Wishlist #23

sreda, marec 08, 2017

1. SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash off and Black Sugar Honey
The original Black Sugar mask is on almost all the lists of best Korean skincare products and even when I was asking for recommendations, this was mentioned first. It's a sugar scrub and it apparently leaves your skin baby smooth - something my skin hasn't been in a very long time. I'm actually more drawn to the Honey version, but I hear it's more gentle.
Jolse, $8.78 (free shipping) // Tester Korea, 5.56 € // RoseRoseShop, $5.20 // Beautynetkorea, $9.38 // eBay, from $7.81

2. SECRET KEY Starting Treatment Essence
First essences are a very new thing to me, but they are the most frequently mentioned products when it comes to Korean beauty. They usually contain a lot of ferment as well as niacinamide and their main goal is that they brighten the skin. Missha's Time Revolution is highly praised, but this one is cheaper on eBay and I hear it's also good. I'm planning on getting samples on eBay, like of most of the products on my wishlist.
Tester Korea, 13.56 € // RoseRoseShop, $8.07 // Beautynetkorea, $12.73 // eBay, from $14.21

3. COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence
Another essence, this one with 95% galactomces (yeast ferment) and again, the main idea is that is brightens the skin, makes it more even and it promises to help getting skin back elasticity. 
Jolse, 15$ // Tester Korea, 14.15 € // RoseRoseShop, $13.33 // eBay, from $16.48

4. COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
I found the idea of snail product beyond revolting ever since I hear a TV commercial over 10 years ago. And then I tried a few samples I got from Jolse and my skin felt really good. I have these annoying smile lines that take forever to bounce back and I definitely saw a difference in the morning when I used TonyMoly Prestige Jeju Snail cream. That one is crazy expensive, so I'll try to find a cheaper alternative.
Jolse, 14.25 $ // Tester Korea, 11.42 € // eBay, from $15.25

5. SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Toner
This has gold flecks in it and the whole packaging looks so pretty that I just want it on my vanity. I hear the toner is quite nice for dry skin, as are the rest of the products in this line.
Jolse, 19.18 $ // Tester Korea, 13.73 € // RoseRoseShop, 12.84 $ // eBay, from $15.23

6. SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X 
I read a couple very convincing reviews about this. It works like a first essence, so again it helps to brighten, tighten and hydrate the skin, but I'm also loving the packaging. 
Jolse, 22.38 $ // Tester Korea, 17.34 € // RoseRoseShop, 12.84 $ // eBay, from $16.22

7. BANILA CO. Miss Flower Mr Honey Essence Oil
I hear this whole line smells like honey and I just want it. I read some raves about this essence and ingredients sound very promising, so I'm dead set on getting it because apart from Nuxe oil, I currently have nothing else that I can use and my skin is feeling dry and not truly happy.
Tester Korea, 19.04 € // RoseRoseShop, 17.66 $ // eBay, from $20.36

8. BANILLA CO. Miss Flower Mr Honey Cream
Again , I heard it smells like honey - I'm just pathetic, but I adore honey. From what I hear this is quite thick, so it might suit me well right now, but it is very expensive and I can't find samples, so this will remain on my wishlist for a while. 
Tester Korea, 36.74 € // RoseRoseShop, 30.27 $ // eBay, from $34.95

9. SKINFOOD Royal Honey Essential Queen’s Cream
I'd love to get just samples for this first, but I desperately need something for under makeup and I hear this one supposedly has a lightweight gel-like consistency. Plus it has honey, so I can't resist trying it.
Jolse, 19.98 $ // Tester Korea, 17.34 € // RoseRoseShop, 16.22 $ // eBay, from $16.08

10. BIORÉ UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA+++
This is a top recommendation from just about everyone for a very light sunscreen. I'm not sure which one is more popular, this one or the gel version, but I'm more drawn to the Essence. It's reasonably priced, but I hear these have a lot alcohol in them.
eBay, from $6.43

11. SKINFOOD Miracle Food 10 Solution Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++
I'l again shallowly admit I like this for the packaging, but I read a review that praises it as a lovely, light sunscreen. I think I'll order it.
Jolse, 15.18 $ // Tester Korea, 14.45 € // eBay, from $14.33

12. SULWHASOO Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum
This is insanely expensive if you get full size and that's why I plan to get samples. I hear this helps with the elasticity of the skin and that's what I really need at the moment because my smile lines are freaking me out.
Jolse full size, 106.23 $ // eBay samples from $2.50

