New In: Slovene Brands Edition - Part 1

nedelja, julij 03, 2016

Slovenska verzija tukaj.

*GREEN LINE Clear Active Eye Make-up Remover
A classic two-phase remover with an oily component (here it's sunflower oil) that is designed to remove heavy duty makeup such as waterproof mascara. Apart from the packaging, which is now much better and prettier, in fact by far my favourite of all such removers (I don't know why, but most have such an impractical packaging, L'Oreal's for example) they changed the formula a bit as well and it now contains aloe vera (5th place), but I didn't have the previous version, so I don't know how different it is. It's one of those rare such removers that doesn't make my vision foggy, but this means it's less oily than other such removers and it needs some more effort to get waterproof mascara off. When you shake it, both components stay mixed long enough, so that's good and it doesn't have a scent. It's likeable, especially if you hate foggy vision after removal, but it's not as strong as L'Oreal's or Clarins'.
Most drugstores, Click2Chic and some supermarkets, about 3.5 € (150 ml).

AFRODITA Clean Phase Eye-Makeup Remover
Honestly, I see absolutely zero difference between Green Line's and this one. Both aren't the strongest, but still effective and both don't make my vision foggy. Green Line's has better ingredients though, but whichever you buy will be all right. I love that this one is mint green, but the packaging isn't as practical as Green Line's because it has a classic twist off lid and it's not the easiest to take off.
Müller, 3.29 € (125 ml)

 *GREEN LINE Clear Active Micellar Cleansing Water
My old favourite, which I never repurchased because I disliked the packaging and because it looks like I have an endless supply of other micellar waters despite not buying one in almost a year. I've tried a lot of drugstore micellar waters and so far this one is my favourite, the reason being that despite the fact that pretty much all micellar waters (except Nivea's) work exactly the same, so very effectively when it comes to removing makeup, but unlike others this one doesn't lose its "power". I had Garnier and I still have Inell's, both just lost their effectiveness by the end, and this one never did. I have a full review about it, but it's about the one is the old packaging and this new one has a slightly different formula (it doesn't feel any different though). By the way, this one of the rare micellar waters that is scented, so if you're bothered by fragranced skin care, this may not be for you. It contains orange flower water, which is on the second place among ingredients, but I believe the main cleaning ingredient is Poloxamer 184 like in most micellar waters (4. place).
Most drugstores, Click2Chic and some supermarkets, about 4.3 €

*GREEN LINE Clear Active 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion
My mom still has an old battered tube of this which she bought after I scolded her for not taking her makeup off properly before going to bed. I never warmed up to it then, but I gave it another go and I realised what I was doing wrong. It's very similar to the Cleansing Milk in consistency, even has mineral oil on the second place just like that one, but the rest is different, including the scent, which is a simple creamy one. It's meant as a makeup remover, cleanser and a toner in one, and the directions say to apply it on dry face, then remove it with a cotton pad or wash it off. My experience say that washing it off is not a good idea because it leaves a film on the skin, so a washcloth is a better method here and that's what I was doing wrong back then. I removes foundation and most of the makeup ok, but some of the mascara stays smudged on the cheeks, so I finish off with micellar water or a proper second cleanse. When I started trying out all this new skin care, so all Slovene products, my skin looked seriously good, which was completely unexpected. However, things turned bad and I know that the reason is mineral oil in this product and the cleansing milk. Unfortunately, my extensive experience have thought me that mineral oil is causing me breakouts and quite persistent ones at that. It's a shame because for a while my skin looked so good that I was sure I found new favourites. Obviously, mineral oil is just an ingredient that causes me problems and most of you will find it working just fine. It'd say this is a product from dry, normal and combination skin, while those with oily might want something that cleanses more thoroughly.
Most drugstores, Click2Chic and some supermarkets, about 4 €

*GREEN LINE Clear Active Refreshing Cleansing Milk
I always found the idea of cleansing milks such an outdated concept. It's something you read about in a magazine as a teen written by someone who hasn't got a clue about makeup, but knowing someone who actually uses it just never happened. An yet I found this one growing on me and I even started using it daily, which from the start gave me fab results, then things turned for the worse and my chin seriously broke out (great! A red pigmentation mark that I just got rid will be back now for a few years). It smells so lovely, creamy floral and though it's nothing special, I love it. It's very similar to the 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion in terms of texture and use, so it's a light lotion consistency and you apply in on dry face, then remove it with a cotton pad, but I prefer to use a wet washcloth like with cleansing balms. It works the same way as the emulsion, so it takes of most of the makeup, only some mascara is smudged and it doesn't leave that squeaky clean feeling. They point out aloe vera (10.) and hamamelis (witch hazel, 11. place) as the main ingredients, but both are low on the INCI. Main ingredient is mineral oil (my nemesis) and Isopropyl Palmitate (potentially comedogenic), but it does contain almond oil and glycerine fairly high on the list. The new packaging is just so pretty and practical.
Most drugstores, Click2Chic and some supermarkets, about 4.3 €

*GREEN LINE Clear Active Refreshing Toner
It's been years since I had a normal toner, I stopped using them because it's an unnecessary expense and too much cotton pads are used, but I know that toners are unjustly underappreciated in the last years. It really grew on me. It's nothing special, I don't even find it refreshing (to achieve that they would have to use stupid ingredients like alcohol plus menthol, and we wouldn't want that), but it doesn't leave any residue behind and it's not drying. It has nice ingredients - glycerine on the second place, aloe vera, witch hazel, which is an antistringent, so it should be great for acne-prone skin and basically any skin type. It smells nicely floral in a refreshing way, not in a stuffy rose way. 
Most drugstores, Click2Chic and some supermarkets, about 4 €

