Mac Lipstick Samples from TheBodyNeeds #2

četrtek, december 05, 2013

I ordered some more Mac's lipstick samples from The Body Needs. I already wrote about them in my first post here, where you can find swatches of nine other shades. I said it before and I'll say it again: I find the idea of Mac lipstick samples genius, especially for those like me who live in a country where Mac isn't sold and it's very difficult to get online.
I got five of them : Sunny Seoul and Peach Blossom are cremesheen + pearl finish, Full Speed is a sheen supreme, while Dangerous and Relentlessly Red are the latest retro matte finish.
Peach Blossom is a pale peachy pink shade in the cremesheen + pearl finish range. It's Hue's warmer and a hint darker cousin. The formula's of the two are also very similar - soft, very comfortable, slightly moisturising and a bit shiny/glossy. 

Sunny Seoul is a frosted light warm pink. On me it's more of a light to medium colour. The formula is the same as at Peach Blossom.

Full Speed is a bright warm watermelon-coral shade from the sheen supreme line. It's a great summer shade when applied full on, however, I also love it as a stain because it just brings so much life to my face while still looking natural (like a no-makeup makeup look). The formula is one of those lipstick/lip balm/lip gloss hybrids and this is a very pigmented version of such formula with a lovely shine.

Relentlessly Red is a gorgeous bright pink with some coral and a matte finish. I don't know why it's called red because it's pink. It's quite dry, but not like Ruby Woo. I adore this shade. It's so me since I love bright matte shades.

Dangerous  is an orange based red with a matte finish. It's Lady Danger's sibling, however, not quite a twin. Lady Danger is more orange and brighter, but the finish is the same. Formula is retro matte and not as easy to apply as Lady Danger. It's closer to Ruby Woo's yet not as dry.
Pictured left to right: Ruby Woo, Dangerous, Lady Danger and Russian Red (swatched in the previous post):

Have a great day!

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  1. Meni je najlepša dangerous:) Je pa zanimivo to z Mac testerji, res priročno, niti nisem vedela, da se jih da kje dobiti.:)

  2. Prvi trije odtenki so mi všeč, še najbolj pa Sunny Seoul <3

  3. Verry cute post ;) I love this color

  4. Dobro si pogruntala tole, dangerous je omg nora barva <3

  5. Oh gosh, these all look soooo pretty! I seriously cannot decide which shade I like best. But I do know that is making me veeeery tempted to try these.

  6. Oooo waw! FUl dobro, so mi všeč tile odtenki! BTW kako je pa kaj s poštnino?

    1. Odvisno od teže, ampak se vrti nekje okrog 10$ :)

  7. Ah ta retro matte finiš izgleda ful dobro :)