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četrtek, april 05, 2018

MAX FACTOR Black Magic Mascara
What does Max Factor say: Introducing the new Dark Magic Mascara; a mistake-free mascara designed to offer instant dramatic volume with one stroke of its wand. Experience an intensely dark lash transformation with a uniform finish in mere seconds. A mascara you can trust from the moment it’s applied!

What do I say: Boy, does Max Factor love to exaggerate their product descriptions. Regardless of that Max Factor rarely disappoints when it comes to their mascaras and this is no exception, but it's also not a step forward. In fact I find it's got an almost the same effect as one of my favourite mascaras ever, Voluptious False Lash, also by Max Factor. The only real difference is that this one doesn't curl the lashes and hold the curl as well, but the overall effect is the same - big, voluminous lashes which are at the same time defined, since the plastic comb does a really good job. Curl problems aside, I give it a thumbs up. 

BOURJOIS Satin Edition 24h Eyeshadow
01 Beige-Seller and 03 Mauve your Body
What does Bourjois say: Introducing Satin Edition 24HR, liquid eyeshadow from Bourjois. With an ultra-creamy, light-to-wear and long-lasting formula, this liquid shadow sweeps over your lids to create a ready-to-go radiance that lasts all day! 4 nude and 2 sophisticated shades are infused with iridescent pigments and are silky smooth and shimmering, to take your daily look from drab to fab! Say NON to creasing, fading, flaking or touch-ups. Say OUI to effortless chic from morning to night!

What do I say: Bourjois always makes some of the best releases and this one is a hit for me as well. First impressions of the application weren't that great because this is a liquid eyeshadow that needs two layers and to be more carefully blended than I'm used to from stick eyeshadows, but once this sets, it's like Bourjois promises - no moving, smudging, flaking or creasing and even though I didn't test it for 24 hours, I can say that it lasts intact for at least 10 hours. I'm impressed and if it were a half cheaper, I'd immediately buy shade 07, which is a typical me colour, an old gold shade. One note, one of my readers said it becomes sticky in contact with water (tears, rain), but I haven't spotted that yet.
10.49 € 

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Soph X Eyeshadow Palette
What does Makeup Revolution say: We have collaborated with the amazing SophDoesNails to bring you this stunning eyeshadow palette! The perfect mix of 14 matte and 10 shimmer shadows to create everything from a natural daytime look all the way up to full glam. The 24 versatile shades give you everything you need to create your look no matter what time of year, whether you're looking for light shimmers, warm browns, rich golds, rusty oranges, dark smokey shades or even a pop of colour- this palette is for you!

What do I say: I'm slowly warming up to Makeup Revolution eyeshadows, as this palette is already miles better from where they started. Shimmers are creamy and intense, but I'm more pleasantly surprised by the matte shades, which are also pigmented and much smoother as well as creamier than in some of their previous palettes. So quality-wise I give it a thumbs up, except for the staying power which didn't impress as much as some of the rest of products I tested recently. However, - and now this is completely my preference - I don't like most of the colours in this. Everything is so red, even some matte shades that don't look reddish or warm and I really don't like red on my eyes because my skintone isn't warm or dark enough. But considering how popular these red-rosy shades and palettes have been recently (like Urban Decay Heat), this will surely be a hit. 
Ličila.si 14.99 €

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Inglot Highlighter
Rose Gold 
What does Makeup Revolution say: Add a perfect touch of light and luminosity with this gorgeous long wearing super intense silvery white powder highlighter. Light reflecting pigment to achieve an all over illuminating finish. Available in 3 shades.

