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torek, december 20, 2016

COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick
Clueless, Sollow, Bianca and More Better
Review and swatches here.
There were a couple of opportunities where I had a chance for a much more affordable shipping costs from Colourpop, so I took the plunge. In my first order I got four shades, so I could avoid custom charges (I don't mind the 22% tax that much, but the unreasonable additional "handling" changes are an insult), but I regretted not getting more, so when the next offer came along for free shipping, I got more shades. I researched the shades extensively, however swatches on truly pale girls like me are almost non-existent (or the internet doesn't want to find them), so I risked it and hoped everything will be fine. Most shades turned out to be a lot different than on swatches, but actually some more beautiful than I imagined. I was told the formula is very dry - to me it's fine, but you know my lips are never dry. It dries completely perfectly matte and in a short time, so I actually think these will be drying to a lot of people, they also set to a layer on the lips that you can feel. Most of these oxidise to a much more different shade than they appear freshly applied and are completely different than in the tubes.
Clueless is a medium muted pink mauve that oxidises to quite a dark shade on me. 
Bianca is a brown slightly mauve shade. Completely different than I imagined and I think it's too brown for me, though wearable.
Sollow is a light muted peachy pink shade, but in the tube it looks completely different, a true peach. It's my favourite light one that I got. I'm wearing it here
More Better is a gorgeous, rich deep berry, basically my dream shade. It's very similar to Mac's D for Danger, my all-time fave, but more berry.
I'll do comparisons with my other shades and swatch everything like I normally do, so you'll have an example of how they look on really pale skin, NC10. By the way, staying power is excellent, only a very greasy, bacon-filled meal destroys them
Colourpop, 6$

COLOURPOP Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick 
Littlestitious, Alyssa and Dopey
Ultra Satins are supposed to be the more comfortable version of the liquid lipstick formula, however, they still dry matte on the lips, but much slower and are equally long lasting. If you're picking between Satin or Matte, Satins aren't that much different, but they might be a bit more comfortable - still don't expect any care from them.
Littlestitious is an greyish mauve-pink-lavender. I imagined it a lot warmer based on swatches. It applies almost too pale for me, but oxidises to a shade that's about two tones darker.
Alyssa is a muted peachy nude shade and it's the best out of the three that I usually described as similar, so Littlestitious and Bianca. 
Dopey is a grey mauve brown shade. It's a greyer mauve version of Bianca. Again completely different than in the tube or swatches I've seen after it oxidises on me. 
Colourpop, 6$

I didn't order any of these in the first parcel, but one of my followers on Instagram Nika (tsumi_nyaa)  did a little first impression for me and said these are the best out of the things she ordered (she also said Ultra Matte are very dry to her). It is perfect! As soon as I applied this, I knew this is my new absolute favourite lipstick formula. It's so light, almost weightless, but so intensely pigmented and the finish is a perfect matte one (it's one of the Matte ones). I'm in love and yes I like these more than Milani's. I need more shades, though Cami is so perfect. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's a stunning rosy brownish shade. It's on my lips at the end of the post on the brushes picture.
Colourpop, 5$

SEPHORA Cream Lip Stain 
03 Strawberry Kissed and 13 Marvelous Mauve 
I've wanted these for ages, especially Strawberry Pink because I love such colours on me. I also picked up Marvellous Mauve because I heard it's a dupe for Stila's Patina, which is also on my wishlist since forever. They are classic liquid matte lipsticks, so creamy and very pigmented at application, they start to set very fast, in a couple of minutes to a proper matte finish. It's difficult for me to say whether they are drying since nothing dries my lips, but as I said they are properly matte, yet don't dry to a layer like Colourpop's. The packaging feels kind of cheap, they have a strange scent of an abandoned office (I'm weird, I know. It just smells musty and like old paper, but most say it smells like vanilla cake to them) and I noticed these aren't as long lasting as some others I've tried, they are also easier to get off the lips. Strawberry Kissed is a stunning warm pinky red, while Marvellous Mauve is a medium pinky-mauve shade that I prefer to all such Colourpop shades (I have nothing similar in my old stash). I adore both of these shades.
Sephora, 10.90 €

