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torek, september 04, 2018

These are just the latest version of eyeshadows in a stick form that Cosnova put on offer. I've had three of their previous versions before, one were the Catrice Stylo eyeshadows, which were too shimmery and uneven, the other were the brilliant Essence 2-in-1 Eye Shadow & Liner, which were very pigmented, applied nicely and lasted really well and the last were L.O.V. THE Glacious Stylo Eyeshadows, which have a weak pigmentation and a too creamy formula. I feel the newest Catrice's Eyeshadow Stix are better than the discontinued Stylo version, but sadly not in terms of pigmentation. The shade range is much improved, however, I noticed an inconsistency between the quality of individual shades.

Texture: These have a similar silicone creamy texture as the Essence 2-in-1, meaning they aren't too soft that they would move too much on the lids, but neither are they too dry. It's that almost perfect in-between type of eyeshadow texture that Kiko also has. They glide easily on the lids without skipping and they blend easily with either a brush or fingers. But the thing that isn't that good is the pigmentation. When you pick up a Kiko eyeshadow, you immediately get a fully opaque swipe of colour, but at this it's much less pigment. For the swatches above I went over it three to four times, while I only needed one swipe for Kiko and it looks more pigmented. I need to build these up on the lids, though how much it depends of the shade. The 060 Freakin' Greenious is the weakest and 070 I decide my vibe is the best one. 

060 Freakin' GREENious 

Freakin' GREENious is an old good meets mossy green/olive type of shade. It's one of those type of shades I like to wear because it makes my grey eyes stand out more and it's similar to my all-time favourite eyeliner Urban Decay's Stash. But I'm disappointed by this one and it's definitely the weakest shade out of the three I own. First of the pigmentation is weakest, but also it applies patchy and too much gets blended away quickly. For my look on the picture, I needed five minutes of applying and blending and it still doesn't look that good. It's definitely not a shade you'd apply in a hurry and it's better you find a complimenting powder eyeshadow shade, so you can use this more as a base instead of a stand-alone shade. This shade has some glitter, about medium in size.

070 I decide my vibe 

I decide my vibe is a golden bronze shade that somewhat reminds on shades like Mac's Patina and Too Faced Creme Bruleé from the Chocolate Bar palette which are some of my favourite colours. It's more gold than the type of shade that's most frequent in the shade ranges of cream eyeshadow such as Kiko's Golden Brown, Maybelline's On and on Bronze, Catrice's 040 Brown to Earth - it's the type of shade I haven't seen before in the drugstore ranges and I like it a lot. It's the most consistent and reliable shade among the three. It's still not that pigmented, but it applies more evenly that 060 and it has no large shimmer.

090 Beautista's Choice

Beautista's Choice is a classic shade that's in a lot of shade ranges. It's a mauve (purplish) taupe brown that's similar to shades like Mac's Satin Taupe and Kiko's 38 Golden Taupe. It's not as even as 070, but it's much better than Freakin' Greenious. I need to apply several layers and mind how I blend so I keep the metallic look, so it's best to use this one as a base too, but it doesn't look too bad on its own. It's got the most shimmer particles of the three shades.

Staying power: My eyelids are normal and don't get oily, so I don't use a primer. These don't crease on me and they lasts pretty much all day. 

Packaging: These come in a stick format with a winding-up mechanism. Like most such products they are prone to breaking off its base and either falling out of not winding back in, but so far they're fine. The eyeshadow bar is cut in a triangle shape which I'm not a complete fan of, but it's not too annoying.

Price and availability: These cost 3.99 € in drugstores.

I love the shade range and I'm a big fan of all three colours I got, but I wish these were more consistent and mostly more pigmented. Essence 2-in-1 had a better pigmentation, so I wonder why they didn't just repackage those and change the shades. 070 I decide my vibe is the best performing one and Freakin' Greenious is the most disappointing, which is a shame because it's a beautiful colour. Overall these are better as a base for powder eyeshadows than worn individually, except 070 which is a nice, even shade.

Have a great day!

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