Phyto 9

ponedeljek, maj 12, 2014

This is marketed as a nourishing day cream with 9 plants for ultra-dry hair and since my hair is very dry, I had very high hopes for it. I liked all Phyto products I've tried so far and this has a high rating on Make Up Alley, so I was surprised that it left me cold.

Texture: It's like a face moisturiser, but for the hair and similar to Nivea Soft for example in a sense that it's not super thick, but also not watery.

Application: It has no silicones which means it lacks that slip that would make the product glide easily. Instead the application feels odd, like I'm applying a real moisturiser on the hair. It doesn't completely "melt" on the hair, so it tends to leave white bits which look like large pieces of dust if you look closely.

Scent: Almost none, but if I really put my nose to it, it smells like hay.

Effect: It can be used on damp or dry hair. On dry hair it does smooth down the flyaways and fixes dry hair, but once the wetness goes away, it all sort of pops up again. The dryness is still there especially if the hair is super dry. When my hair was seriously dry and I applied Phyto 9, it did nothing, it was like I haven't applied anything at all. Coconut oil or Orofluido are much, much more effective.  
On damp hair before blow-drying I noticed no difference in reduction of frizz nor in hydration levels, but keep in mind that I tried it only on my and my mother's super dry, frizzy hair. Maybe it performs better on someone with more moderately dry hair.

Packaging: A metal tube with a flip lid. It's small with only 50 ml of product and given the length and thickness of my hair, I have to use a lot, which means it won't last long.

Ingredients: As I said it's silicone free and it has 9 oils/extracts: marshmallow root extract, apricot kernel oil, macadamia oil, burdock extract, marigold extract, St John's wort extract, rosemary extract, white willow extract and sage extract. 
Price and availability: I got mine for 15.85 € in Leposana (E.Leclerc Ljubljana). It's available in pharmacies, on Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and HqHair, but it's more expensive.

I have to say that this product is a disappointment for me. It has a strange texture that doesn't glide nice on the hair and it doesn't sufficiently hydrate or nourish my hair. The tube is small with only 50 ml and if I used this every day on my long hair, it'd run out in probably less than three weeks. However, I'm not saying that it's really bad, maybe on someone else's hair this is fabulous, just not on mine.

Have a great day!

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  1. Will save my pennies and skip out on this.

  2. I have been eyeing the phyto 7 for my dry hair which isn't too dry! which one do you recommend? 7 or 9?

    FOTD | Gems from the Neglected lot-1

    1. I haven't tried Phyto 7 yet, but a read a ton of reviews when I was deciding which one to get. Phyto 7 is supposedly lighter than 9 because the latter has macadamia oil in it. If your hair isn't super dry and gets weighed down easily, maybe try Phyto 7 first :)

    2. Thanks a lot Mateja! I might do that soon! You a really nice blog! love it! :-)

      The Conscience Fund

  3. Mene tudi ni prepričal tale produkt...

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life