TOO FACED Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks Gift Set 
Mini Melted Lipstick in Peony and Mini Love Flush Blush in Justify my Love
Those who are regular readers on my blog might find it odd I've picked such colours for myself, since I literally never wear them. It was the only set and I was just so curious how these two products perform, so I settled on Barbie pink, I don't have any such shades anyway. The Melted Lipstick is very pigmented and starts with a creamy shine finish, then later settles into a satin one. The shade is a classic Barbie pink on me, a bubble gum 80's shade.
Blush is again not in my desired shade (I wanted Baby Love), but for testing if these a worth it, it's fine. The size of the mini is like an eyeshadow, it's got a strong pigmentation, but it swatches a bit chalky, still it applies smoothly and lasts amazingly well on my cheeks. I think I should invest in a bigger size. Colour is like nothing I have in my collection, but it's quite a bright medium pink, a Mary Antoinette colour.
Sephora, 12.50 €

KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow
05 Rosy Brown
I adore these sticks, they are so easy to apply, to blend and they last forever. I already got 38 and 06 in my collection, and this time I picked 05 at an old recommendation from Nadja from Memento Mori. The name says it all really, it's a rosy-mauve bronze brown shade with a metallic sheen and I think it's my favourite out of the three. 
Kiko, 6.90 €

*L'OREAL Pure Clay
Purify Mask, Exfo Mask and Glow Mask
I really wanted to try these and if I actually managed to get to a drugstore I'd buy the Glow Mask myself because it has the highest rating of the three on Boots where I read reviews. It might be stupid to mention the packaging first, but as soon as you open the box it hits you how high end these look. They are just so Instagram worthy with the heavy glass pot and a glossy cap. I wondered how they planned to keep these fresh because it's an open container and these are mostly made of clay, and the solution is they included and additional cover that you can find it some more high-end products. All of these are suitable for all skin types, though I wouldn't advise these to dry skin. All contain 3 pure clays and then each individually caters to a different skin concern.

- Glow Mask: contains charcoal, gives glow. I tried this one first since it was on my wishlist. It's a thick texture, but easy to apply if you stick to a bit thicker coat. I left it on for about 10 minutes in which only about a half dried (I hear it's good if it doesn't dry completely), but it became classically tight on the skin. Once I rinsed it off, my skin looked brighter, pores looked diminished and the skin was in general more clear. It did what such masks usually do. It's got a strong vintage cosmetic-floral scent that is present all the time, I actually enjoyed it.
- Exfo Mask: contains red algae, exfoliates. This one is thickest out of the three and has exfoliating particles in it that some might find harsh, but I like them and it actually reminds me a lot of GlamGlow Supermud, though I'm not saying they are dupes. Each one has a different scent and this one is quite strong, also the type not everyone will love. It's a fruity-spicy scent, I think clove or maybe cardamom, in any case it's not something you'd like to smell in the heat. The effect were exactly the same as with the other two - it's a classic clay mask, just this one is a scrub-and-mask in one. I use this one the most because my skin texture is uneven.
- Purify mask: contains eucalyptus and it promises to mattify. This one is green and least thick, but again the result are the same on my skin as with the glow mask, which also mattifies. The scent is lovely and my favourite. It's a bit like eucalyptus, but in general a spa type of scent.

I'm really enjoying these and they are a refreshing change from the rock hard Queen Helene mask. However, I should mention I've heard complaints about the size - these are 50 ml which to me it's more than enough, otherwise that clay mask lies in my cupboard for years (no, I still haven't use up Queen Helene tube. It's been many years). It says on the box these last 10 applications, but applying 5 ml of product on my face is an achievement, so these will last much longer to me.
Drugstores and larger supermarkets, price around 6 €.

