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četrtek, januar 16, 2014

My first solid cleansing balm and I absolutely love it. The scent is so weird, but the texture is perfect and after a month of use my skin looks great. Just to warn you, they only offer a 30 ml pot and that is why I bought it, to dip my toes into the solid balms pool first. This small pot costs 10€, but after a month I still have about a half, maybe a bit less left. I'll do a proper review.

I was on a search for a dark berry matte lip cream and though this isn't matte, it's the perfect colour. This is such a great autumn/winter shade that will appeal to fans of deep colours such as Kate's matte lipstick in 107. Review with swatches will be posted soon.
It cost 7.49€ on Feel Unique. You can find a review and swatches of another shade called Stellar here.

I needed a lip liner to match Rimmel's 107 and this looked closest on swatches I found online. It's not the prettiest colour as it is too brown for my liking, but it works nonetheless. Again, swatches will be posted.
 It cost 3.74€ on Feel Unique.

I got this as a gift in December from my cousin (thank you) after it was on my wishlist for over a year. It's a stunning, brightened pinky-coral that is in the same colour family as Bourjois' Fraise Remix and Maybelline's Shocking Coral. I also love wearing it as a stain (I'm wearing it like that here). The quality is, as expected, excellent. There will be a full review of this.

L'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim Intense Black
I just got it and I already love it. Talk about precision - this eyeliner has such a thin and fine felt tip that allows me to draw the thinnest line if I want to. The formula is super black and it lasts all day on the lids without smudging or fading. It's very similar to the L'Oreal's Super Liner Carbon Gloss eyeliner, but with a matte finish and a more precise applicator. My one concern is how long will it take to dry out. I'll do a proper review and report about that after a couple of months of use.
It was 7.86€ on Feel Unique. This isn't sold in Slovenia (Obviously. I wonder what pathetic excuse they have this time).

Since I was seriously impressed by the Think Pink shade, I got another more neutral one. It's less pigmented, but still such a lovely blush. I'll post swatches, but you can find a review for Think Pink here.
These cost 3.79€ in Müller.

One of the lipsticks that is about to be discontinued. I already reviewed it here.

Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips
Years ago I tried the Nivea's version and apart from the feeling of ripping your face off, I found them useless. I heard some good things about these strips from Taya, so I decided to give them a go. The principle is the same - you stick them on clean, wet skin and leave them to work for 10-15 minutes before removing them. They smell weird, like that red stick glue everyone had in school (Pritt, I hated it). The instructions say to re-wet the strips before peeling them off, but instead of pulling the blackheads out, it separates and leaves sticky blue goo on the skin that needs to be washed off. In terms of results, I didn't notice any effect at all.
They cost 1.89€ for three nose strips in a pack.

I finally got this after one pot got lost in the mail the first time I ordered it. I haven't tried it yet, but the pot is only 3/4 full. I used to use the old Oatmeal & Honey shampoo and conditioner (I was buying the 750 ml sizes) and they were some of my favourite hair products. They were repackaged as well as reformulated (I heard for the worse. For shame!) and they added the mask, but as far as I can tell so far at least the scent is still the same. It smells like Christmas - gingerbread, cinnamon, honey and clove. I'll do a review when I test it out properly.
I paid 13.08€ for 200g on Feel Unique.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Hydrating Conditioner
My standard repurchase, but this time I went for a salon size 500ml that comes with a pump. My review is here.
It was 11.24€ on Feel Unique, which is a bargain.

Dove Intensiv Reparatur 1 Minute Kür-Spülung a.k.a. Intensive Repair
I've used up most of my conditioners this month, among them Dove's Oil Care mask that I've repurchased numerous times. This time I decided to try the blue version for a change. It's a bit lighter than the gold one and it also doesn't have the two colour "toothpaste" look, yet it's still a thick and creamy treatment. It has similar results, maybe it's a touch less moisturising, but it really is a minute difference. It has the typical Dove-ish scent, though I find the gold version smells better. It's a great drugstore treatment, though I'll stick with the Oil Care one, but if they didn't have it in stock, I wouldn't dismiss the blue one.
It cost the same as the other one, 3.99€, in Müller.

