Bourjois Satin Edition 24h Eyeshadow

ponedeljek, julij 16, 2018

As far as my experiences go, up until I tried this formula, liquid eyeshadows were mostly a bust. Essence currently has super pigmented new ones, but they are so difficult to blend, I could hardly consider them as a product to slap on in a hurry. I've always been a stick eyeshadow fan (Kiko's are very impressive), but these Bourjois ones are a pleasant surprise. Several shades exist in this line, I got two easy-to-wear every day shades.

Texture: Unlike Essence ones, these don't have full opacity with one coat, instead at least two coats are needed for good colour pay-off. It ends up looking so nice, more like a natural tint on the lids. Blending needs to be carefully done, I tend use fingers for the first layer, while the top layer can already be blended with a brush and it's not removing the bottom layer or messing up with the blended edges. It's not as quick as stick eyeshadows, but I like the effect. Once it sets, the formula doesn't move, smudge, flake or crease.  

01 Beige-Seller

Beige-seller is a pale gold shade and honestly it's not my favourite because it's quite bland. But it's a shade that almost every brand has in their stick eyeshadow form, so I guess it must be popular.

03 Mauve your Body

Mauve your body is a brown-taupe shade that is in the same colour family as Mac's Satin Taupe and it's the type of colour that suits most people. I really like this one for an easy everyday makeup.

Staying power: The promise is 24h hours, but I didn't sacrifice my sleep to test how right they are. However, I can say that they lasted intact for at least 10 hours, which is impressive, though my lids are never oily.

Packaging: These come in the same tube as their Rouge Velvet Liquid lipsticks and some other products. It's a simple square tube with a doe foot applicator and it works fine.

Price and availability: These cost 10.49 €, which is a bit steep for me, but I do have their old gold shade 07 Or du commun on my wishlist when there's a good offer around. 

I find these lovely liquid eyeshadows, in fact they are the most impressive ones I've found so far. 
Though they aren't the most pigmented ones around, they do have such a lovely finish on the skin and they have impressive staying power. Still if you're fussy about how quick eyeshadows are to apply and blend, stick eyeshadows will be more your thing, especially those from Kiko.

Have a great day!

*PR products

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  1. it is a very nice blog. The information about beauty blog is very useful. The sites you mentioned were good. I appreciate you and hop for some more informative posts.

  2. Kiko stiki so mi ljubši, čeprav imam najraje še vedno običajna pudrasta senčila. So pa ta glede obstojnosti res ena izmed boljših. Ko bi vsaj imeli bolj zanimive odtenke.

    Mauve your body mi je čisto tak odtenek zate. Tebi ti taupe vedno ful pašejo :).

    1. Za hiter nanos so tudi meni od Kiko ljubša :) Mi je pa pri teh všeč kako lahka so in kako lepo izgledajo na vekah :)