BALEA Bath Bomb with Lavender
I saw these on Instagram, but there are two versions, one has a white heart. I was going to pick that one up because the lavender bits on this one just won't look good in a bath, but I didn't see it (that one smells like raspberries I think). This one smells exactly like the My Golden Twenties Pflegecreme Balea had in the beginning of 2015, so it's a more sophisticated type of lavender scent. I haven't used it yet, but when I do, I'll post about it on Facebook.
DM, 1.99 €

BALEA Pflegecreme für Dich
With peach and papaya scent
I wanted this the moment I spotted it on Instagram or Facebook, but I had to wait for it to reach Slovenia. Ina from Hysteria of Decay told me it smells like Bibita, an old Slovenia fizzy drink with a refreshing tropical scent, and it totally smells just like it. It's not much of a peach scent, it's more about papaya and as I said it's a very fresh fruity tropical scent, I love it. Texture is the same as all its predecessors, so a light cream for a universal type, not like Nivea, but much lighter, however, still firm. I use these as hand creams because they sink in so fast. One thing about these is that they tend to get glassy after about 6+ months, so you need to use them fast.
DM, 1.19 €

CATRICE Victorian Poetry LE Nail Polish
05 Royal LavenERA 
Promotional pictures painted this collection as the most mesmerising this year and yet when I was standing in front of the stand, I felt a bit underwhelmed. Not that is wasn't pretty, it just wasn't all that. For one the nail polishes didn't quite look like in the pictures, so I only picked one item from this collection and even that because it's a colour I don't have yet. Royal LavenEra is a pale pastel violet with silver frost and a satin finish. It reminded me of the already discontinued Les Blancs collection by L'Oreal, which was one of my favourites, but it's a completely unique colour in my collection. Normally such matte/stain nail polishes chip fast from my tips, but this one lasted several days without a base or top coat, my only tiny complaint is that it's hard to remove for some reason. The packaging is adorable and innovative, since it can double as a Christmas tree decoration.
DM, 3.29 €

L.O.V. Cosmetics LOVIconyx Eyeshadow and Contouring Palette
820 A Glass of Wine with Liz
I just got this (along with a gorgeous rose gold Spell on Me bracelet), so I only got to wear it today and I can't say much about it. I've been eyeing these in the shop since the brand appeared in Slovenia, but I haven't seen any reviews yet. It's just stunning to look at, isn't it? All shades are satin-shimmery, though the last violet one is least reflective. All shades appear to be combining well and all are wearable, though the last violet one stands out a bit. It's a collection of a hazelnut brown, satin vanilla, light peachy beige, light mauve and a burgundy. I've only used them lightly because I don't want to destroy the pattern just yet, but they appeared nicely pigmented when used with a brush, while surprisingly they swatch a bit weak. 
14.99 €

*BEAUTY & CHIC Contourilicious Oval Brush Set
I've actually been using these, well a pink gold version of the set, for a few months now, but I had to keep it a secret because I was merely testing it if it's worth it. It was hard for me not to mention it because it's become a part of my everyday routine, at least the biggest brush in the set which I haven't put down since I got it. I haven't used any other brush or tool to apply foundation that's how much I love it and I was one of those who was completely sure these oval brushes are as gimmicky as they can get. Actually when I first showed these to no-makeup people they asked me what do I plan to do with these toothbrushes/dish scrubbers - Am I the only one who looks at these and thinks of those vintage fancy hair brushes? These are primary base brushes, at any other tasks like eyes or lips application they kind of fail for me and as the name itself indicates, they are mainly for contouring, which I rarely do, hence why I mostly only use the big brush.

Biggest 5x4cm brush is by far best for foundation, other tasks like possible powder applications don't suit it well. It blends the foundation so quickly and perfectly, plus it's such a joy to use. It's very thick, but still soft enough, actually the softest in this set. I'm so enjoying this one.
Medium brush 3x2cm is already much thicker than the bigger one and I wish it weren't. Still it excels at blending out contour, it's just perfect for it. For application of blush it's a bit too thick for my taste, but it can be done.
Thin brush is probably the most multitask one, but mainly for jobs I rarely do. It creates a precise contour below the cheekbone, which I then blend with the medium size brush, but it's perfect job is nose contouring. It can be used on brows for basic powder/gel application and combing, again a job I never do, also it can be used in the crease if you're in a pinch for a clean brush, but it must be done gently.
Small round brush is admittedly my least favourite and one I'd switch in this set for something else, but it's still a useful brush. I like it most for applying highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes, while it can also be used for spot concealing and lip colour application.
The handles are sturdy and these really feel well made, I appreciate that they have a rubberised handle because otherwise they would slip from the hands.
Click2Chic, 24.90 €

