Makeup Revolution Inglot Highlighter Rose Gold

nedelja, julij 22, 2018

These come in to me three rather strange shades for highlighters, all were inspired by precious bars of metal. There's a stark silvery white inspired by platinum that would possibly look too white even on me, there's a very yellow looking gold bar that would suit dark skin tones and mine is a rose gold one with a strong pink tone. This is the second highlighter than impressed me from Makeup Revolution (first was Unicorn Heart). It appears they learned how to do finely milled glowy highlighters in the past tries rather well. 

Texture: Formula is very buttery and pigmented, though you'll get that almost opaque super metallic look only if you apply it with fingers. Even with a brush you get a strong glow, I tend to use a thick big eyeshadow blending brush because I like a noticeable glow. It's a similar type of formula they use in their shimmery/metallic eyeshadows and as you can see on the picture where I'm wearing the highlighter, along the edge where I'm picking it up with a brush a crust has formed just like it happens at their eyeshadows. The shimmer is fine, so there's no chunky glitter in this and the effect is a really nice glow. 

Colour: Rose gold is you would expect a rose gold shade meaning on my very pale skin the pink undertone is visible, so it's almost like a blush shade for me. It's best suited for light-medium skin tones, preferably with a cool undertone. It's not that obvious on my picture where I'm wearing it because the glow is obscuring the pink toned base in the product, but it's definitely pink. I do however, appreciate how neutral the shimmer in it looks and that it's neither gold nor duochrome violet-pink that's usually in pink toned highlighters.

Staying power: Though the staying power is good and it manages to last at least 8 hours on the face, as it's wearing off, it does somehow ends up on most of the face and that's the only minus I can say about it.

Packaging: This comes in a bland pan which works completely fine, but for 7 € I'd expect something a bit prettier. Still I'm glad they put quality of the formula before the packaging. 

Price and availability: It can be bought on Lič (Pink Panda in some other countries) for 6.99 €, maybe also in Tuš Drogerija and DM (I didn't check) and Makeup Revolution's official page. 

I'm impressed by the buttery formula, finely milled shimmer and excellent pigmentation. It truly is a wonderful highlighter, but I'm not a fan of the limited range of three (unusual) shades. If it were a light gold/champagne shade I've wear it every day, but now it's a  bit too dark and pink for me, though I still reach for it occasionally. If you have a light-medium skintone, you'll like this a lot. 

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Ta kolekcija odtenkov je res hecna. Ampak ima zdaj Catrice skoraj isto foro. Vsaj meni se je zdela, ko sem jih poswatchala v trgovini.

    Mi je všeč, da je pri tem bolj opazi hladen sijaj kot pa dejanska roza podlaga. :) Vsaj na meni, ker vedno uporabljam zelo mehek čopič. Je pa formula res dobro pigmentirana, samo odtenki bi lahko bili bolj standardno nosljivi.

    1. Sej ni nobenega resnično uporabnega odtenka, vsaj za svetle ne. Sem videla tvoje swatche od Catrice. Menda ne mislijo, da bodo resno kaj dosti prodali.

      Formula je pa presenetljivo dobra in se vidi napredek. Imam roza highlighter iz Vivid Baked kolekcije, pa ni uporaben.

  2. I have only recently learnt to appreciate Makeup Revolution as a brand. They are really good at making quite spot-on dupes for a lot of high-end products (I believe the highlighters you are talking about in this post are modeled after Charlotte Tilbury's Bar of Gold highlighter palette) and I honestly have a hard time finding major duds in their palettes... which can't always be said about pricier brands :)

    p.s. thank you for your reviews, I've been an avid follower for years and find you're super reliable and always a lovely read!

    1. I still find their stuff is very mixed quality, but they have improved a lot over the years. Especially their powder formulas have become much more pigmented, but still I don't consider them a brand I'd regularly use apart from their Unicorn Heart highlighter and most of the stuff I got from them I ended up giving away. I think I'll keep this highlighter, though, even though it's too dark for me, but I like the creamy, glowy formula.

      Thank you, I'm so glad you find my reviews and blog useful <3

  3. that looks like it would probably be too dark for me.. but then again our skintones aren't too far apart! Looks like it would be a stunning eyeshadow thought!

    Katie |

    1. A light layer is wearable on light skin tones, but then you don't get such in intense glow. It could work as an eyeshadow :)