super, te poste rada pišem :)
      Jaz verjetno preblizu nanašam in so zato bele sledi, ni pa kaj kritično.

      Bo verjetno jutri objavljeno :)

  2. Meni oz mojim podočnjakom pa FIT me res zelo ustreza. Se pa strinjam, da bi lahko bil še kakšen svetlejši odtenek :)

    1. Verjamem :) Ni slab, ampak odtenek pa res ni najboljši :)

  3. Inell imajo ze full dolgo. Je blagovna znamka od Le Clerca

    1. Hvala za pojasnilo :) Ne grem kaj pogosto v Leclerc ker nisem iz Lj, pa takih stvari ne vem :)

  4. Tale L'oreal puder mam že en čas na WL, škoda, ko je tebi malce pretemen, saj sem sama porcelanasto bela :P..Drugače pa se mamljivo sliši tale nova Inell znamka :)

    1. Je kar temen odtenek, nekje okrog Bourjoisovega Healthy Mix 52 :)

  5. Tole oceno od L'Orealovega pudra bom nestrpno čakala... :D Za Maybelline korektor sem ti pa že rekla, ko si ga imela na wishlistu, da je mene ful razočaral. Sem isto vzela najsvetlejši odtenek (ne vem ali je bil 10 ali 15) pa je bil prav temen, skoraj rumenkasto-oranžnega odtenka. Pa tudi sama formula ni bila nič posebnega... Bi tegala od Nars prav sprobala, da vidim ali je res tako zelo dober. :)

    1. Se bom potrudila jo napisat čim prej, čeprav imam že miljon vnaprej napisanih objav :D
      Si imela prav. Odtenek je res bolj oranžkast in formula ni za dol past dobra, je Nars pač veliko boljši :) Sem kar spet kupila Maybellinov The Eraser.

  6. about Ineill micellar - if one has really problematic skin (i have atopic dermatitis), this micellar will not be good. it does give some allergic reaction and dries out skin.

    1. I have zero problems with it and works well on me, but thanks for the warning, it might be useful to people with sensitive skin :)

  7. Lovely selections I want to try this nude foundation but it is not available yet in Greece!

  8. Inell je kozmetični del Marque Repere linije, domače linije Leclerca, ki ji imam drgač zelo rada, večina njihovih izdelkov je super (za razliko od Eco+, še cenejše linije, ki se mi ne zdi tako dobra). :) Iskreno povedano, nikoli nisem kaj dosti pozornosti posvečala Inell znamki, ker ji nisem pripisovala nekih ekstra dobrih lastnosti, predsodki, vem. Tako da se res veselim podrobnejših ocen. Je pa zabavno videti na tvojem blogu Leclerc znamke, jaz sem res soseda tu, moja prva misel je: lahko bi sporočila, gremo na kavo, haha. :D Upam, da ti bo LPM maska všeč, meni so res luštni njihovi izdelki za lase. :) In me že firbca, kaj si v Avstriji kupila. :)

    1. Aha :) Hvala za info :) Meni se je pa takoj zadopadla, ampak sem seveda preverila sestavine.
      A na Rudniku si doma? Jaz sem včasih živela tam blizu (bolj gor pri železniški postaji) :)

    2. A res, bolj proti Rakovniku/Galjevici? :) Ja, jaz sem pa tu, 3 minutke stran z avtom, tako da mi je Leclerc res čisto domač. :) Če ti bo micelarna tako všeč kot Biodermina, javi, čez kak mesec jo bom rabila. :D

    3. Tam ja, saj sem bila le eno leto :)
      Boljša kot Bioderma ni, je pa isto dobra kot Garnierjeva, L'Orealova in Green line, ki so mi vse skoraj enake :)

  9. uuu yummy stvari. :D jaz sem nora na njih tako kot na i loveee. :DD sem trenutno vzela samo kremo za roke kokos in
    se super. :D


    1. Prav super diši :) Od I love sem pa imela set breskev in smetana, ki tudi krasno dišal.

  10. Super izdelki ;)) ful me mikajo ti yummy izdelki. A lepo dišijo ?

    1. Meni te jagoda stvari lepo dišijo :) Kremi imata isti vonj in sicer zelo podoben Milki z jagodo, tuš gel ima pa malenkost drugačen vonj po jagodi, ampak še vedno bolj jagodni vonj pri sladkarijah, kot pravi :)