Max Factor Dark Magic Mascara

sobota, junij 16, 2018

Though this is Max Factor's latest mascara, it's been a while since it launched and like most of their releases of the past years, it has a plastic comb. I like most of Max Factor's such mascaras because they know how to combine definition with great volume and particularly their Voluptious is amazing. Dark Magic mascara is nice too, but it hasn't quite wowed me as much as Voluptious.

The plastic brush has short bristles and a double hourglass design. Since the bristles are short, it doesn't comb the lashes as easily as Voluptious and I need to comb them slower, so I can make sure I catch every lash, however, it's a far more comfortable brush. It's still great for definition and it deposits enough product on the lashes in two coats for a good level of volume, which is similar to Voluptious. However, though the effect is nice, it fails at the most important thing for me - lifting and holding the lashes, even if I curl them. A mascara can create amazing volume, but if it doesn't hold my lashes up, it's like I didn't use much mascara. If you don't have problems with difficult to curl lashes, Dark Magic will work just fine for you.

Formula is one of the thicker ones, but not the super wet, messy variety.  Overall, it's not the type of mascara that would make much of a mess, which I appreciate. It's also fairly easy to remove.

The packaging has a partly rubberised cap, which makes it easy to hold, however, it also attracts dirt and the mascara never looks pretty and clean.  

Mascara cost 14.99€.

To me this is merely an ok mascara, but purely because of the poor curl holding abilities. If I don't take that into account, it a nice defining + voluminous mascara. However, Max Factor has done a lot better and in particular I got more impressive results from their Voluptious mascara. 

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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