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nedelja, december 09, 2018

These are now available in DMs and when I swatched one in the shop, I just loved how the texture melted into the skin and it looked so perfect on the back of my hand. Also the lightest shade is very light, so it's a new foundation in the drugstores that's appropriate for Snow Whites. But when I tried it the first time on my face, I was less impressed with the texture. While the formula is so soft and buttery, it sat weird on the skin, like a heavy foundation that refuses to blend in well (I used a brush). In a strange turn of events, this looked more decent at the end of the day - all the patchiness was gone and it looked blended much better, so this is definitely a formula that needs to be warmed up to blend in well. Coverage is very high, almost full and the finish is somewhat satin - if I apply a thin coat it's more matte, if the layer it thicker it's a bit satin shiny (my skin is currently dry). It lasts well on the skin, even on my nose where stuff usually wipes off fast. Shade is perfect, it's a bit darker than Essence #insta perfect 10. My main complaints at this foundations aside for the blending issue are that you use a lot of it (in two uses a couple of millimetres were already gone) and that it's an obvious foundation, but that's what you get at such full coverage. I give it a 3.5/5 for the formula and 5/5 for the shade. 

DM, 7.99 €

A repurchase of the cheapest mascara I like, but I quickly started to regret not buying Beyu Beauty Queen, which spoiled me in the last months, or at least Maybelline Lash Sensational which is my second favourite. Essence one creates long lashes and it's overall pretty good, but what bothers me at it's that it's very hard to remove. It's almost like a waterproof formula and I need to use a separate good remover to get it off. 
DM, 3.79 €

183 DAYS BY TREND IT UP Swing Liner Black
Normally I’m a die-hard fan of Catrice’s liquid eyeliner, but the shape attracted me to this one and also the reviews were very positive. Two versions of black eyeliner exist, a glossy and matte one, mine is the latter. I thought I’ll love the applicator and though it sits so comfortably in hand, it’s too long and it bothered me a lot from the start, but I got used to it. The felt tip, however, is great, it’s precise and just right in terms of softness. Formula is really good - very pigmented, smooth, very black, smudge-proof and very long-lasting. It dries matte as promised, so I have no complaints in how well it looks on the eyes, but this is a very difficult liner to remove and a separate oil remover is needed (my double cleansing method with Biobaza oil and Balea gel doesn't get it off). If you're looking for something very resistant, this is it, but I think I'll go back to Catrice because I don't feel like doing an extra step in my cleansing routine every day.
DM, 2.99 €

COLOURPOP Super Shock Shadow 
So Quiche (Ultra-glitter), Nillionare (Ultra-glitter) and Hanky Panky (Matte)
I finally got a chance to try these hyped-up eyeshadows and honestly, I think they are not all that. I only got them on Friday, so I need to give them a good test before I can form my opinion on these, but the formula is pretty much exactly the same as Essence's Melted Chromes, so very soft-buttery and just like at those, I miss just a bit more pigmentation. I expected this amazing super richly pigmented, fully opaque texture, but I need to build it up at all three shades and even so I couldn't get get So Quiche to look more intense today. One thing I've noticed is that when I swatched them on the hand, I could not wipe off all the colour, even after a shower, which is impressive. So Quiche is a taupe mixed with some light olive-gold and it's got quite big violet shimmer. It's my favourite of the three, so I think I'll wear it a lot, though the shimmer is a bit much. Nillionare has a weak bronze base and it's more about big shimmer particles. It's a lot warmer than I expected based on swatches, which looked more like a darker version of So Quiche. I got Hanky Panky just because I wanted to see what the matte texture is like and it's a much warmer shade than I hoped and it ends up quite a peachy medium brown on me. I can't pick these up with a brush, so I apply them with fingers. I need some time with these, so I can see if they impress me more in the future.
Colourpop, $5

COLOURPOP Super Shock Cheek
I got this based on a recommendation from Petra (Adjusting Beauty) who praised it as one of the most reflective highlighters. Mine arrived in a pitiful state and the whole thing already fell out of the pan in a single chunk. Formula is super creamy, though still powdery under fingers and a brush doesn't pick it up, so I need to apply it with fingers. I'm failing at the application because it just does not look as intense and creamy/dewy looking as I hoped. My skin is currently dry and it's not applying that nicely, and today after 6 hours I don't have a nicely applied highlighter on the top of my cheeks, but the shimmer is everywhere on my face. As with the eyeshadows I've only used it a couple of times and I need to give a proper test before I say something definitive. It swatches super nicely, like you can see on the picture, a very intense off-white champagne warm highlighter, it's just on my cheeks that I'm having a bit of a problem. 
Colourpop, $8

