Max Factor Color Elixir Lipstick 610 Angel Pink

sobota, maj 25, 2019

I'm a big fan of Max Factor's lipglosses, but I've never really checked out their lipsticks. Recently I got a chance to try their classic Color Elixir formula which has existed for quite some time now. If I counted right on their website, these are available in 27 shades, but we don't have quite so many in our drugstores. 

Formula: It's a pretty standard creamy lipstick that glides on the lips with ease, isn't drying and feels comfortable. Lipstick is fully opaque in a coat or two. 

Shade: 610 Angel Pink is one of the lightest shades in the range and I've got the warn you that the coloured bit at the end of the lipstick is deceiving. The latter looks like a pretty warm light pink, however the actual shade is a cool pale pink with tons of frost. It reminds me of a Labello (lip balm) us kids wore in primary school called Pearly Shine. 

Staying power: isn't its forte, but we are dealing with a very pale shade in a creamy form. I got a few hours with this one. Since it's creamy it doesn't survive eating and only partially survives drinking.

Scent: It's got a sweet vanilla-caramel type of scent.

Packaging: Tube is plastic, but looks a bit more high end due to the gold shade. Mine is actually engraved with my name thanks to Max Factor Slovenia. 

Price and availability: These cost 9.69 € in drugstores. 

These aren't exceptional, but they still fall on the "good side" of the drugstore spectrum. Formula is nicely creamy, it's comfortable and fully opaque. Staying power isn't great, but that's standard at such creamy formulas, so it doesn't deviate from the average. Sadly my shade is just not something I'd wear, at least not anymore in this decade, but if you miss the frosty early 00's, here's a shade for you. Since I have a personalised cap I really wanted a different shade that I can swap the cap with, but most of the remaining range sold here is frosty too. Shades Rosewood and Simply Nude looked like the most decent shades, but I'm still thinking about it.

Have a great day!

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  1. Meni je odtenka tako škoda, ker takšnega finiša sigurno ne bom nosila :/ Sem tudi gledala druge odtenke, ampak so bolj kot ne isti. Je pa res tak finiš kot pri onih Labellotih :D

    1. Ja, odtenki so skoraj vsi tako frosty :/ Res škoda, ker formula ni slaba. Labelle smo pa vse nosile, roza in zlato verzijo :)

  2. Sem tudi sama šla iskat kak drug odtenek in sem bila razočarana. Po eni strani ok, da imajo še nekaj tega frosty finiša, ker vem, da eni to še vedno iščejo. Realno pa nas večina več ne nosi tega. Je pa res škoda tako lepega personaliziranega darila, če potem odtenka ne nosiš. :/

    Jaz sem dobila bolj koralen odtenek in se mi je zdel kar nosljiv. Ko pa sem ga preizkusila na ustnicah, pa sem vedela, da ga ne bom uporabljala.

    1. Res je zelo ubogi izbor in ni za to desetletje :/ Tiste rdeče iz Marilyn kolekcije izgledajo še najboljše, ampak zihr se med 27 odtenki najde še kaj nosljivega, samo kar niso pri nas. Pa tako vesela sem bila personalizirane šminke. Pri meni se tudi šele na ustnicah pokazalo kako frosty sploh je, ker swatcha se dokaj normalno.

  3. Vau ovo je super kao prizmA carice. Ja imam Ovo u drugu nijansu, mekan kao balzam