The Balm Girls Getaway Trio Long-Wearing Bronzer/Blush

petek, junij 08, 2018

TheBalm has some of the best blushes in my opinion and their powder products in general are really good quality. I have a couple of their blushes, actually two of their most popular ones, Frat Boy and Hot Mama. On a daily basis I prefer more muted shades, so I don't wear them as often as I would if they weren't as bright and peachy, but I do pick them up more often in the summer. The Getaway Trio Palette contains three of theBalm's latest blushes, Balm Springs, Balm Beach and Balm Desert, all looked to me as the types of shades I'd wear because they looked like theBalm's try at less bright shades. All shades are sold individually, while this palette is a limited edition and a great value, so it's be great if they made it permanent.

Texture: Based on my previous experience TheBalm blushes they have a lovely finely milled, silky texture and these are no different. Pigmentation differs in this palette with Balm Spring being the least pigmented, so I need two layers, while Balm Desert is very pigmented, so I need a light hand. All blend beautifully and are never patchy.

Balm Springs

Balm Springs is completely different from what I imagined based on how it looks in the pan and based on other people's swatches. It's a very coral shade on me, a muted version, but still leaning strongly to orange. It's the brightest on the cheeks out of the three and as I  mentioned before also least pigmented. I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet, I hoped it's more pinky and less bright, but this might be too peachy for me. Finish is matte. For reference Frat Boy is a lot pinker than this, while Hot Mama is lighter, with gold shimmer.

TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Sincere on the lips

Balm Beach

Balm Beach again a shade that's a bit different than I expected based on the peachy looking pan, but this is the shade that I wanted Balm Springs to be, so a muted version of Frat Boy. It's a muted peachy-pink shade, more on the peach side than the pink and I have nothing similar, closest is the discontinued I'm Nuts About you by Catrice, but theBalm is more peachy. It's not as bright as Balm Springs, so I consider it easier to wear and it has a matte finish.  

Balm Desert

Balm Desert is classified as a bronzer/blush product and in the pan looks like a regular bronzer with a red undertone, but swatched it's a very unique shade. It's actually like you'd mix a bronzer with a rosy blush. Finish is satin. It's very pigmented, so I need to use a light hand it with, but it works as a contour/definer & blush in one. 

Staying power: Hot Mama and Frat Boy are the most long-lasting blushes I own and these are again very impressive. The colour is still very visible on the cheeks after six hours, so these can last a day if you don't have oily skin and also it depends on the base too.

Packaging: Typical for theBalm these come in a cardboard packaging with mirror. The outside features the combination of all three pictures on the original packaging of the blushes which have that retro feel that theBalm is known for. 

Price and availability: I bought mine on Lič for 22.99 €, but it's already out of stock as it's on the official theBalm website, but I heard it's sold in Müller here, though keep in mind this was limited edition. All three shades are sold individually and are permanent, so even if you miss the palette, you can always buy them separately. Individual blushes contain 6.35 g, while they are about the half of size in the palette, 3,3g per blush.

If you can still get the palette, it's worth the investment if you like such shades. If I run out of it or lose it, I'd repurchase Beach Balm because it's my favourite, but Balm Spring is better for very warm skin tones and those who love more coral-orange shades. Balm Desert is the most unique shade in here as it blends two concepts together, so a bronzer and a blush, so if you're interested in something like it, this one is lovely.

Have a great day!

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  1. I've tried the Balm desert before but it was waaaayyy too dark on me. I really like the other two as I am a huge fan of Coral Blushes. I actually have the hot mama and I love the way it looks!

    Kimberly - Up A Nelms Tree

    1. I need to use a very light hand and my fluffiest brush for Balm Desert, otherwise it's quickly too much. If you like corals, then you'll especially like Balm Springs. Hot Mama has the best glow ever :)

  2. The warm colors are perfect on your skin. It highlights your beauty even more!

  3. I just have to say this tho. Your eyeliner wing is perfect!

  4. Wow, lovely! Dear, I'm just curious...what brush are you using in here?

  5. I like balm desert the most. It's almost like a bronzer because of the brownish shade.