DEBORAH Fluid Velvet Mat Effect Liquid Lipstick
I finally checked this off my wishlist and immediately loved it. It definitely one of the best, if not the best, matte liquid lipstick formula in our drugstores. It's fully opaque, smooth, applies nicely with no patchiness, dries completely matte in a minute and it's completely transfer proof. I don't find it drying on my lips, but as I mentioned many times before, nothing is drying on me, so I'm a bad example. I got the second shade, which is one of the lightest. It's a light-medium pink that's very easy to wear. If they had some more pretty shades, I'd expand my collection, but the shade range is quite bright and the neutrals are quite dark.
DM, 6.99 €

AVON Mark Epic Lip Lipstick
Blushing Beauty
Petra from Adjusting Beauty sent this to me along with the Avon nail polish, Etude House sheet mask and a couple of K-Beauty samples (thanks again!). She's already done a full review with swatches for all shades here. This lipstick claims to have built-in primer and it promises a flawless smooth finish. To me this is a classic lipstick with comfortable formula and a creamy finish. I don't think it looks any more flawless than any other similar lipstick, but it's a nice formula to wear. I've seen these looking more shiny on most swatches, while on me it's closer to satin creamy. Shade Blushing Beauty looks like a mauve in the tube and on me it's medium cool-neutral pink, so an easy shade to wear. 
Avon, regular price 8.50 €.

AVON Mark. Gel Shine Nail Enamel
Rain Washed
I've wanted this shade for so long, but I kept putting it off, so a big thanks to Adjusting Beauty who sent it to me. It's such a pretty light blue that leans to violet and grey tones. The formula is a gel one, but it's still somewhat of a classic pastel, so it needs two, sometimes, three coats for full opacity. Petra swatched it when it was still under a different name. 

BIOBAZA Exclusive Face Cleansing Micellar Oil
My standard cleansing oil, I've been through quite a few of these so far. It's not the best oil, but it's half cheaper than L'Occitane's Immortelle. It's rubbish at removing mascara and liner, but it removes all the rest and it works well with my skin, which is something that doesn't happen with most oils. I want to find something cheaper and better, but I'm reluctant to experiment for now. 
DM, 12.75 €

MIXA Micellar Water Anti-dryness
Another one of my staples. This is my favourite micellar water because it's so much stronger than the rest of my collection, I mean it doesn't remove waterproof makeup, obviously, but it does a good job on the rest. It's also not scented, doesn't leave any filter and doesn't break me out. Plus it's got pH 5.5 which is important to me.
DM, 6 €

BALEA Erfrischende Reinigung Tücher 3 in 1
I use the cleansing gel from this line, but I've never tried the wipes. I never use them on the face, as I use micellar for that, but I use them to remove swatches when I'm taking photos, so I want something strong for that job. They aren't exceptional and some rubbing is required, but so far they' done the job, though I haven't used them with any very pigmented lipsticks and that's where wipes usually fail. 
DM, 1.99 €

ETUDE HOUSE 0.2mm Air Therapy Sheet Mask
Manuka Honey
I've already tried several versions of these, my favourites are Snail and Madecassoside (Ceramide is great too). Manuka Honey is similarly to Ceramide meant for intense nourishment of the skin. I'll update you how I like it. Petra has a review here.

SECRET KEY Aloe Soothing Mist Toner
This is quite a simple toner meant for layering that promises moisture and soothing. It's super light, absorbs fast and has a pleasant, non-intrusive scent. It feels like a run-of-the-mill toner, so considering my current skin care I wouldn't necessary buy it because I have enough layering liquid products, but it's a good one with nice ingredients (aside from aloe vera,  it's also got hyaluronic acid quite high on the list).

