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četrtek, april 27, 2017


MAYBELLINE Master Precise Eyeliner 
110 Black
For the last couple of months was trying to get my Clio liner to start working properly, but I gave up in the end, ordering this one because it's very affordable online and it's been pinned on my Pinterest wishlist for ages waiting for its turn. It's a classic liquid pen eyeliner with a felt tip applicator that's very similar to L'Oreal's Perfect Slim. Now that it's new, the formula is very fluid and black. I can be precise with it, though when drawing the main line, the top edge could be a bit smoother. Flicks can be drawn with it, but I'm so out of practice after not being able to draw flick with Clio, I always mess them up and L'Oreal's Superstar is better for that task. So far I like it and find it's a good liner for the price, but we'll see how long it lasts.
Salma, 5.21 €

 *FREEDOM Pro Artist Pad Extreme Vice (Animal) Eyeshadow palette
I've said a few times that I'm not the biggest fan of these Freedom/Makeup Revolution/ whatever brand's eyeshadow palettes, but actually this one isn't so average. It's again mix of quality, but the bottom two rows are just fantastically pigmented, so I'm pleasantly surprised. I swatched all 48 eyeshadows and I've been using the palette almost daily in March, so here are the most important observations:
1. There are too many what I call "nothing shades", so skin toned shades only used for blending.
2. It's overall a very cool toned palette. You get plenty of taupes, greys, some purple browns and a third of the palette is dedicated to colourful eyeshadows, but no gold or chocolates, even though it may seem there are some when you look at the palette. That's why I find the leopard print packaging confusing.
3. The bottom row performs brilliantly, it's super pigmented, even the matte eyeshadows are amazing, but the rest is kind of meh, though useful
4. The best colourful eyeshadow is that top right green one, I've never seen a better performing bright green shade.
5. Primer is highly recommended with these or even better a cream eyeshadow as a base.
6. The shape of the packaging is kind of cool, like a tablet computer, but the mirror is completely useless because it's like those funny mirrors at carnivals.
Overall a decent palette with some good performing eyeshadows, but keep in mind it's more for those who like cool toned shades.
Lič, 23.99 €

*MAKEUP REVOLUTION Strobe Highlighter 
Moon Glow Lights
This swatches beautifully with a finger, a cool toned rosy-champagne shade and it looks like it'll give a subtle, but nice glow to the skin. Unfortunately, no matter how dense the brush is, I can't get it to show up on the skin and there is very little glow from it. So I apply it with fingers and like that it actually looks like a blush on me - weirdest thing ever. The colour is like the sun got me a bit, not bronzy, but somewhat naturally tan/a bit sunburned. It's subtle though. It's a strange one, but I don't hate it. I tried using it as a all-over glowy veil, but it's again not the most visible product, you get a very gentle radiant effect. Maybe it's just the top layer that's hard and won't show up well, but that will be revealed with further use. Petra reviewed another shade Ever Glow Lights and it looks like a much better highlighter to me.
Lič, 4.99 €

*FREEDOM HD Pro Finish Powder Translucent
I don't use powers, especially now that my skin is dry, so I've already give this away, but as soon as I swatched it, I disliked it. It's chalky and I wore it just once, but it looked fake on the skin, though it mattified well. 
Lič, 4.99 €

Strobe highlighter on the left and Pro Finish Powder on the right.

*L.O.V. COSMETICS PERFECTitude Colour Correcting Stick
010  Even After
Every brand is coming out with (at an least updated) colour correcting product (s) and L.O.V. decided on a concept of 2-in-1. My version has a green concealer for neutralising redness and a peach concealer for under the eyes to neutralise violet/blue circles. Another version exists with a violet-peach combination. The pigmentation on both sides is very weak no matter how many layers you apply and though that shouldn't be the worst thing for a colour correcting product, neither of the sides work at neutralising. The formula is somewhat greasy, so the product doesn't stick to one place which makes the application even harder. The amount of product you get is very small and the formula is soft, so the sticks already smooshed to the sides during applications. The green is a spring green shade, more yellow that others I've tried and peach is a pale peachy-pink lipstick type of shade, but despite layering, it quickly blends out to nothing. Both sides can be screwed off which might mean you can buy refills.
10.99 €

*L.O.V. COSMETICS 3IN1 Prime & Fix Spray
As you can read from the bottle, this promises to act as a makeup base, a setting spray and a makeup refreshing spray. The mist isn't the finest, but it's still ok and it leaves a very dewy finish even after it sets, so if you have greasy skin, stay away from this. It sets in a couple of minutes leaving no stickiness or strange feeling, but as I said it looks very shiny, like your foundation either never set or your skin is starting to look oily. I'm not the greatest fan of it any my skin is currently dry. In the description it boasts with the claim it contains coconut water, but it's on the 11. place among ingredients, which isn't something worth bragging about, but it's meant as a moisturiser (the spray contains glycerine  and vitamin E before on the list). The scent is a chemically cosmetic type and noticeable only at application.
10.99 €


