Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream

sobota, april 05, 2014

While the 123 Perfect CC cream was on my wishlist, the eye cream from this release was an impulsive buy for me. I intended to get Maybelline's the Eraser, which is my favourite concealer, but I couldn't find it, so I grabbed this one on my way home. It's a nice concealer, but it has it's faults.

Texture: Light and runny. This texture allows easy blending and it's easy to cover larger areas. I also bought the CC cream recently and the textures are very similar (I'd do a separate review because I just got it).

Shade: I have the lightest shade called 21 Ivory which is slightly lighter than the CC cream and very close to Healthy Mix Serum with the exception that it's a much more neutral shade (kudos for that Bourjois! Now just make one lighter). It's very similar to Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair

Coverage: This is not the best covering concealer and I don't think it was meant to be anyway. It has a medium coverage that is very similar to the CC cream, maybe just a bit more. It doesn't completely cover my under eye circles, nor does it completely cover blemishes and due to the matte-ish texture it can stick on flaky parts of the skin, but it can cover redness and red marks from old blemishes. Honestly, for me it's enough as I like the natural look and it reminds me of my favourite concealer Maybelline's the Eraser, but I suppose most people wouldn't be too impressed.

Finish: Somewhere between matte and satin, in general very skin like. This really has a lovely finish.

Staying power: It's not the best, I'd say average. It rubs off in about 4 hours if you don't put powder over it. However, with powder over it, it lasts decently through the day.

Packaging: A twist up pencil shaped tube with a silicone nib. The silicone applicator is interesting, but in practice it can tug on the skin and it gets dirty which is my pet peeve (I want my make up super clean and looking like new). I actually apply it with fingers and not the applicator. I have to turn the mechanism that pushes out the product very carefully, otherwise I end up with too much concealer for application.

One massive disappointment for me, which I noticed only when I got home, is that this contains only 1.5 ml of product. Yes, you read right, that dot is placed correctly. That is a ridiculously small amount, it's like a perfume sample. For shame! If you look at the amount you get for price, even NARS' Radiant Creamy Concealer with it's 6 ml for 26 € is cheaper. 

Price and availability: I bought it in DM for 7.99 €.

Overall I like it. The finish is lovely and though the shade could be lighter, I love the fact it's neutral. However, the amount you get is shockingly small and since the coverage it so similar to the CC cream (which you can layer anyway), there is no need to own both. I'm angry that I paid 10€ for 1.5 ml of product, when those samples in little bags that have a similar amount are free. But that's just my humble opinion. 

 Have a great day!

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  1. Love the Bourjois overload on the last photo. :) Anyway, big disappointment on the amount of the product. I mean what a rip off!

    1. Exactly, it is a rip off :/ I though Touche Éclat with it's 2.5ml was small, but this is even worse.

  2. This kind of pen concealers always seem like a rip off to me. Looks like a nice colour and coverage for everyday though!

  3. Vau, ne morem verjeti, da vsebuje samo 1,5 ml izdelka. Ta cena je za to količino res previsoka. :/

  4. Tudi mene je količina prav zabodla v oči, dejansko me zanima koliko uporab znese!?

  5. Mene je ta ful pozitivno presenetil, imam že vse pripravljeno za first impression samo oči si morem pa res, da je dokaj drag za količino, čeprav se mi pa zdi, da ga rabim ful manj kot pa nekatere druge concealerje...

  6. To pa je res šokatno majhna količina izdelka. Res č mi zdi, da ga že zaradi tega ne bi kupila.

  7. well i was interested in this product but i will pass it now thx you
    very nice and informative review