L.O.V. the GLOWrious Deep Metallic Highlighting Palette

sobota, maj 11, 2019

As pretty as this looks it was far from love at first try. In fact we went through a rough patch from the start, but things turned for the better and now I find it one of the nicest highlighters in my collection. The palette consists of three shades, two are warm and one is warm neutral. 

Texture: These all appeared to have a very poor pigmentation when I first tried them and it was only after I broke though the top layer after some heavy duty swatching and using it for a week or two that the first two shades became good. Both are now very pigmented and only one swirl with a dense small brush in the pan is needed for a nice level of glow. The shimmer in both shades is very fine, though not quite as fine as shimmer in Flexiterian by Colourpop which gives the most "smooth" glowy effect, but L.O.V. shades look good too with no large glitter bits. The last shade Prismatic is a complete disappointment. Pigmentation is weak, even after swatching is thoroughly and it's got almost no shimmer, instead it's more of a satin finish. 


Metal Glow

Metal Glow is a classic champagne gold shade. It's not too yellow-toned like for example theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer, which I appreciate a lot. It's not unique, but a shade I like to wear.

Rosy Radiance

Rosy Radiance is a pale rose gold shade and one of my favourite shades ever. I feel it just fits my neutral skin tone so well. In terms of quality and strength of glow Metallic Glow and Rosy Radiance are the same.


Prismatic is a pale peach with weak pigmentation and a shade that doesn't apply evenly. It's a waste of space in this palette.

Staying power: These last well on my cheeks, though by the end of the day shimmer is lower on cheeks (but I'm someone who touches her face a lot).

Packaging: This comes in a cardboard box that feels very premium due to the leather imitation pattern. It's got a magnetic closing system and a mirror.

Price and availability: Price of the palette is 16.99 €. It's sold on online only on Ličila.si (Pink Panda), L.O.V.s official site, which ships only to Germany and on kosmetic4less.de, which ships worldwide.

The first two shades in this are lovely and I especially like shade Rosy Radiance, which is one of the rare such colours in my collection. It needs a dense small brush to get a good glow going and you need to get through the top layer, but the tiny shimmer in this gives the cheeks a good glow. 

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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