 *L.O.V. COSMETICS LOVinity Nail Lacquer
191 Rich Raspberry 
I already have two shades of these and to me these are some of the best nail polishes. This is one of the new shades for spring, but it's again quite a classic colour, as is the rest of L.O.V.'s range. Rich Raspberry is a just as the name suggest a warm fuchsia shade and I wore it for three weeks in April.
5.99 €

*L.O.V. COSMETICS SpectacuLIGHT Gel Top Coat
The name says it all - it's a gel top coat designed for LOVinity nail polishes and it promises to turn them into a gel-like formula, so shinier and more long-lasting. No UV light is needed. I was updating you on Instagram Stories about this, but I managed three weeks of wear with zero chips, just tip wear and nail growth - honestly I was too lazy to change it and it still looked passable, otherwise I change it once a week. But that me and my very strong nails - I'm a special case whose opinions about nail polishes you can simply disregard. However, I did test it in combination with an Essie nail polish and I got a chip after a week and a half, so this top coat works best with L.O.V. nail polishes. While I like it a lot, it's purely because it adds staying power, but it's not the best at quick drying time.
6.99 €


BIOBAZA Exclusive Micellar Oil
I really can't believe I'm saying this, but this is not the same oil that I got in that 20 ml sample I based my raves on. The texture is the same, the scent too and the name as well, however, this does not behave the same way as I got used to when using the sample. I have no idea how that is even possible. The sample I got and lasted me a good month and a half of use and it formed this fantastic thick, luxurious feeling emulsion that was so much like my favourite L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil. But this full size emulsifies into a thin milky emulsion and not matter what I try, that's all I get. It still works the same, meaning it removes makeup well (mascara needs some more effort) and it works well with my skin, but I can't help myself being a bit disappointed and mostly very confused. And it's not like I used up the sample months ago and forgot how it really behaved like in the time before buying this. I used up the sample one day and right on the next day started using the full size and it's just not the same thing. 
Regardless of that, it's an affordable oil that works well with my skin, so I do still like it.
DM, 12.95 €

BIORÉ Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
My jaw dropped when I saw this in my local drugstore. I've been planning to order them on Boots ever since Sanja praised them (I trust her recommendations). I've tried several such strips and a most don't work on me, so I was drawn to these because they have a cult status in the beauty community. You get a lot of patches, 14 in total, 7 nose strips and 7 "face strips", I always cut the latter into two so I have them for the chin and forehead. I've used them in combination with COSRX BHA Blackhead liquid which I've been told loosens the dirt in the pores so it's easier to pull out. These are so far the most effective such strips I've tried. There was a lot of those white bits from the pores on the patches and even from the sides of my nose where no strip ever did anything. However, as much as it got out, my pores still looked exactly the same - darkened and visible. They work, but I didn't see a difference. 
Müller, 7.99 €

CADEAVERA Young Mousse au Chocolat Maske
I remember once having a Schaebens  chocolate mask which was also edible and while I thought this is the same, checking the ingredients I saw it's a very regular moisturising mask. It contains glycerine on the 2. place and a bit later on the list nourishing cocoa butter, panthenol and surprisingly caramel. It looks and smells exactly like chocolate mousse, so you can't quite decide whether you look like you fell face first on a cake or in mud, but don't try to eat it because it's not real chocolate like that Schaebens one. This one needs to be washed off, even though they say to just wipe it off with a tissue. Cute, but very messy.
Müller, 0.45 €

EBELIN Microfibre Glove
This is a repurchase and I finally updated the price for you - it's not 6 € like I said in one of my new ins. I guess there has to be another version because I found the price online after losing my receipt. It's one of those micro fibre cloths that promise to remove makeup without water or soap, but of course it doesn't work that way, however it's a similar cloth as Emma Hardie's, just without the muslin side. The fabric is super soft, like those for washing windows and it's excellent for removing balm and oils as a part of the cleansing routine. It's shaped as a small glove which I find convenient too. I've had my other one for a few months and so far it washes well. It only got darker, but it's still soft.
DM, 2.99 €

