Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid 25 Fuchsia Ecstasy

sreda, julij 11, 2018

These already disappeared from the shelves here (at least in my local drugstores), since they were replaced by the Matte Inks, which are Maybelline's second and a lot more successful attempt at a liquid matte lipsticks. I got mine a swap from Canada, but they can still be bought online (for Slovenes on Salma and Spletična).

Formula and finish: It's a lipstick-lip gloss hybrid with a similar formula to Revlon's short-lived Moisture Stains, as it has a similar almost cooling/watery feeling on the lips. Finish is creamy and it doesn't set to a matte one, but you can blot it. Due to not being matte, it's much more comfortable on the lips than Maybelline's proper matte lipsticks Matte Inks.

Shade: My shade is 25 Fuchsia Ecstasy, which is a bright warm fuchsia. It's one of those intense hot pinks that stains a lot, so you can't just take it off, as the dry parts of the lips will stay tinted.

Staying power: Matte Inks are some of the most long-lasting lip product I've tried, but these that are their predecessors aren't nearly as good due to never drying matte. Since my shade is a fuchsia, it lasts a long time, but most of the colour wipes off soon due to a creamy formula. 

Packaging: The doe foot on this is quite large, but precise, so it's a good shape for application.

Price and availability: These aren't sold in Slovene drugstores anymore and the same possibly goes for other European countries, but you can get them online. They cost 6.25 € on Salma.

I skipped these for a reason and now that I've tried there, I can see why they aren't terribly popular. Despite the matte in the name, these aren't matte, at least they don't dry matte as much as wear off to a matte stain, similar to Revlon's Ultra HD. These are simple creamy liquid lipsticks and that's it.

Have a great day!

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  1. Ampak barva je pa lepa! Škoda, da ni vsaj za odtenek bolj mat, bi bila še lepša, haha ;)

    1. Res je, taki odtenki so v mat verzijah precej lepši in tudi lažji za nosit :)

  2. OMG that colour is gorgeous!

    Katie |