What do I say: Another well done product. I've been both impressed and disappointed by MR highlighters and this one goes into the impressed list. The texture is so buttery and pigmented, though you'll get that super metallic look only if you apply it with fingers, but even with a brush you get a strong glow. The shimmer is fine, so there's no chunky glitter in this, but as it's wearing off, it does somehow end up on most of the face and that's the only minus I can say. This shade is more of a blush for me, so the other two shades might be better for pale skin tones (one is off-white, the other gold).
Ličila.si, 6.99 €

BOURJOIS Rouge Velvet the lipstick
14 Brownette and 16 Caramelody
What does Bourjois say: Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick - bold, matte and long-lasting colour 24hr. This lightweight, velvety texture is non-drying and gives extreme comfort that doesn't smudge.

What do I say: (My swatches here (on a neutral skintone), Petra's here (on a warm skintone)). I've reviewed the formula of these in depth before and I still consider these the best lipsticks you can get in our drugstores, especially if you are a fan of matte lip colours. They have a smooth and light formula, which sets to a proper matte finish. Bourjois added nude shades to their range, I saw four and I was sent these two brown ones. The other two were a pale peachy shade and one was a pinky mauve shade. I'm glad Bourjois expanded the range, even though I dislike both of these shades on me, but the original line-up was quite bright and now those with medium and dark skintones can find a nude too.
13.49 €

BOURJOIS Levres Contour Edition
14 Sweet brown-ie
What does Bourjois say: Designed for longer lasting wear, this unique pencil applies effortlessly with a blendable, creamy texture that stays for up to 12 hours without re-touching. Enriched with mineral and plant pigments for ultimate comfort when wearing, it glides onto the lips to give a silky finish.

What do I say: (Swatches here). Like Velvet lipsticks, I love the formula of these as well and I don't know if this shade is new, but I have two others that are more wearable for me. Formula is soft and easy to apply, but waxy enough to stay in place. Sweet Brownie is a similar shade to Brownette, so a dark brown shade, but it's a warmer version of the colour, with some orange tones to it.
6.49 €

ESSENCE Volume Hero Mascara
Power Black
What does Essence say: The new hero mascara ensures extra volume and maximum lashes in combination with a deep-black and long-lasting texture. The large elastomer volume brush captures lots of texture and reaches even the tiniest lashes. With cool, holographic foil artwork, the mascara is also an eye-catcher and is a must on any vanity table. 

What do I say: Well this is basically nothing like Essence describes it, instead it's a classic defining mascara which a surprisingly thin formula for Essence, so not much is deposited on the lashes with one coat. A couple of coats create a defined, emphasised, yet natural lashes and it's far from the effect Essence's mascaras usually make, so those big, voluminous lashes. It's a natural looking mascara, but it might thicken a bit in time and start creating more volume. The brush is a plastic one with and it's quite harsh, so I poked my eyes with it a few times which wasn't pleasant.
3.29 €

ESSENCE Story of my eyes Liquid Eyeshadow 
10 roadtrippin'
What does Essence say: One end is crazy with a strong, mostly matt colour effect, while the other has a shimmering glam finish. The highly-pigmented eyeshadow pens with a liquid, soft texture in colour-duos like mint-blue or pink-copper create versatile looks that tell exciting stories. Simply apply with the applicator or your finger and blend. Absolutely eye-catching! 

What do I say: (Full review here) I started laughing when I reached the "simply apply with the applicator and blend" part because this is one of the hardest eyeshadow formula I've had a chance to work with. However, you also get an opaque finish and a great staying power, so it has its pluses and minuses. The formula is very pigmented and it dries quickly, so you literally have seconds to blend and after that it doesn't move. The silver is much easier to work with as is usual for shimmery eyeshadows, while the blue needs a lot of effort to apply it nicely as it can look very patchy if you don't take the time. 
4.39 €

ESSENCE Create & Transform My Wonder Eye Palette
What does Essence say: An eye palette with silky and soft textures to create unique eye looks with endless possibilities! Features 17 trendy eyeshadows, 2 eyebrow powders and 3 gold & prismatic transformers to add on top of your eyeshadows to give them an extraordinary twist. Contains 2 brushes to apply your eyeshadows and transformers. Create your own magic!