BALEA Vital Creme Reinigungs Tücher 3 in 1
Just don't buy these. These are quite possibly the worst wipes I ever bought. I got them because of they promise to "entfernen von wasserfestem Make-up", so to remove waterproof makeup - these aren't capable of removing even the most basic makeup, let alone waterproof one. They are so dry, you get almost no remover on these and you're scrubbing your face with a slightly damp towelette. I got these for removing swatches and for liquid lipsticks you need a powerful remover, but these just do nothing. A complete miss buy.
DM,  1.99 €


DOVE Nourishing Secrets Glowing Ritual Shower Gel
With lotus flower extract & rice water
I love Dove shower gels, especially the Coconut Milk one, so I was excited to see new scents joining their regular line. They have lavender (smells authentic), coconut (a proper version that actually smells like coconut, plus a body cream exists too) and I think one is with avocado oil, but I haven't seen all yet. I picked Glowing Ritual with lotus flower and rice water which has a lovely, neutral floral-creamy scent.
DM, 2.49 €

Mango Mandarin
I'm very intrigued by BBW brand, probably just because it's similar to TBS and another brand I can't get (we have Fruttini which is about the same deal, but I'm bored at just looking at their section of the stands), but a few months ago Salma started stocking it, overpriced of course, but I decided to pick up at least one thing in the name of brand exploration. I expected it to be a Victoria's Secret type of product and that is exactly what it is - a generic, fruity body mist that lasts two seconds on the skin. I picked Mango Mandarin because reviews on Fragrantica said it smells like TBS Satsuma, but it's not that close to it. Yes, there's mandarin, but it's not as fresh and juicy, instead it's more artificial. There is also mango present that gives it more sweetness, but it's only noticeable in the first burst. While the bottle is massive, it's actually the same size as VS sprays, so 237 ml. I'll use it up, as I needed something for spraying randomly anyway, but it's nothing special. I should have picked up something with amber or vanilla that would have better staying power.
Salma, 16.10 €

L'OCCITANE Hand Cream 20% Shea Butter
I've had this on my wishlist for years, but never got it because I rarely used hand creams. Now my skin is different and I keep reaching for hand creams. L'Occitane's are the only ones that are doing something and don't leave my skin annoyingly greasy. This is a thick, rich cream that's fantastic for visibly dry skin, but it absorbs in a couple minutes. The scent of this one is pleasant, a bit nutty and clean, to me it's a very unisex scent. I wish they had the Vanilla Bouquet in this big size too since it's my favourite, but I love the scent of the original too. The tube is massive (150 ml), so even though it's very expensive, it doesn't seem that much when you see how much you get. I don't like the packaging, though. It's too clumsy, the cap is abrasive when you try to open it and the metal packaging will be a problem when this gets more empty.
L'Occitane, 22.40 €


A repurchase and a desperately needed one at that. I used up a bottle back in 2016 and it was so far the most effective anti-dandruff shampoo (at me that means it removed the dandruff and got rid of the itch, but it's always only for a few days at a time, then it all returns. I've never been able to actually heal dandruff, no matter what I try and trust me I tried a lot). I bought the version for dry hair last time, but that one unfortunately stopped working after a few uses and did little apart from drying my hair with long term use, so I'm returning to this one and I just hope it still works for me. It's got a strange scent of burned rubber, but you get used to it and it foams well.
Salma, 6.90 €

MATRIX Biolage Sugar Shine Polishing Hair Scrub
Much to my shock my beloved Matrix Scalp Synch scrub was discontinued. That was one of the rare products that worked in completely purifying my scalp and removing dandruff built-up. So I'm looking for a replacement and fast. My top choice is the newest L'Oreal EverFresh Micro-Exfoliating Scrub Rinse-Out Hair Treatment, but I can't find it anywhere, while I found my second choice L'Oréal Paris Elvive Phytoclear Anti-Dandruff 1 Minute Exfoliating Scrub only on Feel Unique, but I refuse to order from them, instead choose to wait if maybe it'll be sold here. So I found this on Salma and placed my hopes in it, even though it's meant and a shine/product detox system. It's like a body scrub, it's literally like a usual sugar scrub for the body. I felt a bit cheated when I first opened it because the texture is the same as of the scrubs I make at home, so a harsh sugar scrub with an oily base. However, it did work really well - it scrubbed the scalp really well and it wasn't too harsh or irritating. Surprisingly it's not even hard to use and apply, plus it rather easily washes off (the sugar melts anyway). Even when I was rinsing it off, my hair wasn't a tangly dried up mess as I expected, instead the hair felt silky and the shampoo I used after it, foamed a lot better than usual at first wash. I really like this, even though it's meant for restore shine by removing all the product build up on the entire length of the hair, but it worked the same as their discontinued Scalp Synch meant as a dandruff treatment and my hair feels really nice at the moment, sort of more airy. Still I'll try to make my own version once I use it up. The scent is gently citrusy sugary.
Salma, 8.90 €