Joico K-Pack Intense Hydrator
Another repurchase. This is my favourite conditioner ever (and as that featured on my All-Time Favourites page). The texture is creamy and it has a bit of an odd scent that is difficult to describe in any other way than chemical. It truly hydrates the hair and I can feel it when I'm rinsing it off that it's not just that silicone coat. The current colder conditions along with the central heating being on all the time are causing my hair being even drier than usual and this does the job of keeping it moisturised, especially the ends don't dry out as fast.
It's not the cheapest hair product at 20€ for 250 ml, but if you have really dry hair, give it a go.

Herbalife Hand and Body Gel 
I have this in a generous 50 ml sample size that I got for Christmas. It's a very creamy shower gel/hand wash that foams nicely despite being SLS free and smells like fresh apples. The texture reminds me of Dove showel gels, but more gel like. It's quite nice actually, just don't ask where you can get this because I haven't got the foggiest.

La Petit Marseiliais Peche Blanche & Nectarine
As a fan of anything peach scented, I couldn't resist grabbing this in E. Leclerc despite the very retro packaging. It's supposed to be for dry skin, but I think the formula is too thin and not particularly moisturising. It smells like fresh nectarines from the bottle and under the shower it develops a slight artificial sweet note along side the nectarine. If you like peaches and nectarines, this is nice.
It was a bit over 2€.

Rexona Clear Pure Crystal Dry Deo Stick
I've never repurchased a deodorant in my life and I'm not sure if I had this before, but it smells so familiar. I immediately liked it. It smells great (fruity), but not overpowering and has a nice texture. I works for me and keeps BO at bay, but I don't sweet much. One thing that does bother me is that it leaves white marks.
It was about 2€.

Nyx Butter Gloss
I got these as a gift for my cousin. I didn't try or swatch them, but I did snap a few photos before giving them to her (she doesn't mind). The three colours are Peaches and Cream, Apple Strudel and Maple Blondie. I saw them swatched on my cousin's hand and they all look pretty much the same to me, especially if taken into consideration that they are glosses. I was updated that they are really good and smell amazing.
I got them on Cherry Culture.

Have a great day!

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  1. Res škoda za Essence trakce, meni pa se zdi, da fajn delujejo in sem zadovoljna. ;) Čeprav se strinjam glede vonja, ta gre meni tudi na živce.
    Se pa veselim swatcha Rimmel Eclipse odtenka, ta znamka bi počasi lahko bila na voljo tudi pri nas. :)

    1. A ti jih isto zmočiš ali samo odlimaš? Ker Niveine ni treba nič še enkrat zmočit.

      A ne? Ne vem zakaj smo pred 15 leti lahko imeli Rimmel (in Margaret Astor), zdaj pa ne :/

  2. Ooh my, so many new things! I also have that L'Oreal eyeliner, and I quite like it. It's not *that* super slim, but it is still pretty precise, and it is pitch black, which is great.

  3. Great new-in :). I have read all your posts, but it is firts time that I comment. Your hair is beautiful, my looks like yours 5-6 years ago. Please can you suggest me one HG product that will be 3in1 -Joico K-Pack Intense Hydrator, Kérastase Nutritive Masquitense Épais - Thick and No-Heat Curls with Sexy Healthy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner or Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique leave in ? I dont have money to buy all of them, but one thing I can. Or you have a better idea? I only use drugstore produces for hair, but it is not ok for my hair. Thank you, all the best from Montenegro :*

    1. Thank you :). Since you're using drugstore products for hair, I'd chose the Sexy Healthy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner. Spraying this after washing the hair helps reducing frizz and keeps the hair hydrated longer, so it should work well even in combination with drugstore conditioners. Hope I was enough help :)

    2. I can only imagine how good is that, when you chose it over Kerastase.... Sold :))

    3. Well, for one it's cheaper, but also I find Kerastase products work best together, so that you use the shampoo, mask and leave-in together. But HSH works great with any product :). It's brilliant.

