Catrice Pro Ink Non-Transfer Liquid Lipstick

torek, maj 19, 2020

This is Catrice's newest matte liquid lipstick formula. I've avoided its predecessor because I saw they don't really dry matte, but these are a step up from those in that respect. These contain moringa butter and are available in 10 shades. 

Texture: Formula initially feels quite creamy, almost similar to Revlon's Ultra HD, but it's thinner than that. It sets within the first few minutes and the finish is properly matte, but unlike Essence's Stay 8h Matte Liquid Lipstick this doesn't dry into this layer on the lips, so it's more comfortable to wear, but still the strong matte finish will not be for everyone and Rimmel's Stay All Day for example, which have a similar finish are a little bit kinder to the lips.

040 Braveness Wins

A classic peachy shade that's similar to Essence's This is Me Lipstick 01 Freaky.

070 I am Unique

 A light pink that in the packaging appears more cool, almost lavender, but on the lips it's closer to a neutral pink.

080 Dream Big

 A medium warm rosy shade. 

Scent: These have a sweet scent.

Staying power: is similar to Essence and neither are super impressive. They are some of the poorest performing lip creams in this respect and that are similar to regular lipsticks. Catrice's also don't survive eating. 

Packaging: The applicator is a nice one at this one. It's slightly curved, so it fits the lips nicely. The fact I applied them like an idiot for these pictures (full face ones) is my fault. I was in a hurry.  

Price availability: These cost 5.09 € and are sold in drugstores.

These are nicer than Essence's Stay 8h, which were released at about the same time. They dry to the same type of matte finish, but don't feel as uncomfortable. Regardless if you have dry lips, these still might not be good enough for you, but I've heard from several reviews they like them. I'm not happy with the staying power, there are much better formulas. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Dream big looks better on you especially with this hair. 👍Even though I love catrice products I have not bought this one yet.