Catrice Glitter Storm LE

sreda, december 05, 2018

Glitter Storm is this year's holiday LE by Catrice. It contains an eyeshadow palette, a gel highlighter, four metallic matte liquid lipsticks and thee shades of duochrome liquid eyeliners.

Liquid Eyeliner
C02 Eclectic Lilac

Eclectic Lilac is a duochrome shade with navy and purple shimmer. It looks amazing in the bottle, but unfortunately it's not as impressive on the eyes. It ends up looking too dark for a proper navy shade and with a barely visible duochrome effect.

The formula is sheer and you can't just apply it with an easy swipe because the product moves and you get sheer patches, so the only method that works is to place the applicator on the lash line and dab on the colour. 

The applicator is a stiff wand and though you can do a wing with it (or dab the wing on), it's not a comfortable liner to use. It feels so much cheaper than the one in their black liquid eyeliner from the regular line. Staying power isn't impressive either as the wing wiped off and that doesn't happen at their black eyeliner. 

Eyeliners cost 3.99 €, but I'd skip these if I were you. 

Liquid Glitter Lips
C03 Luster

Formula is a typical matte liquid lipstick and it dries pretty quickly, in a couple of minutes. Since the shade is so dark and fully opaque, this is one of those colours you need to apply as neatly as you can and because it dries pretty fast, it's not an easy task. It feels like a regular matte liquid lipstick on the lips, so for me it's fine, but it might be tight for some.

Luster is a purple burgundy shade with purple shimmer and a matte metallic finish. I've never been a fan of metallic mattes shades, though I like the base colour at this shade. Without shimmer I might even like it.

Staying power is a complicated thing at this shade. It's ridiculously hard to remove due to the dark shade plus shimmer, so an oil remover is a must. But it wipes off during the day from the inner part of the lips, which is not pretty. Also shimmer lands everywhere and I really mean you look like a glitter fairy at the end of the day, but the purple colour stays put and doesn't transfer.

It costs 4.79 €.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Sem občudovala odtenek eyelinerja v trgovini, ampak sem dvomila v formulo in zdaj si ti potrdila. Tako da lahko preskočim. Škoda, ker v embalaži izgleda res čudovito :).

    Šminka pa se mi zdi ista kot tiste od Essence. Mislim, da je tam ravno en tak odtenek.

    1. Eyeliner rabi boljšo pigmentiranost. Čudno mi je ker imam en mornarsko modri eyeliner iz ene druge LE in je super, tako da ne vem, zakaj niso uporabili podobne formule ali je pa ta šimer tako problematičen. Tako lep zgleda v embalaži, ampak je preveč voden.

      Niti ne gledam teh metalik/kovinskih odtenkov, me pa ne preseneča, da so naredili podoben odtenek in podobno formulo.

  2. Si morda probala ta liner nanesti čez črnega? Da ima neko podlago? Se mi zdi, da bi znal lepše izpasti kot topper. Jaz te vodene vedno tako porabim. :)

    1. Nisem, ampak sem ravno danes o tem razmišljala. Bom preizkusila :)