BeYu Cashmere Lip Color Matt 92 Smooth Marsala

četrtek, marec 16, 2017

BeYu has several matte lip products in their selection, like Color Biggies (my favourite) and regular mat lipsticks, but these are their version of liquid lipsticks. I wouldn't call these completely classical for their category, but you still get a very pigmented lip colour that's comfortable to wear. 

Texture: Formula is quite literally a mousse and similar to Bourjois' Nude-ist (just that shade from the range, as almost every one is different). This creates a special type of matte finish that to me looks more natural than most matte liquid lipsticks, but unlike Nude-ist this doesn't set as matte in time (you can try blotting it for a matte effect). Pigmentation is great and only one coat is needed. 

Colour: Smooth Marsala is a muted coral shade. It's a lot brighter and more red than Nyx's Cannes which is the closest shade in my pre-existing collection. Their Colour Biggie pen in Dusty Rose is already much closer, but less red. Marsala isn't the best name for it because it's neither brown nor rosy-red enough.

Scent: It smells like vanilla yogurt.

Staying power: this disappointed me most at this product. Normally lip creams last ages on the lips, but this one is gone after about three hours. On the other hand, it's a lot more comfortable to wear for those who often have dry lips. However, I tested the vampy shade in the shop and I couldn't even scrub it off my skin, so it's very likely staying powers differs from shade to shade.

Packaging: The tube is almost exactly the same as Makeup Factory's Mat Lip Fluid, so a square tube with a rubberised cap. The applicator is great, soft and a good cut shape to fit the contours of the lips. It holds enough product for one application.

Price and availability: These cost 11.99 € in Slovene DM's.

This is a matte lip cream for those who don't like such products because they find them drying. The mousse formula sets much slower on the lips and it's not that type of completely matte lip product, but again don't expect any care from these. It also transfers a lot, so bear it in mind you don't get to be as carefree with this as with other matte lip creams. The most disappointing characteristic is the staying power, otherwise it's decent lip cream, but I much prefer their matte Biggies.

*PR product.

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