*GREEN LINE Natural Clear Cleansing Cream + Scrub + Mask + Antibacterial Effect
This is one of those all in one products that I consider a simple clay mask with exfoliating particles. I wouldn't use it as an everyday cleanser, but once or twice a week as a scrub or as a mask. If you use it as a mask, they recommend you leave it on for 5 minutes. It's quite a light clay mask compared to the ridiculously thick Queen Helene (I struggle, that tube is endless) and it doesn't really dry on the face, so you don't get that tight feeling and it could be a nice choice for those with dry skin as well. The scrubby particles are ground almond pits and not that gentle, which I appreciate. It smells lovely, creamy clean. I like this, mostly because I like harsher scrubs, but as a mask there are some better ones if you're searching for something that you can see how it pulls the dirt out of your pores, though it has zinc oxide in it that is great for acne prone skin.
Most drugstores, Click2Chic and some supermarkets, about 3 €

 AFRODITA Young & Pure Remove Spots Spot-Drying Gel
I planned to get this a while ago because I realised I haven't had a spot treatment in years, but it just shows how good my skin has been since I started using Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. I decided to get this one because it doesn't have alcohol and the main ingredients is Niancinamide (Vitamin B3), which one of my favourite products that I was stealing from my brother in my teenage years contained. This is a classic gel product that dries to a clear layer. I didn't have use for it for a while, but unfortunately as I said those cleansers broke me out, so I had a chance to properly test this. It's not a miracle worker (like the old discontinued roll-on Essence had  - still crying), but it's fine. It doesn't dry out the skin too much and the spot does get smaller. I do find it a bit expensive though
Müller, 3.89 €

 *GREEN LINE HydroMineral Light Moisturising Cream for mixed and oily skin
I stole this one once from my friend and really liked it, but never bought it myself because my stash never seems to run out when I want it to. There are several versions of these, but I choose the one for combination-oily skin for the summer months. Despite being described as a light moisturiser, it's not that light. It's thicker than for example my current Creatures de Monoi cream and L'Occitane creams, it's also more gel like. It contains papaya, spirulina (a type of algae, but it's towards the end on the ingredients list) and our Slovene water Radenska Naturelle. It has a lovely tropical scent which is just to my taste. It's promises some anti-ageing effects, but we'll see that in time, otherwise it's promises focus on oily skin concerns like tightening pores, reducing shine, so it promises a lot, but since I don't have oily skin, to me it's just a basic moisturiser that is very lovely for the price.
Around 7 €

AFRODITA Why Mask Extreme Hydration
I still have Balea Power Maske as my hydrating mask and I didn't plan to get this one, but when I was standing in front of these in the shop, it was one of the two who had decent ingredients, so I decided to take it. It's a classic such mask, so like a regular moisturiser and you are supposed to apply it in a thick coat for 15 minutes, then wipe off the rest, but I just apply a thick coat and go to bed with it. Currently my skin has no dryness or patches, so it would be better if I got it in the winter to try, but from trying it a few times, I think it's nice and hydrates well. It has a simple creamy scent and contains Hyaluron acid just like Balea's version.
DM, 1.19 €

AFRODITA Why Mask SOS Calming
This one has lavender on the packaging and honey in the ingredients, so I was very intrigued by it. It's similar to regular clay masks, but a lot thinner, so it's almost like a hybrid between a clay mask and a moisturising one. You apply it in a thick coat, leave it on and walk around with a blue-lavender face for 15 minutes, then wash it off. It smells lovely like a mix of honey and lavender, so I really enjoyed that part. It never dries like clay masks do, so it doesn't clear out the pores, but to be fair it doesn't promise that, instead what it promises it to calm down the skin and my skin did feel comfortable after use. 
DM, 1.19 €

AFRODITA Why Mask Fresh & Well Rested Look
I got this as a gimmick product because I'm one of those people who believes that there is no dire need for a separate product for eyes (I know I'm wrong, but I don't like unnecessary expenses). This is a creamy gel formula product and there is a lot of it. It's separated in three bags, but even 1/4 of one part, which is a very thick coat, is too much, so there is a lot of uses in this packet. You can even use it as an eye cream, since there is so much product and the ingredients are nice. I didn't notice my eyes being more rested or my circles dimished, but it's a nice moisturiser.
DM, 1.49 €

By the way, I had a whole wishlist post prepared because I already  made the list for myself so I wouldn't forget what products I wanted to check in the shops, but I never posted it and it would be a shame to waste it, so here's at least the picture.

I'll post about body care and hair care in a separate post in a couple of days.
Have a great day!

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  1. Lots a new goodies! The face and scrub combo sounds interesting. I'm reviewing a new face mask + scrub by Clinique today and I looooove it.

    1. Clinique is a bit out of my budget, but if it's anything like this one than I'm sure I'd like it :)

  2. What a lot of proudcts! I'm on the hunt for some new skincare, so thank you for your reviews!
    Hannah | Whoops It's Hannah

    1. If you ever need recommendations for new skin care, I have a list of my absolute favourite products under All-time favourites ;)

  3. Oh, super objava - full so mi všeč nove embalaže od Green Lina <3

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