Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt

ponedeljek, oktober 15, 2018

Bourjois joined the ombre lip trend, albeit a bit late, with their new Lip Duo Sculpt lipsticks. I got two of the boldest shades in the selection, while a total of six exist.

Texture: These have a pretty standard creamy lipstick formula that's comfortable and has creamy shiny finish. They combine two shades in about 2:1 ratio with which you should be easily able to create an ombre effect. It does work, but due to a weaker pigmentation it takes a few swipes to really build up a fully opaque layer and you need to be very careful at how you place the lipstick on the lips again for a second swipe.

04 Plum'Set Beach 

Plum'Set Beach is a combination of a violet-plum and tomato red, which is meant to look like a sunset. The plum is much less pigmented than the red, so it ends up looking really strange. I tried building this shade up, but the purple part is just too weak and it's more like a tinted balm than a proper lipstick.

 06 Rouge Tango 

Rouge Tango combines a deep and light shade of neutral red. It's a much better combination than 04 and you get a good ombre effect, but again this is a not a very pigmented formula and it needs to be build up. 

Staying power: It's standard for such a creamy formula, so they are prone to transferring and don't survive a meal.

Packaging: These come in a thin, pencil-like tube that winds up and there's not much product in them. It's only 0.5 g, while in their Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks it's 2.4 g and they cost about the same. The lipsticks are a bit small for my lips and though they should be slightly smaller anyway so you can create a mixed ombre layer in the middle and not just have a line there, I'd like to see them just a millimetre wider because it would be a lot easier to use them. 

Price and availability: These cost 13.80 € and are sold in drugstores.

I count these as a fail to me. For one I've never been a fan of ombre lips, but even if I put my preferences aside, this just wasn't done all that well. Pigmentation should be stronger and they should be bigger, and while Rouge Tango is a decent shade once it's built up, Plum'Set is just an awful colour combination. As a plus I'll count the not drying formula, but that's it. I swatched the lighter shades in the shop and they look more wearable, but still for 13+ € I'd rather get one of their Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks, which are amazing and some of the best in the drugstores.  

Have a great day!

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  1. Joj, tole pa res ni posrečeno! Izgleda kot včasih, ko se je uporabljajo črtalo druge barve... Ni mi všeč =(

    1. Meni ombre na ustnicah že od nekdaj ni všeč, ampak sploh kombinacija Plum'set mi je zelo ponesrečena.