What do I say: (Full review here) Essence delivered their usual collection of eyeshadows that aren't the best in the drugstores, but with some primer or concealer you can intensify them. Most shades are powdery, don't have an amazing pigmentation and have some fall out, though they last well on my eyes with no creasing or much fading. Colour selection is nice with both neutral and bright eyeshadows, but the highlight of the palette and the so called transformers, which subtly change the colour of the eyeshadow underneath. You're not missing much if you don't track it down, but it's also far from a useless palette.
9.49 €

ESSENCE 3D Dewy Look Stick
10 dewy is the new matte
What does Essence say: This practical stick ensures an ultimate “dewy” summer glow by emphasising the cheekbones without any glitter or shimmer particles. It offers a light wet-look without leaving a greasy film behind and is enriched with valuable shea butter to pamper the skin. A natural radiant look is especially desirable in the summertime and simply looks gorgeous!

What do I say: An unconventional highlighter, which aims more to the look you get when you use vaseline as a highlighter, so this has a natural, albeit greasy looking effect. It's not just moisture, it's also tiny white shimmer that in it, but it's not visible on the skin. I'd like this, but I have one problem with it - unlike Essence claims, it is greasy and feels heavy on the skin just like vaseline, so you constantly feel it on like a heavy moisturiser. But the effect is nice, though subtle.
3.79 €

ESSENCE Holo wow! Sparkle stick
10 sparkles in your life
What does Essence say: The practical stick with fine holographic pigments in pink and gold conjures-up shimmering highlights on the cheekbones. The light texture of the practical stick is easy to apply and blend, and it shines beautifully in the sunshine. holographic and prismatic effects on the face are one of the absolute key trends.

What do I say: A very strong highlighter with a violet-pink glow that has that mermaid/unicorn vibe, so it's not exactly a natural looking product. Formula not as greasy as the dewy stick, instead it's one of those cream-to-powder type of formulas. If you like a strong, duo-chrome highlight, this is a nice one.
3.79 €

ESSENCE Colour Boots Vinylicious liquid lipstick
07 bite me if you can
What does Essence say: These liquid lipsticks offer high colour pigmentation and a breath-taking, glossy finish reminiscent of melted latex. Thanks to the high pigmentation and liquid texture, the lipstick glides over the lips and offers perfect coverage with just one application. Available in a cool tube design and a varied colour range.

What do I say: (Full review here) Ambitiously named liquid lipsticks, these don't differ much for a pigmented lip gloss. Pigmentation is semi-opaque and the finish is a shiny glossy one, which I guess we can call like melted latex if Essence wants it that way. It's not a thick product, like Rimmel's Apocalips, so it doesn't stick to one place that well and it also bleeds, so it's best to stick to light colours. It's a typical lip gloss and it behaves that way.
2.99 €

ESSENCE Colour Up! Shine On 
10 Rosey Glitz
What does Essence say: The soft lipstick texture can be intensified with each application to allow subtle as well as bold looks. Twelve colours with a gorgeous shine - including soft nude shades, bright pink or trendy blue - turn these lipsticks into the ideal daily companions. The colour-matched lipstick lid makes it easier than ever to reach for the colour you want!

What do I say: (Full review here) A product that has just been repackaged as it's the same type of shiny lipstick that Essence has been making since their beginnings. It's comfortable, with a nice glossy shine and semi-opaque pigmentation. The downside is the poor staying power, as these don't last any longer than an average lip gloss.
2.49 €

ESSENCE Draw the Line Instant Colour Lipliner 
05 so un-grey-tful
What does Essence sayThese supple lipliners effortlessly glide over the lips to outline them. They are colour-coordinated with the ultra last instant colour lipsticks so now there's a matching lipliner to go with every shade. Thanks to the highly pigmented texture, you can trace any shape and irregular outlines are a thing of the past! With an integrated sharpener.

