Sally Hansen Color Therapy and Miracle Gel Nail Polish

petek, julij 27, 2018

Color Therapy Nail Polish 
180 Chai on Life

This became one of my most worn nail polishes very quickly because the shade is absolutely perfect for my toes. It's a warm toned beige nude that is better suited for warm skin tones because it's got some yellow in it. 

Formula is infused with argan oil which should make your nails healthier. Whether that's true I can't say because I have strong nails anyway, but when I take my nail polish of, my nail are in nice condition. Formula is very liquid, which makes my usual type of application very messy as I have a tendency to apply a thick first coat and this formula just spills around the nails. It's better to be patient with this one and do three thin applications instead of two and have a clean up later. It's pigmented enough to be a standard two coater and the brush is a nice rounded shape, but the formula doesn't allow it.

If you're looking for a nude, this is a nice one to check out. Everything always lasts ages on me, so I can't say how the staying power is on weaker nails, but it's average in that respect on my nails.

Miracle Gel Nail Polish 
550 Hunger Flames 

Hunger Flames is a more bold shade and something for all who love purples. It's a purple that changes its tone depending on the thickness of the layer applied on the nails as well the light. In a thin coat or warm light, this looks very pink purple, while in a thick coat and natural or cool light the frost is more apparent and it's a cool/blue violet shade. 

I've tried several gel formulas so far and this is nothing like it. Usually such formulas are thick and require one coat, but this feels like a regular nail polish that needs at least two coats, but it's best to apply three so you get the full effect of the frost.

Again I have nothing much to say about the staying power apart from that it lasts average on my nails and the brush is the same as at Color Therapy, so of medium width and with a nice rounded cut.

I saw these in my local DM for about 10-11 €. Bottles are larger than most and contain a generous 14.7 ml. 

Have a great day!

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  1. I've tried both of these (in other colors) and am happy with them. The color therapy actually has my perfect nude, so that is nice ;) But I guess there's not much you can do wrong with Sally Hansen and Essie nail polishes..

    xo, Rosie //The Cheeky Mom

    1. I've only tried their magnetic nail polishes before these two and I wasn't too impressed with the staying power, but these two formulas are quite nice :)

  2. I've been looking for a good nude shade for a while and I think I just found them now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my lorddd Hunger Flames is SO stunning! I absolutely love the shade! I'm also obsessed with your photos - they're so beautiful! I haven't actually tried any Sally Hansen nail products before so I've got to get on this! x
    Marina Rosie x

    1. Hunger Games is an interesting shade :) Thank you <3

  4. I love how mute the nude color is that it looks like skin.