L.O.V. EXTRAordinary Perfecting Fluid Foundation

sreda, november 15, 2017

EXTRAordinary perfecting fluid is a new foundation this fall by L.O.V. Cosmetics and they made very bold claims about it not just being makeup, but also having some anti-ageing effects. It promises to reduce fines in two weeks and they made a study with 30 women to support this claim. It also promises improve the moisture supply and the elasticity of the skin, plus they say it's non-comedogenic and it has a SPF 20. But if we first focus on the obvious - the packaging. They advertise it as an on-the-go foundation, so something you can carry in your bag, since you have everything included - an application puff and a handy mirror, plus it's not a messy foundation or one you'd be scared will accidentally open and spill in your bag, since everything is packed in a neat compact. It comes in only four shades, all more or less for medium skin tones, so I could only test this with the help of TBS Adjusting Drops

Texture: this is a creamy foundation, meaning it's relatively thick for a "modern" foundation which tend to be predominantly very liquid. Catrice Nude Illusion (discontinued), Beyu Nutri Foundation and Milani Conceal + Perfect have this type of formula, so when I say thick that's the formula I'm thinking and not the paste type of texture. It blends ok and I never ended up with any strange unblended patches. I tried applying it with fingers and with the added sponge, so I can say it works both ways. I need to mention I only used this is combination with Adjusting Drops, which don't mess with the texture of foundations, but I always mix the foundation and drops on my hand, dot it with fingers on my face and blend with tapping motion using the puff.

Mixed with Adjusting Drops that's why the shade looks ok. On the lips it's Bourjois Cotton Candy lipliner as always. It's just foundation on the skin, so no extra concealer or powder, picture was taken a half an hour after application. By the way, my skin is combination/normal, NC/W10.

Coverage & Finish: This is one of the better covering foundations in the drugstore. I'll say it has medium coverage, even though it might actually be more, but I was applying it in a thin coat compared to probably most people because I dislike the feeling of heaviness on my face (with any foundation. I'm not one of those who essentially drowns her face in foundation like you might see in some YouTube tutorials). I did try to layer it once and I got a good almost full-coverage, so I didn't need any extra concealer under the eyes and on my nose, but my dark freckles were visible. It looks ok over the pores and lines, but it doesn't hide them. It's got a satin finish that's similar to all three foundations I mentioned above, it can look more dewy from the start, but it later settles. It's a noticeable foundation which makes sense considering the coverage and it's on the heavy side for my taste, it also can transfer. 

Staying power: Considering it's a high coverage foundation with a satin finish you can expect more from it and that's what you get. It definitely lasts a work day and longer. It fades evenly without becoming flaky or patchy which to me a sign of good quality.

Shades: I got two out of four shades - the lightest 010 and third in the line-up 040, both are for medium skin tones and much too dark for me. 010 Ivory Elegance is about NC 25 with quite a neutral undertone, but it leans to warm and 040 Honey-moon is maybe NC 35, again the undertone isn't strong, rather more neutral, though warm. Unfortunately both of these are two of the darkest foundations in my cupboard, so I can't do proper comparisons. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage in 010 is 1-2 shades lighter than L.O.V. 010, while Milani's Conceal + Perfect 01 is somewhere between the two with an intense, yellow tone. L.O.V DUAL concealer, which is also new and I talked about it in my latest New in,  is also somewhere between the two, but closer to 040. I added Maybelline Fit Me  Luminous + Smooth 110 Porcelain so that those with fair skin tone see that this is very, very far from being a foundation for us.

Packaging: The stand out feature is the packaging which is an upgraded cushion/tension pack and the foundation is dispensed from the hole in the middle by pressing a button at the edge. One pump doesn't push out a lot of foundation, so you definitely need a few pumps, though I stick to only two. Added is a puff for application which is the same as at cushion foundations, so you're blending the foundation with the velvety side. These are some of my favourite for applying foundation because they blend the product so seamlessly, but this puff is bit hard compared to my Tony Moly and Missha one. If you buy this foundation, it might be wise to invest in more puffs, so you always have a clean one. You can get them on eBay and AliExpress.

Nails: L.O.V. LOVtreat Color & Care Nail Lacquer 640 Soft Sensuality

Scent: This has almost no scent. I can only detect it if I put my nose right to the swatch and I smell a gentle floral scent.

Price and availability: L.O.V is sold in Müller here, foundation costs 14.99 € for 12 ml of product.

Overall it's a nice foundation, actually better than nice and it looks good on the skin without emphasising imperfections, also the coverage is impressive as is the staying power. It's got some bold anti-ageing claims for makeup and as far as those go whether they are an exaggeration or a gimmick - I wore this for almost two weeks and I can't say I noticed anything in regards to my smile lines, but it is a foundation that doesn't make them look like canyons as some do. But I need to comment about the shade range, which is embarrassing and illogical for a company that hails from Central Europe. Shades are only appropriate for medium skin tones like everyone in central Europe has Mediterranean skin tones - great job L.O.V., I'm sure you'll sell a ton of these. 

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Meni je tekstura in prekrivnost te podlage zelo všeč. Je res, da ne izgleda najbolj naravno, ampak mi je da dobro prekrije vse v enem sloju. Odtenki so res čisto vsi pretemni. Kar me čudi, ker so npr od Catrice svetlejši, čeprav tudi tam nimajo nekega res svetlega. Tudi ta cushion varianta mi je izredno všeč, ker rada nanašam z temi puff gobicami, ampak žal tukaj itak moram prej zmešat z NYX mixerjem na roki. Jaz imam odtenek 25, ki mi je itak pretemen.

    1. Kar se prekrivnosti in same teksture tiče je res dober puder, ampak 4 odtenki, ki se sploh ne razlikujejo veliko je pa neumnost. Ko bi vsaj enkrat Cosnova naredila nekaj takega kot ima Maybelline Fit me, torej puder pod katerokoli znamko (Essence, Catrice ali L.O.V.), ki bi imel velik izbor odtenkov in podtonov. Nekaj takega nujno rabijo v sortimanu in mislim, da bi najbolj zadeli, če to naredijo s Catrice HD formulo.

    2. Se strinjam s tabo. To jim res manjka in Catrice HD je fantastičen. Jaz ga veliko uporabljam, ampak za pozimi bo pa že treba mešat. Bi morali narediti prav roza, nevtralne in rumene odtenke :).

  2. This sounds like such a great foundation, although I wish they would try to have more range of colors with their foundations.


    1. I agree, their foundations in general need larger ranges of shades. The formulas are great, but I can't wear any of them due to shades.