Kérastase Forme Fatale Voluptuous Blow-Dry Gel

sreda, april 02, 2014

Not that I really need volumising products, but Forme Fatale caught my attention because it's a heat protectant and styling product in one. I didn't know exactly what to expect since there are almost no proper reviews for this online, especially from people who actually bought it themselves, but this video made it look so good and the girl actually styles the hair herself. So far I've only had fantastic experience with Kérastase product and Forme Fatale is not cheap so I expected a lot, particularly in the taming frizz department (as good as got2b Volumania mousse is, this is my only gripe), however, this is that one product from my favourite hair brand that left me cold when it came to my hair. Having said that, it was a completely different story when I used it on someone with thin hair.

Texture: a thick gel with soft shimmer. The video says to apply a chestnut amount on damp hair, but on the packaging it says to use a small amount, I just follow the video's instructions. It spreads evenly, not as easy as a serum does, but like any hair gel.
I used it on it's own after conditioner the first time to see how it performs. I've heard a few people say that this tames frizz well, so I tested it without Sexy Healthy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-in conditioner, which is in my experience the best at taming frizz. Forme Fatale feels super light on the hair, however, I find it dries it out, particularly the ends. I can run my fingers through the hair and it doesn't feel sticky or clumped up, but the hair does feel a bit harder (well obviously. How else would you get hold), however, it's still soft enough  The volume I was able to achieve by blow-drying my hair was phenomenal, in fact the biggest I was ever able to achieve and it exceeds even the got2b Volumania mousse. But this is the king of frizz. And I'm not saying the king of taming the frizz, but of making it. Due to drying out the hair, the amount of frizz was uncontrollable, it looked super frizzy compared to when I use Sexy Healthy Hair leave-in in conjunction with Nectar Termique. This by itself has no frizz control, not even when I use a curling iron over it. I needed a lot of extra moisturising/frizz taming product on the following days to control the dryness, which was like a blast from the past to me, since that was all I was doing before I found Healthy Sexy Hair.
I've since been using it in conjunction with Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-in and it is much, much better in the moisture levels and frizz department. Thought the frizz is still present, it remains in a much smaller and more manageable quantity. However, the dryness remains a problem.
Performance on thin hair:
I used it on a girl with thin hair which is shoulder length and with my usual volume making technique that I also use on myself (just watch this video), the volume I was able to achieve was amazing, especially for someone with such thin hair. It didn't make it greasy or heavy at all and you pretty much couldn't feel it was on the hair (and she has a hair type that most hair sprays make it feel crispy). On her hair, which is naturally poker straight, there was no sign of any frizz whatsoever. I managed to get beautiful sleek curls with lots of volume at the roots. This was designed for fine to normal hair and it shows, the performance on such hair is flawless.

Hold: On my hair that generally tends to hold curls very well they lasted a maximum of two days, so it's not as good as the got2b Volumania mousse with which I get at least three days of great hold. 

Scent: Very lovely floral, but lasts less than a minute.

Price and availability: I paid 21.40 € on HQHair, but currently the cheapest place to get it that I know of is All Beauty where it's 18.93€. You can also pick this up at selected hair salons.

If you're the one with thin, volume lacking hair that is normal or oily, I wholeheartedly recommend this, however, girls with dry hair be warned this dries out the hair and makes it frizzy. A good conditioner and leave-in treatment or some sort of a defrizzer solves the problem to a certain degree, but on my hair the dryness is irritating and I have to resort to heaps of oil to fix the problem on later days. It's a great product and does what's it says on the box, but it's not ideal for my hair. Still I'll finish it, it was too expensive not to.
Have a great day!

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  1. Aaaaa... tole je izdelek zame praviš? :D Izgleda zanimivo in mogoče bi bil ravno za moje nežne, fine lase...

    1. Aha :) Se mi zdi, da ima tista punca na kateri sem delala, take lase kot ti :)

  2. Jaz imam tanke lase, ampak žal tudi suhe - bummer :) Te bleščice v izdelku izgledajo zelo zanimivo. Imam samo dva izdelka Kerastase in sta mi oba res odlična:) Video je super, želim si da bi bila zmožna koordinirati fen in krtačko :/

    1. Za suhe tole ni, jih kar izsuši. Če bi rada bleščice v izdelku jih ima tisti rdeči Tigi Catwalk serum :)
      Za tole fenanje je potrebno malo vaje, še posebej zame ker sem totalen štor, ampak sem se že kar navadila :)