Another repurchase. I use up a lot of conditioner/mask at once since I have such dry, coarse and long hair (I calculated once it's about 25-30 ml), so I bought a 500 ml pot that will hopefully last me a while. I had the regular size of this and it's one of the better hair masks on the market for my type of hair. It nourishes it, leaves it silky as I'm rinsing it off (that's the sign of quality for me, as most don't) and leaves it in good condition. I still need to use a ton of leave-in products as with all hair masks, but it provides a good base. 
Salma, 16.10 €

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Treatment
Finally, someone offers sample sizes of hair masks. I've made so many bad purchases for my hair, so my one wish is that every brand made testers of their products, even if you need to pay for them. I've never tried anything from Schwarzkopf Professional, so this is my first impression of the brand and I'm not sure about it. This pot lasted me one use and I wasn't too thrilled about its effects when I was rinsing it off because my hair still had that squeaky clean feeling which usually means I won't be able comb the hair easily, but when I was dying my hair, it looked pretty good and even after three days, I'm not rushing to apply additional oils or leave-ins. Not sure it's worth the purchase for me though, I prefer L'Oreal's. The scent is classic salon one, just kind of clean.
Salma, 1.90 € (30 ml)

L'OREAL Elseve Oil Luxury Express Conditioner Double Elixir
I never heard a word about this, but it attracted my attention as soon as I saw it in DM. I've been on a hunt for an Orofluido Sahara replacement which I discovered has been discontinued (great, another one *rolls eyes*), so I hoped this was a similar dry oil in spray that works as a quick fix for dryness and adds shine. But I was disappointed as soon as I tried it. Though it's made out of two different liquids that need to be mixed, so a regular water-based conditioner and the oil on top (like those waterproof makeup remover), it doesn't feel oily at all, instead it's like a regular leave-in conditioner that makes your hair feel wet. Not at all what I hoped for and what I read from ingredients. This just goes to show just how much the percentages of ingredients are important. I think it works better on damp hair before drying, but it's nothing special. The scent is the same as the rest of the line, somewhat like cinnamon, but in a cosmetic sense. I think it's so light, maybe even those with hair that gets greasy fast could use it instead of a proper conditioner just on the ends.
DM, 2.89 €

*L'OREAL Elseve Extraordinary Clay
Purifying shampoo, conditioner and clay mask
I was sent the range for oily hair with dry ends and if you read me regularly then you know my hair is never greasy, just very dry, so I opted not to try these, especially the mask. However, Beautysaur already tested these and posted a positive review, so given that she's in my opinion one of the most trustworthy bloggers out there, it's probably a good line for greasy hair. I had the anti-dandruff version of shampoo and I really liked it because it wasn't at all drying, but it didn't help with dandruff, still finding a good non-drying drugstore shampoo is a challenge. 
The Purifying shampoo and conditioner both contain 3 fine clays to degrease, but they also promise to nourish the ends. The clay mask is the stand out in my opinion because it's something new in the drugstores. It looks like a clay mask for the face and you apply it on dry hair before washing and leave it on for 5 minutes so it absorbs all the extra oils. The promised result is that you won't need to wash the hair for three days. All smell lovely, something like Fructis.
I'm just waiting for L'Oreal to bring out the new anti-dandruff Phytoclear line in Slovenia. I'll be all over that for sure because it contains a scalp scrub and a scalp lotion.

Have a great day!

* - PR products.

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  1. Škoda za Biobazo, jo že imam nagledano, zdaj ko so kupončki. Tudi meni je iz vzorčkov zaenkrat odlična :) Bo pa mogoče novi L'Occitane Pivoine Cleansing oil z lističi presenetil.

    1. Res ne razumem zakaj je taka razlika. Vsak dan ga poskušam spenit v tisto gosto emulzijo, ampak s tem full-size enostavno ne gre. Ampak še vedno je dobro olje in paše na mojo kožo :). L'Occitane bo imel še eno olje? Imam oljni piling, ampak ga bolj redko uporabljam.

    2. Sara kakšni kupončki? Do tell more? Jaz vedno dobim samo za čistila? A je spet -50%?
      Ne vem a je možno, da je zaradi naravnih sestavin malo drugačna sestava kot recimo prejšna serija? A se pozanimam pri njih?

    3. Ana te misli: Veljajo pa samo po 3.5. Saj jaz tudi samo za Cilit šmorn dobivam kupone na mejl, ostalo moram it posebej gledat na spletno stran.

