Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter 060 Don't Dream it, DEW it!

petek, november 15, 2019

This is my second shade of this wonderful formula, so I have a full review on the blog already and I won't say anything new. My other shade is one of the original four called 010 Yes, I DEW that's already discontinued and I was never a fan of the overly pale shade, so it was always the plan to get a more wearable shade. I picked 060 Don't Dream it, DEW it!, which is one of the new shades.

Texture: This is one of the most comfortable lip gloss formulas and it's actually the same as Catrice's discontinued Beautifying Lip Smoothers, which were already a dupe for Clarins' Instant Lip Perfectors, which I had a while ago and I never repurchased because I found these. It's a lip balm/lip gloss hybrid that's very comfortable, like a cushion on the lips, so I use it instead of a lip balm. It's got one of those creamy looking shine finishes, similar to Max Factor's Honey Lacquers.

Shade: 060 Don't Dream it, DEW it! is a medium rosy-pink, a very easy to wear shade that goes with everything. Pigmentation is semi-opaque, so you get enough colour on the lips.

Staying power: This stays on surprisingly well, but not as a proper lip gloss layer, rather a thin clear balmy layer of this sticks on the lips for several hours, so if you have dry lips, this is definitely a product to check out. 

Scent: It's got a pleasant vanilla-caramel scent, which isn't strong and doesn't linger. My old gloss got a plastic scent instead after several months, so I don't use it anymore, but it was definitely before the 18 month expiration date. 

Packaging: I love what Catrice has done with the packaging of these. For one the packaging looks very pretty with the metallic cap, but also I much prefer this type of packaging with a doe foot applicator than the sponge tip that the Beautifying gloss had. The applicator is a standard one with a paddle design that works just fine for such a product.

Price and availability: These are 4.39 € in drugstore. I hear they'll be discontinued in the next line update - hopefully a similar replacement is in works, though these are pretty much perfect already.

This is definitely a formula worth checking out in the drugstores. It's very comfortable, so a true pleasure to wear. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Ta formula jim je pa res uspela. <3 Jaz imam dva odtenka in enako kot ti, ju nosim skoraj kot balzam za ustnice, samo da dobim še lepo barvo. Za vsak dan so odlični in res upam, da jih samo prepakirajo in ne ukinejo popolnoma.

    Tvoj odtenek se mi dopade. Mogoče si ga še omislim, ko jih bodo znižali. :)

    1. Meni je že zdaj všeč embalaža in je ne bi spreminjala, ampak upam, da res vsaj obdržijo formulo :)