Covergirl Smoothers All Day Hydrating Makeup

petek, marec 09, 2018

I haven't heard anything about this foundation until I got it in a swap from Canada, so I have no idea when it was released, but based on the packaging I think it might be one of the older formulas (I found reviews on Makeup Alley spanning all the way back to 2001!), which always implies a long-lasting popularity. I was initially very impressed, at least for the first few hours until I checked in the mirror. It had the potential to be one of my favourites, but failed at one crucial point.

Texture: It's one of the creamier liquid foundations, but very light on the skin and pretty much undetectable once you blend it in. It sets fast, so there is no tacky feeling with this one. It blends very easily with any brush, sponge or fingers.

Coverage and finish: it's got a light-medium coverage and it's a type of formula that's easy to build up. The finish is super natural and undetectable on the skin, so it's very similar to the likes of Bourjois Healthy Mix and Dior BB cream. My skin is currently more on the dry side and I don't get shiny from this, but it's not mattifying.

Staying power: this doesn't last that long without powder even on my non-oily face. I checked after four or five hours and it was gone. It fades evenly and without caking up, so that's a plus.

Shade: My shade is 715 Natural Ivory which is a pale, but a very pink toned shade. It's close to Revlon's Colorstay 110 Ivory in tone, however, it's much more pink, in fact it's the most intensely pink shade in my collection. Though the shade initially fits me relaticely ok (I'm more neutral), it unfortunately oxidises terribly on me and ends up looking very orange, which is the main minus at this foundation for me.

Packaging: This comes is a squeeze tube with a precise nozzle. It's small and compact, so perfect also for being transported in a makeup bag without taking too much space.

Price and availability: Price in Walmart states $8.18.

This was such a promising foundation as it's exactly the type I love most: light-medium coverage formula with a natural, undetectable finish. However, I can't wear this since it oxidises so badly, which is such a shame. Based on my research of reviews, I'm one of the rare ones this happens too, so I guess I'm just unlucky.

Have a great day!

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