BLITHE Patting Splash Mask Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey 
This is quite a unique product. It contains lactic acid on 1st place (after water) and the instructions say you should use one cap of product diluted in a bowl of water. You should then splash your face with it and pat it in, or alternately use it under shower. It promises to rejuvenate, soothe and resurface the complexion, and that it condenses all the benefits of regular face masks into 15 seconds. I've used it both way and I noticed a difference the first time because my skin looked a bit brighter, but it wasn't such a massive change and later I didn't get any similar results. I prefer to use it under shower because it's quicker, while at the patting method I feel I'm wasting it and it feels a bit weird. It's ok, but I prefer sheet masks for better results. Petra's review
Full size €41.50

L'OREAL Excellence Creme 
9.1 Natural Light Ash Blonde
I've already said some things about this colour in my November favourites. I've mentioned that I've done an extensive research into box dyes that would lighten dark hair by a couple of shades, so I wouldn't have to use bleach (which is so much more complicated). Since we don't have L'Oreal's Hi-Lift shades and the only similar colour Schwarzkopf's Blonde Lightener Box Dye LD had very mixed reviews, I got this one even though it's not meant for dark hair, but unlike other blond shades that lift colour, this has green tones (so I heard at least, it doesn't say on the box) instead of the usual blue or purple because it's an ashy shade, so it's better suited for those with dark hair because any dark hair that's being lightened will have a red undertone and this prevents it. It lifted about two shades, so my hair is now medium brown instead of almost black (very dark brown with a cool undertone), so just the way I hoped it would work. The red undertone is also barely noticeable, actually it's more of a golden reflect. It didn't damage my hair at all, in fact my hair felt like I just used my best hair mask (Moroccanoil). It was so soft and silky, it was shiny and it just felt great. Inside the box is also a protective serum which you apply on the ends before colouring, which clearly worked a treat and the bottle as an additional comb applicator for a more precise result, but I used my own pot and a brush because I find it easier and more precise that those bottles. One dye was almost enough, my hair was covered, but I wasn't sure I've really covered all spots in the back, so I used an extra box for my long, thick hair. I heard that these colours can be quite aggressive, but I didn't feel anything at all and my scalp is in good condition with no irritations. The conditioner is also really good, waaay better than Olia's and it was enough for my hair (60 ml). The colour has a bleach-y scent which lasted on my hair for a couple of days, but I can forgive that especially because my hair felt so amazing. 

DM, 5.49 €

SCHWARZKOPF Color Expert with Omegaplex 
I want to do a balayage next, so I picked up two of these because I read these are great box dyes (I'd get L'Oreal's, but they don't have Excellence in a bleach version. I also heard so many positive things about Olia bleach, but we don't have it and I don't trust that colour after my last experience). This is a proper bleach, but it comes with an Omegaplex serum and a blue toner, so you have everything you need in a box. Honestly I don't expect an 8 shade lightening because I know my hair is too dark and I also don't want it to go soo light (I've read reviews about this that it indeed doesn't lighten all the way if you're very dark, but for balayage I didn't want to go super strong, so I picked L8 instead of the stronger L9). You get a pack of powder bleach, a developer, a tube of dye, a serum that you mix in the dye and two rather small packets of conditioner and blue toner with only 22 ml. That won't be enough for me, but I have something in my stash from Subrina, their new Spectra demi-permanent colour ice blonde just in case. I don't know when I'll have a chance to do this or even if I'll find someone to help me, but I've done it before on someone else, using the triangle technique and it came out so nice. 
Interspar, 6 € per box

I'll post the second part tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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  1. That MUR base also sits weirdly on my skin, which is a shame because it's such a quick and easy way to get fuller coverage :(

    1. It's quite a rich and heavy formula, I'm really not used to it. I like my foundation to look very natural on the skin and when I swatched it in the shop, it looked like it'll blend in so well, but I can't get it to look particularly good on the face, at least when I inspect it closely. I started using it as a concealer instead because like you said, it's a quick way to get high coverage.

  2. I am such a fan of that Essence mascara

    Candice |

    1. I'm not so sure about it anymore. I used to really like it, but lately we are not getting along so well. Aside from being annoying to remove, it's not separating my lashes nicely. I don't know what the problem is.

  3. What an amazing selection of products! I'm not too sure on how I feel about that Revolution foundation stick, it's way too dewy, and I normally love a dewy foundation haha! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It's not dewy on me, but my skin is currently dry. However, it's not matte like most high coverage foundations I've tried. Thank you :)

  4. Imam stik verzijo podlage od L'Oreala in mi ni všeč. Kot praviš za MR tudi ta bolj sedi na koži in izgleda grozno preko suhih predelov. Čeprav čez dan tudi začne izgledat lepše. Ampak nekako sem podvomila v te kremne podlage zame.

