Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

sreda, november 27, 2019

When I first started getting into makeup and pale drugstore foundations just weren't available in our drugstores, I turned to Lancome and got the first foundation is a shade that fit me. Even then Teint Idole Ultra Wear was highly praised, but though it's now available in 40 shades, back then the lightest shade we had here was too dark for me, so I went for the less well-known (and by now discontinued) Color Ideal  (shade was 004). Years passed and despite numerous launches this is still a very praised foundation, so when I was looking for something new, I took a sample in Müller along with four other foundations. Teint Idole impressed me so much I went to buy it as soon as I was finished testing all five.

Texture and coverage: I liked this from the start. It's a light feeling foundation with a light-medium consistency that's easy to blend and it looks natural for a medium coverage formula. It doesn't hide pores or lines, but it doesn't make them worse. 

Finish: It's supposed to be matte, but it's not a heavy looking matte finish, it's more of a satin with still some natural radiance shoving through. The sample I tried had a more natural looking dewy finish, I'm guessing because it was old.

Shade: 008 Beige Opale is currently one of their lightest shades among an impressive 40. It's a very pale shade, one of the lightest in my collection and it's neutral to slightly pink. The warm equivalent of this shade is 006. I've tried both in the shop and 008 blended nicest into my neutral skin tone. I haven't experienced any oxidising at this formula, but when I asked for help with choosing the right shade for me on IG, some reported that this formula oxidises on them. 

Staying power and wear: This wears beautifully throughout the day. It never looks fake, overly shiny nor too flat matte, it just looks like good skin. It last longer than my cheaper foundations and even when I don't use any powder or setting spray.

Packaging: This comes in a heavy frosted glass bottle with a pump.

Price and availability: Regular price in Müller is 49.79 €, which is an insane price. I got it -25% off when they had a coupon, but you get it cheaper online anytime, as most shops sell it for about 10 € less. 

It's so expensive, but it's praised for a reason. It's more suited for oily-combination skin, but it's one of the nicest such foundation I've tried because it feels lighter, it's not as obvious on the skin and it wears well too. The abundance of shades means there's probably something for everyone (though I think there are paler people than me and those won't find a match).

Have a great day!

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  1. Looks very nice and the color looks ideal to me.

  2. Does it smell like talc or fragrance ? 🙄 Jao previše skupo nadam se da vredi toliko novac. Ja sam vrlo zadovoljna onim nude bioderma, najsvetija nijansa.🙂

    1. Nema mirisa. Da, skup je in ako si zadovoljna sa Biodermu, ne trebaš i Lancome :)