Clinique Even Better Refresh Hydrating and Repairing Makeup Full-Coverage Foundation

torek, januar 07, 2020

I found this randomly when I was checking Müller for all pale enough shades for me and it was one of five testers I took that day. This was the second most impressive formula right behind Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra Wear, which I also got, though this one didn't impress me enough to consider buying it the first time, but after I gave it another try I went online the same day and ordered a tube. I tried shade WN01 Flax (lightest in a local Müller), which was a shade too dark for me, so I ordered the lightest shade 0.75 Custard. This is my favourite high coverage foundation because it looks less obvious than similar formulas, but I of course still prefer my light-medium coverage formulas for days when my skin doesn't need a lot.

Texture and coverage: Based on the name and how it looked in the shop I expected a tinted moisturiser type of product, but this is definitely not that. It's a thicker foundation that's easy to blend because it's so moisturising and it blends into the skin well, though at this one I do my double blending method where I first apply it with a brush or sponge and then take a clean sponge and go over it again. Coverage is at least medium, or even medium-high. I use concealer only on spots and under the eyes if my circles look terrible that day. It feels tacky from the start and eventually settles, but with a rich moisturiser under it, it stays tacky for ages.

Pictures of Flax, not Custard.

Finish: Depending how much you apply it, it can look dewy or satin. With the amount I use, it's a satin one that doesn't look too heavy. It looks good over pores, lines and it doesn't crease, but I have to be careful with this one not to apply too much powder over it because it can look obvious quickly. 

Shade: 0.75 Custard is a not the palest shade I have, but light enough for me. It's got a yellow undertone similar that looks strong when swatched in a thick coat, but it's not obvious on my face. WN01 Flax, which is the second shade, was more neutral and a shade darker.

Staying power & wear: The wear time of this one is very impressive. Even without powder it holds on for over 8-9h on me (I stopped checking after that), which is amazing, especially for a moisturising formula. I'm a frequent face toucher and this doesn't rub off. This is the most long lasting formula in my collection.

Packaging: This is packed in a slim tube with a metal cap. Since the formula is thick, it's not a messy one.

Price and availability: This is insanely expensive in my local Müller, over 45 €, even though on US website its price a more reasonable 32$ (about 28 €). I got it on Look Fantastic when they had a 20% off code, but regular price is £24.00 (also about 28 €). Why Müller changes so much is a mystery, so go online. 

I'm not one for high coverage formulas, but I like this one. It's not too heavy looking, it covers a lot and it has a fantastic staying power. The best part for me of course is a pale enough shade, even though it's more on the yellow side, but it blends in just fine. This is one of those underrated foundations that you rarely hear about, though it is fairly new, but I'm glad I found it. 

Have a great day!   

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