Essence Colour Boost Vinlylicious Liquid Lipstick

četrtek, marec 29, 2018

Essence describes these as "opaque liquid lipstick with a vinyl finish" and I can't say they nailed it, but they are more pigmented than their usual glosses. There are 10 shades available ranging from nudes to bright shades and some reds. 

Texture: While this is a thicker and more opaque formula than Essence usually makes their glosses, it's still a bit too sheer to be called a proper liquid lipstick. Usually with liquid lipsticks such as for example Rimmel's Apocalips you need one layer for full opacity, but here you need to layer it and when you do that the bottom layer moves like glosses normally do. At Apocalips and the likes that layer sticks better to one place and it's easier to build up. So this Essence one is more of a very pigmented lip gloss, though you can get full opacity if you wish, but you'll need more product and it'll move a lot. I've experienced some problems with bleeding and if you apply a fully opaque layer, you end up with a lot of product which is very prone to smudging and moving, it also doesn't stay opaque for long and it's wearing off quickly to a semi-opaque look. Finish is very glossy.

Colour: My shade is 07 bite me if you can and it's a classic neutral-warm red.

Staying power: Like I said above this moves a lot, so it doesn't outlast a classic red lip gloss, meaning it doesn't survive any type of touching, eating or drinking, at least not well. 

Packaging: The paint like tube is admittedly kind of cute and I like the applicator which is an hourglass design because it hugs the lips nicely, but I wish it were a bit more precise, since I had problems applying it neatly for the pictures. They reused the applicator from their old Stay with me glosses which I always liked. 

Scent: This smells of nothing much, it's just a chemical scent which isn't strong or noticeable.

Price and availability: These cost 2.99 € in the drugstores.

Though quite pigmented, this is still more of a lip gloss than a liquid lipstick because the formula is still too slippery to stay in one place. I'd stick to light shades because it's a formula that can be messy, but with light shades I'm sure this won't be that big of a problem. It's a comfortable and very glossy formula with not the best staying power, but at least it's affordable and it comes in a cute tube.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. U look great, what a lovely colour.

  2. Glossy and gorgeous. The shade is a stunner.

  3. great blog about cosmetics thank you for sharing

  4. meni je ovaj gloss tako loš da sam ga nosila jednom ili dvaputa pa sam bacila.

    1. Meni nije tako loš ali nije odličan. Sad izlazi iz prodaje.