Deborah 24 Ore Extra Cover 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer

petek, januar 04, 2019

Deborah launched a foundation that similarly to Milani's Conceal + Perfect claims it can be used both as a foundation and a concealer, so this is a formula with a high level of coverage. It's a foundation mostly those with oily skin will like because it's a very matte.

Texture: Formula is quite creamy, yet still liquid and it's one of those that sets very fast, so you don't have a lot of time to work with it. It needs extra care at blending otherwise you can end up with some splotches where the foundation dried too fast (my skin was dry-normal as I was testing this). 

Coverage and finish: Coverage is as promised very high, I think even higher than Revlon's Colorstay, so you can definitely use it as a concealer if you wish. Finish is very matte, the most matte foundation I've tried apart from Estee Lauder Maximum Cover, whose formula this reminds me most of. On my not oily skin it looks flat and obvious, it also emphasizes lines and the texture of the skin, so this is not my favourite formula, but those with oily skin will likely appreciate how matte it is and how well it holds back oils. It claims it contains a pore minimizer, but it doesn't look pretty over my pores and L'Oreal Infallible 24 Matte remains my favourite for the job.

Shade: I got three shades and none fit my fair skin tone (from swatches above my match is the first foundation from Essence which is about NW10):  
0 Fair Rose - a medium shade that is nowhere near being fair and it has an orange tinge to it. It's about a shade darker than Catrice HD Liquid Foundation 010.
01 Fair - a bit lighter than 0, but more importantly more neutral. It looks like a far better shade in general because the undertone isn't strong.
03 Sand - two shades darker than the other two and with a warm undertone.

Staying power: Not surprising for this type of formula this is a foundation that lasts really long on the skin and I suspect, it'll perform well also on oily skin too. 

Scent: This has a lovely, but strong scent that reminds me a lot of L'Occitane's Almond body cream. The fragrance might be a problem for those with sensitive skin.

Packaging: The bottle is glass and quite heavy. The main feature of the packaging is the big doe foot applicator which I know most people shudder at since it's probably considered unhygienic, but I like this type of application and I wish I had a better foundation with such a packaging. The doe foot applicator doesn't hold much product, so I find myself dipping it again in the bottle two-three times when I'm applying it.

Price and availability: Deborah is sold in DMs here and this foundation costs 14.99 €.

This is the exact opposite of a foundation formula I like. It's super matte, high coverage and far from natural looking on the skin, but it covers a lot and stays matte for a long time, so for oily skin and those who want to completely cover their imperfections it might be a formula worth considering. If your skin isn't oily at all, skip it. I like the packaging and the scent as well, so I hope they reuse them for one of their light formulas. Shade range is unfortunately disappointing, especially since Deborah was long known as a drugstore brand with light shades.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Ko sem preizkusila pravi odtenek, me je prav prijetno presenetila ta podlaga. Res dobro prekrivna, obstojna in ena redkih po kateri moji t predeli niso bili po treh urah že mastni. Nabor odtenkov je sicer katastrofa. Če bi našla kak svetel topel odtenek bi pa lahko bila ena mojih ljubših podlag. Mogoče bom za poletje lahko uporabila temne odtenke in mat formula bo takrat še posebej primerna :).

    1. Se mi zdi dober puder za tiste, ki hočejo skoraj polno prekrivnost in zelo mat videz, ampak zame je že preveč. Res škoda za odtenke, ker jim zelo manjkajo svetlejši in tudi bolj nevtralni odtenki. Sploh 0 Fair Rose se mi zdi zelo oranžen.

  2. joj koliko si trošila za makeup, ja imam deborah mat velvet liquid karmin i super hipoalergijski.

    1. Ovo so PR uzorci, nisam trošila ništa :) Imam i ja ovaj karmin i je odličan :)