13. ETUDE HOUSE Beauty Shot Photo Blur
I heard some good things about this primer, though reviews focused on its blurring effect and on how well it photographs, but it doesn't help with the staying power . I'll get samples first. 
Beautynetkorea, $12.90 // eBay, from $11.99

14. BANILLA CO. Miss Flower Mr Honey Hydrogel Masks
Another product in the Miss Flower Mr Honey line and I hear these are fantastic because they make the skin very glowy. 
Tester Korea, 3.4 € // eBay, from $5

15. TOSOWOONG Pure Propolis Mask
Again I'll say these interest me because they smell like honey, but I also hear they are very good because they contain propolis, niacinamide and adenocine, so they should make the skin glowy and very hydrated.
eBay, from $5.40 (for 3)

16. ETUDE HOUSE Black Hydrogel Eye Patch
This is just so adorable. I haven't heard much about if it actually works, but I'd love to give it a try.
Jolse, 3.98 $; Beautynetkorea, $3.75; eBay, from $3.77

17. ETUDE HOUSE Bubble Pore Cleansing Patch
Another cute product by EH. This one is like a nose strip except it starts to bubble like that famous Elizavecca bubble mask. 
eBay, from $3.50

18. ETUDE HOUSE Laugh Lines Care Patch
These are probably pointless apart from being hydrating, but I'd love to give them a go. Who knows, maybe they do a little something.
Jolse, 3.58 $; Tester Korea, 1.70 €; Beautynetkorea, $3.75; eBay, from $3.44

19. TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Liner
Both Essence and Catrice have cushion liners which I'm thinking about buying, but this one intrigues me more because it also looks so cool. I believe there are other shades of this than just black. 
Jolse, 6.73 $; Tester Korea, 7.80 €; RoseRoseShop, 6.81 $; Beautynetkorea, $8.57; eBay, from $7.61

20. SECRET KEY Gold Racoony Hydro Gel Mask Pack
Just a simple hydrating mask in a gel form instead of the classic sheet and with the cutest cartoon of a racoon. 
RoseRoseShop, 0.63 $;  Beautynetkorea, $3.75; eBay, from $3.07

21.SECRET KEY Gold Racoony 90 x Hydro Gel Eye & Spot Patches
I'm again unsure how gimmicky these are, but I noticed when I was taking before/after pictures for reviews that my circles started looking darker than usual, so I might give these a try. Again I'm a sucker for the packaging. You get 60 under eye patches and 30 round patches for spots. 
Tester Korea, 10.75 €; RoseRoseShop, 8.91 $;  Beautynetkorea, $9.88; eBay, from $8.90

Have you tried anything? What's on your wishlist? Have a great day!

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  1. Delaš lušte :D
    Sulwhasoo mi je vse všeč, ampak cene so pa res visoke. Zato nočem niti več pogledat te znamke :).
    Meni trenutno v rutini manjka nek dober serum, zato bom zdaj pogledala tvoj predlog. Pa tudi eye patchi so mi tako luškani, ampak se mi spet ne zdi vredno za denar.

    Inked liner pa - adorable <3

    Moram tudi sama malo pobrskat najprej po kakšnih testerjih.

    1. Se trudim :D Sulwhasoo gledam samo testerje, full size si ne bom nikdar privoščila. Za Corsx sem si že naročila po 10 testerjev, da vidim če je vredno kaj zares kupit.

      Imam serum od Estee Lauder, ampak ko se zbudim imam vseeno suho kožo. Mislim da odkar so ga preformulirali nima več takega učinka na meni. Prejšnje flaške, ki sem jih imela so bile vse starejša verzija in so bile top.

      Patchi so res lušni, čeprav mislim, da sheet maske veliko več naredijo. Vseeno me mikajo tako malo za preizkusit :).

  2. Great list Mateja! Did you purchase anything from RoseRosesShop? Their prices are extremely low and I was wondering if they are original or not. They have amazing deals in sheet masks.


    1. I just ordered that Banila essence from them, but through their eBay shop because the shipping is lower. I hope it arrives in the next month, only then I'll be able to tell you if they are ok :)

  3. Hi :) I just ordered a bunch of stuff on jolse...do you have any experience with that website? Im trying to figure out how long it takes a package to ship from korea to croatia..

    1. Yes, I ordered a couple of COSRX things. It took 17 days (ordered on 6.2., arrived on 23.2.) and it came with a five samples plus their blotting papers. I ordered again on 27.2., but I'm still waiting for the package (it was finally shipped on 3.3.)