Max Factor Honey Lacquer Honey Nude

torek, junij 12, 2018

I'm not one to wear lip gloss a lot and for years I've been more of a matte liquid lipstick kind of girl, though Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour, which have a creamy-glossy finish, are some of my favourite because they are so incredibly comfortable. As absolutely stunning as Honey Lacquers look, I admit I'd never buy it myself if Max Factor Slovenia hadn't sent me the first shade which made me fall in love with the formula and did the impossible - made me buy a lip gloss after several years. I have a review of Honey Rose already - it's a very pale cool pink that I find unwearable, so I picked the shade that is more to my liking, Honey Nude, which I think is one of those shades that would likely fit just about everyone.

Texture: I already talked about it in my original review, so I'll keep this short, focusing on the swatches, but it's a thick, creamy and quite pigmented lipgloss with a creamy version of a glossy shine. It's super comfortable and non-sticky, so I wear it instead of a lip balm during the day.

Shade: Honey Nude is a pinky-brown shade. Coverage is semi-opaque and this is the type of shade that compliments you natural lip colour, so I think it'll fit so many and it will very likely look a bit different on each individual, meaning more pink on some and more brownish-nude on others.

Scent: The scent is exactly the same as at their Silky glosses, so a vanilla type of scent.

Staying power: It last similar to Honey Rose and due to the thick formula it manages to stick on the lips for several hours. It won't look like freshly applied and glossy, but the colour is still there. 

Packaging: Another thing that drew me to this lip gloss formula is the packaging, which is the nicest one in the drugstore ranges. The gold details make it very glamorous. The doe foot applicator is a classic one and easy to use.

Price and availability: These cost 9.49 € in drugstores, which is way too much for a lip gloss in my opinion, but that's just me. I ordered mine on Salma.

I've worn this shade so much since I got it, so it was definitely worth the purchase. It's so comfortable, balmy, it smells nice (reminds me of my teenage years when I wore Silky Glosses) and I absolutely love the shade. It's such a great my-lips-but-better shade and I think it'll suit many different skin tones. These come in several other shades, I think we have four in Slovenia, but this is the only one I like.

Have a great day!

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  1. Such a pretty everyday shade, love this!

    Lotte |

  2. Odtenek mi je čudovit.<3 Ravno prava mešanica roze in rjave. Ta bo zagotovo pasal večini. Tebi lepo paše. Nisem pa še nikoli pogledala odtenkov v živo. Jaz imam zadnje čase zelo rada lip glosse. Sem celo naročila enega novega od Colourpop. Za poletje in suhe ustnice so boljši kot balzam :D.

    1. Res je tak univerzalen :) Hvala :) Drugi odtenki so bili zame preživi, razen en koralen je še všečen. Jaz tudi zdaj raje vzamem tale gloss kot pa balzam :)

  3. Odgovori
    1. Light pink ends up so pale even on my skin tone. If only it were a bit darker. We have only 6 colours here.

    2. I have never noticed them, i rarely look that maxfactor stand:)