What do I say: (Full review here) Essence took the already good formula of the longlasting lipliners and improved them by extending the staying power. These are still soft, very pigmented and creamy, so it's easy to draw with these and even use them all over the lips. They are worth checking out.
1.59 €

L'OCCITANE Terre de Lumiere Lip Balm
What does L'Occitane say: Enriched in 10% of Shea Butter this balm moisturizes lips, leaving a delicate scent on your lips.

What do I say: I used to be such a massive fan of these L'Occitane lip balms. I waited patiently for the release date of each and had so many versions, until they stopped making good ones (honey one was the best ever). It's been a while since I had one of these and I was happy to see it in my post because I was interested in Terre de Lumiere, however, I'm disappointed by the quality of it. This is not the same thick, balmy texture they used to make like at that honey one. This is a thin, oily type of formula that just sits on the lips, doesn't nourish it much and then just evaporates in time. At least it smells nice, though Terre de Lumiere is just one of many versions of Jimmy Choo/Flowerbomb/La Vie est Belle type of fragrance (which means it has mass appeal and that's fine. It's me that's looking for something more unique, like their gorgeous and discontinued Fleur d'Or & Acacia fragrance). I wish L'Occitane kept on making their old balm formulas. 
8.60 €

Have a great day!

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  1. Pri prvem nanosu Bourjois senčil sem že pomislila na najslabše. Potem pa sem ugotovila, da moram malo počakat, da se posušijo in nato še enkrat na debelo prek za pravo pigmentacijo. Dejansko res ostanejo na očeh in se nič ne premikajo čez dan. Jaz sem jih sicer "čutila" na vekah kot rahlo heavy, ko sem jih veliko nanesla. Mogoče je bil kriv debel sloj. :)

    Pri maskarah še vedno prej posežem po Maybelline kot Max Factor, verjetno ravno zaradi cene.

    Jaz bom rekla nasprotno od tebe...meni so odtenki v Soph paleti fantastični. Če bi delala svojo paleto bi izbrala vsaj pol enakih odtenkov. Točno po mojem okusu. Očitno imam srečo, da so trenutno topli odtenki in. Meni si sicer eni shimmery tukaj težji za nanašat na veke, mat so veliko boljši. <3

    Rose Gold osvetljevalec bo pri meni tudi v uporabi bolj poleti. Sicer ga lahko narahlo nanesem pa ni pretemen zame. Mi je pa všeč kot blush topper za dodaten sijaj :).

    Pohvale za toliko ocen v zadnjem tednu. Vse preletim :) <3

    1. Sama sem imela že takoj predsodke, ko sem dobila Bourjois senčila, ker taka tekoča senčila so pogosto slaba, ampak ta so pa res pozitivno presenečenje. Sicer si želim, da bi bila bolj prekrivna z enim slojem, ampak mi je všeč kako enostavno se blendajo in koliko zdržijo :) Na očeh jih pa ne čutim.

      Jaz pa po Essence maskarah. Max Factor ima absolutno predrage maskare (15 € je nora cena), Maybelline je tudi kar drag z po 10 €, čeprav mi je Lash Sensational izjemno všeč. Najraje bi sicer kupovala Lash Queen od Beyu, samo je spet draga, tako da vzamem Essence pa je. Pač žrtvujem lepo definicijo, ampak so pa vsaj mega volumenske :)

      Pričakovano ti je Soph X paletka všeč, tebi itak izjemno pašejo ti topli, rdečkasti odtenki :). Ampak meni pa ne pašejo. Ne rdečkasti, bakreni in prerumeno zlati, jaz imam raje antiqued gold in taupe odtenke. Mi je pa sama kvaliteta palete všeč in se strinjam s tabo, da so mat odtenki odlični :)

      Pri meni se od highlighterja kar hitro pozna barva. Sem ga nekajkrat uporabila kar kot blush, pa je bil ok :)

      Ah, samo hotela sem se "znebit" vseh ocen za PR izdelke čim hitreje :D Je bilo že preveč osnutkov.