      Možno. Ma ni treba, saj kar se tiče samega čiščenja in učinka na mojo kožo je enak, samo speni se ne kot se je tester.

  2. Maybelline eyeliner mi zveni mikavno, čeprav nisem preveč fan teh felt-tip linerjev, ker se po mojem mnenju vse konice prehitro posušijo...
    Bath and Body Works me na Salmi daje že mesece in imam sedaj problem ker je WL pre-obsežna in ne vem kaj naj izberem :D
    Sem pa kar malo zardevala, hvala za kompliment/pohvalo/zaupanje <3 Je čudovito nekaj takega prebrat, sploh ker se vedno zgledujem po tvojem blogu in se trudim, da bi bil moj vsaj približno podobno koristen in informativen :)

    1. Superstar zelo dobro zdrži in L'Orealovi na splošno, ampak bom videla kako bo s tem Maybelinovim.

      I feel you za BBW, ampak na Salmi imajo previsoke cene, sploh za antibakterijske gele jih zamerim. Sama sem šla čez Fragrantico in gledala kateri vonji so mi potencialno zanimivi: Sensual Amber, Endless weekend in Cinamon Pumpkin. Škoda, da jih ne morem v živo videt in prešnjofat.

      Nisem nič pretiravala, vse je res :D Tvojim ocenam in priporočilom že od vedno popolnoma zaupam, ker vidim, da blogaš iz veselja in ne za kupe klikov :).

  3. Maybellinov liner sem imela že dolgo nazaj. En prvih spodobnih linerjev, ampak trenutno sta mi oba Clio boljša - pen in brush verzija. Katero si kupila, da ti ni všeč - brush? Ker brush verzija je tako natančna, da jo je že težko obvladovat. Pen verzija je bolj enostavna za uporabo.

    MR Strobe osvetljevalec izgleda res slabo pigmentiran. Mogoče je pa bolj fora v odtenku, da nima dovolj shine-a da bi se sploh videl na koži. Ker vidim, da je odtenek dokaj kožen.

    L'Occitanova krema je vedno v moji torbici. Meni je všeč, da ima bolj buttery formulo, ker imam občutek, da mi dlje časa ostane na rokah :). In zanimivo me preveč ne iritira. Ker vse parfumirane mi ne pašejo.

    L'Orealova šampona imam oba. Tega za mastno lasišče in po novem tistega za prhljaj in sta mi oba dobra. Recimo, da se strinjam z opisi obeh. Niso lasje mastni, konice en izsuši, tisti proti prhljaju pa mi je tudi odpravil suh prhljaj. L'Oreal me vedno bolj preseneča z izdelki za lase :).

    1. Se spomnim, da si ga imela takrat kot sem kupovala L'Orealove Super Slim. Kupila sem brush verzijo in se mi konica kar posuši med nanosom. Sploh ne morem naredit cele črte, kaj šele flick. Potem ga pa moram oživit tako, da z njim čečkam po roki in potem spet dela. Ne vem kaj je to :/ Formula je sicer všečna, dobro obstojna in všeč mi je oblika konice, ampak ne morem z njim v eno naredit črte.

      Tale moj odtenek Strobe-a ima res minimalno sijaja. Že bolj meji na kakšnen glowy puder v kamnu.

      L'Oreal ima za moje pojme daleč najboljše šampone v drogerijah. Poceni in super za suhe lase :). Upam, da dobimo to novo linjo za prhljaj in da nas ne bodo spregledali.

    2. Mogoče ga preveč umažeš s senčilom. Meni se je to tudi dogajalo, ampak bolj proti koncu. Na začetku ko je nov pa ne. Z Pen verzijo tega problema nimam. Mogoče še tistega preizkusi, če ti bo. ;)

    3. Nove eyelinerje vedno sprobam na čisti koži in tale ni deloval ko bi moral že v štartu :/ V redu za večji del linije nad trepalnicami, ampak čim sem začela delat flick, je izgubil barvo in to vsakič. Za nekaj časa sem čisto nehala nosit senčila, ker se hotela, da se ta liner končno zbudi, pa ni šlo. Bom poskusila še pen varianto, ko bo prišel čas zanjo :)

  4. wow ! what a great selection! I am rather jealous :)

  5. Ti L.O.V. laki me vedno bolj mikajo. So imeli zadnjič akcijo v Mülelrju (50% popust ali nekaj takega) pa sem na žalost čisto pozabila :)

    1. Vzela bi še kakšen red odtenek, ker jih največ nosim :) Nisem vedela, da ima Müller za L.O.V. tudi kdaj kakšno akcijo. Moram bolje spremljat :)