    4. Thanks for explaining,one more thing :) When I spend Revlon unique one (i will spent in one month or before ) what do you recommend to buy to protect hair for heat (iron, blow dryer)? Even I used Revlon unique one I have to cut my hair... After that I tryed John Frieda but on the second place of ingredients is Alcohoc Denat -so it is not good at all for dry hair as you know...

    5. From the drugstore I liked the L'Oreal's Studio line Hot Straight, the one in pink packaging. My cousin uses L'Oreal's Elnett Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray and says she really likes it, but I haven't tried it.

      My favourite ones are the Kerastase Nectar Termique (it's a cream, so it's best if you apply it on wet/damp hair), Tigi S Factor Heat Defender (which is like an spray oil, great for dry hair) and Tigi's Blow Out Balm. I think the last one is a nice one to try because it's not heavy and can be applied of dry or wet hair.

  4. Kje si pa kupila tale Balm Balm? Mene je zdaj tudi obsedlo, da bi si kupila neko balm varjanto za čiščenje:) Loreal liner izgleda super, jaz pa sem ravno nekega od Maybelline naročila na Feelunique, upam, da se nisem zafrknila :/ Sem pa tudi jaz naročila tole Tigi masko:) Bomo videli, če je za kaj:)

    1. Na Feelunique sem ga kupila :).
      Saj Maybelline in L'Oreal je praktično ista firma. Zihr je dober :)

  5. Super post, zdaj me balzam mika od Friede ... ravno dokončujem svojega od Le Petit Marseilais-something (nikoli ne znam ne izgovoriti ne napisati ;)), ampak bom prej vzela Aussijevega, bo pa Frieda šel na seznam. Se priporočam za Eclipse review, ja, tu imajo Rimmel, pa se kar ne morem odločit, katero Apocalips naj si kupim ... Joj, pa za tale Lorealov eyeliner moram pogledati, če ga imajo slučajno, ker imam od Essence tak podoben flomaster za črto in mi je všeč sistem. Ma, punca, WL mi daljšaš! :D

    1. Aussie je bolj hranilen, čeprav JF ima krasen efekt :).
      Bom hitro spisala review za Eclipse, ker vidim, da vas dosti zanima. Je pa zelo podoben Rimmlovi 107, le bolj bordo rdeč.
      Essencev flomaster sem tudi jaz imela in mi je obupen. Samo moj je še stari, preden so zamenjali embalažo miljonkrat :)

  6. Ti obliži tudi meni niso bili všeč, sem pa tale Balm Balm dodala na WL, ker sem trenutno čist padla v te čistilne gele in si jih želim sprobat še več, pa tud tale L'orealov eyeliner se sliši super...Izgleda, da bo padlo neko FeelUnique naročilo :)

    1. Balm Balm ima močen vonj po kadilu (tisto s cerkve) in malo po citrusih. Od začetka mi je bil tako obupen, ampak sem se navadila in ga ne opazim več toliko, ni pa prijeten. Ampak efekt in tekstura so pa mega.
      Rimmel ima tudi podoben eyeliner, ki ga tudi hvalijo, je pa cenejši. Takrat ko sem jaz kupovala ni bil na zalogi, ampak ti ga pa lahko pogledaš :)

  7. Zanimivo! Tile NYX glossi pa so mi zelo všeč! Bi morala sprobat kakšnega :)
    xoxo Marcela
    Visit me on my blog:

  8. super objavica :) všeč mi je tvoj nakup ;)

  9. Essence trakci so meni katastrofalni. Jaz jih sploh nisem mogla odstraniti, ker so se mi tako zalepili na kožo, da sem jih mogla dobesedno spraskati dol. :/

    1. Yup, meni se je to modro "lepilo" tudi obbržalo gor in se ga morala spraskat stran. Čudni so...

  10. The nyx butter glosses are tempting me so much... But I can't find it anywhere here, even in the italian web site.:( Can I buy in a uk store?

    1. I don't think these are sold in the UK, only in NYX's UK online shop, but they ship only to UK, Ireland and Portugal. Have you tried Cherry Culture, Non Pareil Boutique or eBay? I got mine on cherry culture and they ship worldwide.