Wonderstruck Enchanted

sreda, december 18, 2013

I am not a fan of celebrities in any way, however, I have a lot of their fragrances. Taylor Swift's Wonderstuck Enchanted is the latest in my collection and it follows the same gourmand fruity-vanilla formula as most celebrity juices.

I tested her original fragrance called Wonderstuck when I was in Austria and it's nice, but nothing particularly original. It's a mix of berries with a hint of vanilla, pretty much like someone mixed Escada's Ocean Lounge with Britney Spears's Radiance, so very sweet, however, weak and with minimal projection, though it did last a few hours.

Wonderstruck Enchanted, her second fragrance, is very much like putting her original fragrance together with Paris Hilton Can Can plus adding a touch of Britney Fantasy's and Lancome La Vie est Belle's vanilla note in the mix. I get crushed berries topped with sugar, an occasional whiff of passionfruit and loads of vanilla.  This sugar-berry mix is excellently done, much better than in Radiance or the strawberry jam version in Escada's Ocean Lounge. I detect no flowery notes, even though the notes include poppy, freesia, peony and champaca. The vanilla note is strong and makes it smell more warm and cosy. It's a great autumn/winter fragrance for sweet scents lovers.

It's an absolutely wonderful fragrance, however, it doesn't last more than an hour. I have no idea why since projection is strong. It just fades away. There is nothing left at all even if I put my nose close to the skin. This is a complete mystery to me, since I heard it has excellent silage and staying power. I though that maybe I was the problem, but my cousin had the exact same experience. We both pretty much drenched ourself in the fragrance and in an hour it was completely gone.

I don't like the bottle. It looks cheap and boring, I dislike the charms and don't I find the holographic effect all that interesting. But that's just my personal taste. I just feel that something with such a great name like Wonderstuck Enchanted could be in a more fairytale like bottle, such as Lolita Lempicka or Nina L`Elixir.  I get that it's targeted at teenage boppers, but the gold paint has already chipped from the cap and around the nozzle. I'd at least expect a more quality job.

It's a scent that'll appeal to anyone who loves La Vie est Belle, Can Can and Fantasy. But honestly, though the scent itself is gorgeous, the staying power on me is extremely weak. I find Paris' Can Can even lovelier and it has a fantastic staying power. I'm glad a got this in 100 ml, because I've already used up 1/3 due to the bad staying power and I use it more like a body spray.

I paid 23.49 € for 100 ml on All Beauty.

Have you tried it yet? Have a great day!

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  1. Wau, že sama steklenička izgleda malce pravljično :) .. Če pa je vonj to kar mora biti, pa res moram iti preveriti ;)

    Moj blog:http://keepingupwithmarcela.blogspot.com/2013/12/christmas-tag.html

  2. Mene pa po opisu zelo privlači, sama steklenička pa se mi je na začetku zdela ful kjut, zdej mi je pa preveč kiči kiči videt ;/

  3. Very honest review. Here's a great online resource for Wonderstruck Enhanced, and free shipping too!