Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Stay Classy

sobota, april 08, 2017

Like most brands by now wet n Wild has its own gel-inspired nail polish line and like a great majority of such formula, it delivers best results, both in terms of application and staying power.

Get Classy is a darker nude shade that's not a nude, but a muted cool rosy shade. On most it'll look lighter than on me - always bear that in mind if you're checking my swatches, since I'm NC/W10. While the colour looks completely my style and I do like the shade, I wish it were just a smidgen less violet toned, though I wear it a lot because I almost always pick nail polishes that are the easiest to apply, look good for any occasion and last well.

Formula is just a dream, but it's a typical gel nail polish - most are excellent anyway, so it's not such an achievement that this one applies so smoothly. It's easily an one coater, it isn't streaky and it looks even on the nails.

Staying power is outstanding even on me. I got through a week and a half of wear before I got bored of it and apart from the tips plus the nail growth, the nail polish looked pretty much perfect. There were zero chips on my nails, but as I always say, my nails are so strong that everything lasts well and a far better reviewer of staying power is for example Taya who has a few shades of these.

Mine is from Click2chic where is costs 2.99 €, I got it in their Beauty box 2Chic for ordinary.

Have a great day!

*gifted product, but not a PR one. Also not affiliated link.

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  1. Oo je lepe barve. In wau za obstojnost :)

    1. Tale formula mi je pa res všeč, edino kar me noben odtenek resno ne pritegne.

  2. The color is a bomb! It's sexy and innocent at the same time.

  3. Thank you so much for telling us about the formula! I was so curious to know because I didn't want to buy and regret it.

    PS. It's a lovely color!

  4. Wet n Wild nail polish doesn't last long on me. I don't know why but I love this color a lot, I think I'll start using Wet n Wild again.