    Super Shock senčila imajo različno pigmentacijo glede na finiš. Eni so zelo pigmentirani, drugi bolj prosojni. So pa vsi zelo obstojni, kar mene najbolj očara. Poleg nabora svetlikajočih odtenkov. Mat nimam nobenega odtenka, sem pa dolgo imela Hanky Panky na wishlisti in zdaj vidim, da je kar topel. mogoče bi celo bil zame, čeprav ne vem kakšna je ta formula v mat verziji.

    Deborah sem dobila metalik finiš in mi je v rdečem odtenku noro všeč. Ampak...preveč suh za moje ustnice. Ne vem če je ta kremna formula drugačne od tiste, ampak če sodim po moji, ne bo za suhe ustnice.

    Epic Lips od Avona so dejansko njihove najbolj pigmentirane kremne šminke. Plump It verzija je malo bolj prosojna. Meni so sicer vse njihove formule vedno všeč. Samo nabor odtenkov bi moral bit bolj zanimiv, čeprav ta Epic je še najbolj raznolik. Rain Washed je pa tak lepotec <3.

    Blithe je meni bolj zanimiv zaradi same izkušnje uporabe in vonja, kot pa dejanskega efekta. Za to ceno zagotovo ne bi ponovno kupila.

    Pri tej L'Oreal barvi se pa dejansko vidi kar dobra razlika, glede na to kako temno osnovo si imela. Impresivno. Zdaj vem kaj bom priporočala temnolaskam :).

    1. Ja, te kremne podlage niso ravno zame, sploh zdaj ko imam bolj suho kožo. Sem pa zraven swatchala verzijo od 183 Days by Trend it Up, ki je neprimerljivo bolj gosta in mazljiva, ampak kljub temu, da je MR zelo "maslena", ji ne uspe izgledat tako lepo kot tekoča podlaga. Jo imam pa vseeno za korektor, ker na manjših predelih z drugim pudrom spodaj deluje.

      Že nekaj dni testiram SuperShock senčila in nisem tako navdušena nad njimi kot sem pričakovala. Mogoče so res moji odtenki bolj prosojni, ampak na swatchih so izgledali zelo dobri. Saj so ok, ampak jaz sem pričakovala vsaj nekaj takega kot so od Milanija glede na hype. So mi povprečno dobra, ampak ne odlična. Hanky Panky na meni izgleda zelo topel, nekako karamelno rjav. Tudi v lončku izgleda barva topla, tako da mogoče bi bil ok zate. Formula je vredu za mat. Spet ne tako pigmentirana kot sem želela, ampak zelo fino mleta formula, ki se lepo blenda.

      Epic je meni taka tipična, ampak dobra kremna formula. Bi verjetno ustrezala vsem. Avon tako rad zanemarja svetejše odtenke oz. ves čas ponavlja ene in iste, tako da se strinjam, da bi morali imeti boljši izbor. Rain Washed je pa zagotovo eden mojih najlepših odtenkov :) Hvala še enkrat <3

      Blithe je zanimiv ker je nekaj novega, pa še pod tušem ga lahko uporabim in je dober time-saver, samo kar se tiče učinka pa ni nek čudežen izdelek. Cena je res navita.

      Ja, izgleda, da ima L'Oreal Excellence precej močnejši razvijalec v blond odtenkih kot pa Olia. Nisem pričakovala veliko, ko sem jo uporabila, ker sem mislila, da ker Olia ni nič naredila, ta verjetno tudi ne bo, ampak me je res pozitivno presenetila. Sploh pa formula, ker tako lepih las že dolgo nisem imela. Pa tako malo se govori o tem barvah, ampak glede na to kako dolgo so že na tržišču je očitno, da že morajo biti dobre :)

  5. This Essence mascara didn't do anything for my lashes, although I gave it a few chances.. But Deborah Velvet Lipstick is something else :), my shade is 05 (goes so well with my pale complexion and dark brown hair), these lipsticks are really exceptional. I also have Avon's Epic lipstick (Sangria Shock), nice but too shiny for my taste, to be honest.. Mixa micellar waters are ok (I used them a few years ago), but my choice are biphase formulas which I find more gentle for my skin. Still following your beautiful blog, Kristina :)

    1. Essence mascara is messing with me too. First one was so good, but this one doesn't make my lashes very pretty.

      Deborah liquid lipstick are really a drugstore gem. Great quality for the price.

      I saw that Avon's Epics look so shiny on everyone's swatches, but on me it's really not that shiny. I don't know why it looks more satin, but I'm glad because shiny is not my thing.