May Favourites and Wishlist

četrtek, maj 31, 2018

URBAN DECAY Naked Palette
The forgotten gem in many of our makeup stashes. I used it pretty much every day this month and almost every time in exactly the same combination: the pale shimmery pink Sin on the lids, a mix of matte medium browns Naked and Buck in my non-existent crease and the dark brown Darkhorse just in the outer corner which created the most basic neutral eye look. I still very much enjoy the shades and the quality of the palette, even though it's been ages since the hype and every company under the sun released their neutral palette.

I've been using two PR mascaras I got in the lasts months and though they are fine, I checked one day if there is some life in left this Maybelline one and my word it is a thousand times better that those two. It makes the prettiest lashes ever - perfectly defined, gives enough volume and creates a bit of a lift, which is something those two other mascaras (Catrice Lashes to Kill Pro and Max Factor Dark Magic) do not. I really need to repurchase this.

BOURJOIS Rouge Velvet the Lipstick
02 Flaming Rose
I finally got the shade I wanted, so I can wear this amazing formula in combination with the looks I tend to wear daily. These have great matte finish, don't feel drying, they are so light on the lips and they last well too. Flaming Rose looks like a neutral-to-cool pink on me, but I suspect on others it looks more warm. It's a simple light pink shade that is just easy to wear. 

I use these almost every day, but rarely speak of them on the blog, though they are in many of my Instagram pictures. These are without a doubt the best brush investment I made. All are amazing quality and there are some great shapes of brushes for my eye shape that I could not get at other brands, especially 231 Luxe Petite Crease was just made for me. 

The four brushes I use most and I would get individually if my set got lost or destroyed: 232 Luxe Classic Shader, 235 Contour Shader, 231 Luxe Petite Crease and 227 Luxe Soft Definer.

THE FACE SHOP The Solution Mask
I've gone through almost all of these Solution masks so far, I only have Ceramide left to try and Madecassoside impressed me just as much as Pearl did. Madecassoside is derived from Centella asiatica and research links it to promoting skin's healing, reduction of inflammation and it supposedly works anti-ageing as it stimulates the synthesis of collagen. It's definitely great at helping with inflammation and promoting healing. It helped heal an inflamed breakout I had and it just in general made the skin look so good. It reminded me a lot of how Etude House Snail masks works one me, so I really should stock up on this one and Pearl.

AVON Mesmerize Black
This has to be one of the most underrated fragrances ever. I'm so sure if this had some fancy brand name slapped on it, it'd be so much more popular, but since it's only Avon, most people tend to miss it. It's an incredible warm and cosy scent with a strong oriental vibe, but without boring vanilla or patchouli (that really started to annoy me by now and it's in almost every fragrance). Mesmerize Black is pretty much just smooth sandalwood that envelops you like a warm blanket. Other notes include jasmine and mandarin, but I can't detect them, especially the citrus note. Every time I wear this I get compliments. It's loud without being obnoxious by either being super a sugary girly concoction or vanilla-patchouli-sweet notes combo in the ranks of Angel. It's dirt cheap online, so you're really getting a great fragrance for an affordable price.

My hair been insanely dry ever since I tried this one Vichy anti-dandruff shampoo and I'm desperately trying to fix the situation, but it's proving to be a challenge. Especially the top part of my hair feels like all life was sucked out of it. I was sent some of the Creatures products for a review I was writing for another blog (you might remember that I really enjoyed the moisturiser a couple of years ago) and this oil came at just the right time because my stash has thinned. I used it on most days this month before going to bed, and my hair absorbed this like a sponge by the morning. It definitely helped it be a lot less dry and since my hair is so parched, it didn't leave it greasy and lank. It contains a combination of jojoba and coconut oil, both fantastic for hair care as they can enter the centre of hair more effectively than other oils. This oil also smells great and strong, something I always like, but it's not a coconut type of scent, it's very floral. This oil is not easy to get if you're not from Slovenia or Croatia, but if your hair is very dry, you can create your own mix with coconut and jojoba oil, it just won't smell as pretty as this one.

SUBRINA Shower Gels
Perfume Drops & Cherry Blossom
I can't believe I've been keeping these two gems buried in my "work drawer". I've used up a few of these over the years and liked all so far (Rose Garden is amazing and I don't even like rose scents, Pina Colada is nice too and they unfortunately discontinued Cuba Libre, which I loved) and for the past year I've had all of these nicely kept in my work stuff so I don't ruin/damage/lose any them, plus I always had some other shower products to use up anyway, but I felt a bit bored this month with the stash I have, so I started exploring the scents of these I haven't tried properly yet, so in the shower where scents tend to be different than from the bottle. Perfume Drops is smells divine. It's like a proper high end fragrance, closest I can described it is an oriental type of scent with possibly some pepper and something warm, maybe amber. It's just such a great combination. Cherry Blossom (I bought this one myself) is a lot more neutral and to me smells just like baby powder, which makes it such a comforting scent. I actually like most of the scents, only Sensual Vanilla is a bit boring for me and Jasmine is basic too, but particularly Rose Garden and Mango Heaven are so nice. 