BEAUTY & CHIC Contouring Brush
I've only started noticing these shapes of brushes recently, but I've always liked these type of thin brushes. For contouring I find it a bit too wide for my face, but I'm so digging this for blush application. It sort of fits into contour/curve of the cheeks and it's super soft, much softer than the oval brushes because it's not as dense.
Click2Chic, 3.90 €

FIRST AID BEAUTY Exfoliating Pads
Nadja gave these to me to test, so I could see if they are worth splurging on a whole pot. I cut them in two, so they will last longer, but I have to say these are so incredibly gentle, it makes me wonder if they have any significant amount of acid in them, though I'm aware they are meant to be for fine for sensitive skin. I've been using these for a while, but my skin is still has uneven texture on my nose and a few dry patches around my eyebrows. But then that 5% gycolic acid isn't working on me either.
Full size (60 pads) €26.95 on Look Fantastic.

L'OCCITANE Peony Hand Cream
I've always been a fan of L'Occitane hand creams, though I love the original Shea Butter most because it's thickest and most moisturising. Peony is like the Almond version, so very light and absorbs quickly, something I always like at a hand cream and it's just right for me, but for very dry hand Shea is better.
L'Occitane, full size 8.10 €

GLAMGLOW Supermud Mask
Things can't get more hyped up that this. Though I'm certain it has a lot to do with their marketing team, reviews still tend to be on a very positive side. It's much, much thinner than the usual clay masks, so you can apply a very thin coat. It smells strongly of green tea, well actually like a spa, and it even has bits of green tea in it. I noticed no tingling that most people describe, but not even 5% glycolic acid tingles on my skin. On the skin it feels like a regular clay mask, meaning it tightens a lot as it dries. When you rinse it off, it has quite harsh exfoliating particles, ground pumice stone actually, which I heard someone say it causes micro tears on the skin, but I swear some people are so… nervous about everything in life. It won't make your face fall off. After use my skin looked so healthy, luminous, pores looked much smaller, so cleaner, but it didn't perform miracles and make me into a supermodel, it just worked like a combo of a exfoliator and a clay mask, so basically like the L'Oreal Exfo Mask I mentioned above. 
Full size €47.95 on Look Fantastic.

Have a great day!

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  1. A veš da je Sephora res skoraj dupe Stile Patina? Me je ravno zadnjič firbec matral in sem vse poswatchala po roki vključno z novimi Colourpop. Tudi za Perlo in Serenato od Stile sem našla sorodnice :)

    1. Če ti potrjuješ, potem je pa zihr :) Stile sem se dolgo izogibala ker je draga, ampak tale odtenek je pa perfection :)

  2. Se že veselim Colourpop swatchev na tebi. Oh joy :). Še vedno razmišljam, če je sploh katera satin matte zame. Nekako imam občutek po tvojem opisu, da bodo vse preveč suhe za moje ustnice.
    L'Oreal Glow maska mi je všeč. Dejansko mi je všeč vonj in taka res klasična glinena zadeva. Sem ugotovila, da se je res malo uporabi. :)
    Ravno zadnjič sem videla Baleino kremo v DM-u in sem se takoj spomnila nate :D.
    Te "zobne ščetke" so mi še vedno eno čudo. Vem, da jih vsi hvalijo, ampak se ne morem odločit, da bi kakšno dejansko kupila. Moram najti kakšne cenejše, da vsaj eno preizkusim.

    1. Mislim da ne bo niti Matte, niti Satin, pa tudi ne Stix Matte zate. Ti so res hardcore mat. S Satin lahko tvegaš, ampak se tudi posuši mat.

      Kul so te L'Orealove maske. Niso nič ekstra posebne, ampak zelo prijetne za uporabo :)

      Res preizkusi en tak čopič :) Meni so tako kul. Sem naročila dva cheap iz AliExpressa za 2-3 € pa ti poročam kako se bodo obnesli v primerjavi z tem dražjim. Sem jih morala takoj naročit za prijateljice, ker sem bila tako navdušena kako so fini ti ovalni čopiči :)

  3. I want to try Colourpop so bad but the custom charges make me nervous.
    How do you like the Sephora Lip Stains? They're my favourite LL formula so far.
    Do the Ultra Mattes feel more like the Sleek Matte ME or the Sephora ones?

    1. I just ordered under the limit for custom charges that we have, which is 22 € and it was just fine :)

      I really like Sephora's version. They aren't as good as TheBalms, mostly because the staying power, but I adore the shade.

      Ultra Mattes remind me most of Milani's version. They are closer to Sleek's, but better. Sephora's feel more comfortable compared to Ultra Matte.

    2. Thank you! I've yet to try TheBalm ones haha I have two shades of the Milani ones (I believe from their first batch) and I love the formula of one but hate the other lol Sleek's for me are the worst of the ones I own so if the CP are similar maybe they're not worth the trouble? Idk xD

    3. Then I don't think that you'll like the Ultra Matte formula at all. Ultra Satins maybe, but again they do set matte and feel like a layer. Maybe you'll enjoy Lippie Stixs instead.

  4. To pa je fajn nakup :) Colorpop produkti zgledajo zelo zanimivi pa same lepe barve si izbrala. Sephorino Marvelous mauve imam pa jaz že celo večnost na wishlisti, enkrat bo padla. Baleino sivkino kroglo sem jaz tudi vzela, ni slaba ni pa noben presežek. Kožo rahlo nahrani pa tako lepo, modro vijolično vodo naredi :) Cvetovi sivke pa niso moteči, niti zahtevni za spucat po končanem kopanju. Nad Baleino mini kremo sem pa jaz tudi navdušena, to je moja prva in jo tudi uporabljam za roke. Hvala za omembo! <3

    1. Dober mesec za kozmetiko je bil :) Sicer je bilo kupljeno v novembru, ker se decemberskim nakupom izogibam. Marvelous Mauve si pa kar enkrat privošči, meni je prekrasen nosljiv odtenek :)

      U, modro-vijolično vodo :). Sliši se super, sem pričakovala, da bo boring roza. Krema pa itak diši awesome.

      Ni za kaj ;)

  5. Just loooook at all those Colour Pop swatches, they look nice!

    1. I find it so odd that they look completely different than in the tubes, most way more wearable and pretty :)

  6. Komaj čakam na Colorpop ocene, sploh Lippie Stix, ker mi bi formula verjetno edina ustrezala.
    Te ovalni čopiči so mi tudi zanimivi, me zanima kako se v primerjavi obnese še kakšna cenejša različica :)
    Za GlamGlow masko se mi zdi pa čudno, da nisi pri nanosu imela nič tingle občutka, razen če drugače redno uporabljaš kake močne kisline. Hvala za link :)

    1. Lippie Stix je še najmanj suha formula, ampak je vseeno čisto mat :)

      Sem naročila cenejšega iste velikosti kot je največji v tem kompletu, pa da vidim če bo kul, ker sicer so tile res dobre kvalitete :) Poročam :)

      Nič ne čutim, niti najmanjšega ščemenja. Kisline pa zadnje dve leti zelo redko uporabljam. Na splošno imam zelo neobčutljivo kožo, še tekoči dušik sem komaj čutila. I'm weird, I know :)

      Ni za kaj :)

  7. Love your blog! Colourpop Ultra Satins are some of my favourite lipsticks 😊

  8. Too Faced set je supercute, jaz bi ga tudi imela :D Pa tista dva Sephora Cream lip staina tudi :D

    1. Res je luškan, si pa želim da bi imeli več barvnih kombinacij, ker je ta zelo Barbie verzija :)