COLOURPOP Fame Pressed Powder Palette - Colourpop finally released something that isn't very warm, though this one still has some warmer shades, but at least they aren't orangey-reddish. It's the first palette I would consider buying, but I still feel they went overboard with the number of skintone shades and there aren't enough lid shades, that's the only thing holding me back so far. // COLOURPOP Super Shock Blush Between the Sheets - a neutral muted rosy-brown, so the type of shade I tend to wear. // MILANI Rose Blush Trio Palette 01 Flowers of Love - a new release by Milani. I have the single rose blushes and they are amazing, so I'm sure this is great too, plus it's so pretty. Swatches. // AVON Luck La Vie (notes)- I've been into woody fragrances lately and this is described as a strawberry cedar combination, which sounds intriguing. I like the original Luck too (notes), which is a red berries sandalwood combination and I wouldn't mind owning one of those pretty bottles too.

Have a great day!

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  1. Še zdaj nisem prišla do Lash Sensational maskare pa je na WL že tako dolgo :D Jo moram enkrat preizkusit :D Prav tako te Bourjois šminke. Sem mislila oboje kupiti, ko je imel DM 30% popust na te znamke, ampak ravno takrat nisem prišla do DMa :/ Zdaj pa so še študentski popust ukinili.

    Colourpop Between the Sheets pa je tudi na moji WL :D

    1. Mene tudi živcira, da so ukinile vse dobre popuste. Ravno sem nameravala naredit malo večji nakup za tistih 15% popusta, pa bom očitno raje šla v Müller. Dobim vsaj 3% nazaj. Tuš Drogerije pa žal nimam nikjer blizu, oni imajo še najboljše ponudbe.

  2. Aha, še ena ljubiteljica Lash Sensational :D. Pri meni ima še vedno status najboljše maskare in vedno vsaj 3 rezerve v predalu :D.

    O Bourjois šminkah sploh ne bom, res so top. Sem si kar mislila, da ti bo ta odtenek zelo všeč. Je čisto tvoj. Še meni je zelo všeč. Avon Mesmerize Black je prav tako top. Jaz ga imam sicer bolj rezerviranega za hladne dni, ampak imaš prav, več Avonovih parfumov je podcenjenih. No vsaj moja zbirka je polna njihovih in jih večino komot primerjam z višje cenovno kvaliteto.

    Subrina tuš gel večkrat najdem v kopalnici, ker jih uporablja moja mama in imajo kar močno parfumirane zadeve. Mislim, da mi je bil ravno ta Perfume Drops enkrat zelo všeč. Moram povohat še Pino Colado :).

    Colourpop je dobil kar precej kritik na Fame paleto. Se strinjam z večino, da je preveč podobnih odtenkov. Jaz sem ravno danes nekaj naročila, pa me nobena paleta ni dovolj prepričala, da bi katero vzela. Od njih definitivno pogrešam nekaj mešanega - hladni in topli neutral odtenki ali pa nekaj res zelo živahno barvitega.

    Milani paleta je čudovita. Tudi odtenki izgledajo res uporabni <3

    Avon je ravno v novi kampanji dodal še en Luck vonj. Luck Limitless. Jantar, vanilija, agrumi, orhideja. Meni se bere čudovito, nisem pa še preizkusila testerja. Pa barvna kombinacija je tako lepa, zlata in modra <3.

    1. Lash Sensational je res top :) Edino tečno mi je to, da moram čakat par tednov, da je res dobra.

      Mesmerize je res bolj za zimo, ampak letos še nisem prišla v tisto fazo, ko bi hotela lahke, sadne Escada-like vonje. So me začeli zanimati Avonovi parfumi in ravno sem izkoristila priložnost ko sem ravno oddajala naročilo na Salmi in vzela tega Avonovega Luck La Vie.

      Subrina geli imajo kar močen vonj in meni to vedno ustreza. Mi je pa češnjev cvet z vsakim dnevom bolj všeč. Sem videla, da je nekdo celo kupiš še dodatno flaško, ki je kopalnici tako, da nisem edina :)

      Sem opazila koliko je kritik na Instagramu glede izbora odtenkov, ampak je dosti pritožb tudi na to, da je nevtralna, medtem ko so pričakovali žive barve. Ni mi ravno idealna in upam, da naredijo še kakšno, ker toliko neuporabnih v paletki nočem. Je pa nekaj zelo lepih odtenkov notri.

      Sem videla Limitless in mi bil sam videz takoj všeč :) Sem pa brala, da je bolj med svežimi, citrusnimi vonji in da ni tako zanimiv kot original ali La Vie. Flaške so mi pa tako lepe <3

  3. Are they expensive?

  4. I love all of it that I can't even pick a favorite. Wow!

  5. Thanks to your blog, now I'm planning to get myself those lovely brushes too!