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torek, maj 26, 2020

*CATRICE COSMETICS Glow in Bloom Limited Edition Monochromatic Blush & Glow
C02 Rose Duet
Glow in Bloom is Catrice's highlighter-y collection that also includes blushes. There are two versions, I haven't seen the other one which I think is peachy, but mine is a combination of a coral with larger gold shimmer and the other a lighter peachy pink with a less intense fine champagne glow. The coral one is more pigmented than the other and it might be the only one that shows up well on darker skin tones, but it can quickly be too intense for me. The shimmer in the smaller coral one is not fine like it's in the other one, regardless neither end up super glowy on me, so this didn't exactly meet my expectations in this department. The coral one also is not a smooth looking blush and makes the skin appear more textured, while the peachy-pink side is a lot better in that respect and tends to look nicer. They could blend a bit easier, in particular I’m having problems with the coral one, while the peachy one is easier to deal with. If you're looking for a blush with a glow, Essence's Blushlighters are nicer, at least to me.
The thinner side, the golden coral blush. Lipstick is Jordana Matte 48 Pink Passion
4.59 €

*CATRICE COSMETICS Glow in Bloom Limited Edition Highlighter
C01 Jasmine Blossom, C02 Daisy Blossom, C03 Magnolia Blossom, C04 Sunflower Blossom
I've got to hand it to Catrice, these are some gorgeous looking highlighters and they remind me of Kaviar Gauche collection with the flower design. I got all four from this collection. Textures aren't the same across the board, as C01, C02 and C03 are more creamy, while C04 has a very smooth formula, which I think is best in this selection. Shimmer is not as fine as I know Catrice has already done, so while you get an intense glow, it's can look too textured in some lights, but I'm very into fine shimmer and for a majority these will look amazing.  C01 Jasmine Blossom is an off-white champagne shade with a white-golden glow, C02 Daisy Blossom is a rose gold shade with a warm pink glow on a warm base, C03 Magnolia Blossom is a similar shade to C02, but more beige and it doesn't have such a pink glow, though it still has a has a pinkish champagne reflect, and C04 Sunflower Blossom is the deepest of the four, a warm yellow gold shade, which is already not a highlighter on me, but more of a blush/bronzer/highlighter. C04 has the finest shimmer and smoothest formula, making it the best performing shade in general, so it's a shame the other three aren't quite as nice, but all are a set of very reflective,metallic shades that those who love a strong glow will enjoy.

C01 Jasmine Blossom
4.59 €

*CATRICE COSMETICS Sungasm Limited Edition Summer Glow Makeup Setting Mist
This is a nice one. Catrice used to have a very highly rated dewy mist which I missed by a few months because it was discontinued and got the regular violet version instead, which is ok, but not glowy like I wanted and it has a terrible spray. I suspect this is about the same thing as that discontinued mist because it gives the skin a glowy look, which is intense at first, but on my dry skin it goes away in time. This smells amazing, like summer cosmetics, I think it's the same scent as Guerlain's Terracotta perfume, but I could be mixing it up with something similar. Sometimes it lasts only a few seconds and others times I smell it for the first hour. The mist is sooo much better than on the violet one. It's an nice even mist that's not spritzing large droplets, but it's not as fine as for example L'Oreal's Lumi Shake. I haven't noticed it prolonging the staying power of makeup, to be fair I wasn't really paying that much attention, but it's a nice spray when you want to melt the makeup together better or remove a powdery look. Their violet version is excellent at improving staying power. Sungasm's version has glycerine, coconut water, papaya fruit extract and water lily extract, so it's much better in terms of ingredients than the regular violet version. It's similar to Pixi Glow Mist in terms of effect, though the latter has even better ingredients. 
5.09 €. This collection is already in Müllers.

*CATRICE COSMETICS Sungasm Limited Edition Illuminating Bronzing Pebbles
Not sure why they called this bronzing because it's actually almost the same depth as the C04 highlighter from the Bloom collection above. It's maybe a shade darker and very golden-yellow. It's not a colour for my complexion, but for warm deeper skin tones this will make a great highlighter. Shimmer is fine, but less intense than in the Bloom highlighters, so this ends up being more subtle. Pigmentation is good, all my brushes were able to pick it up, but keep in mind my skin is very fair and things show up much easier on me. Packaging is cardboard with a lid that holds very tight. Unlike the mist these aren't scented.

Lipstick again Jordana 48 Pink Passion.
5.09 €

*ORIFLAME The One IlluSkin Liquid Highlighter
I actually just got two similar product this year, so I wasn't super excited about this one, but it doesn't mean it's not a great product. It's nicer than the L'Oreal one I have because it sets, while than one remains a bit greasy on the skin. Shade-wise are both champagne beige-golden ones with an intense glow. Shimmer can be apparent under artificial light, but I just love how this looks in natural light. It gives this healthy looking glow to the skin and I love my makeup with this one on the tops of my cheekbones. Just like L'Oreal there's no stopper on the opening of the packaging, so I have to be more careful when opening and closing this to avoid a mess. 

Oriflame, Currently 6.49 € / Regular price 10.90 €

*THE BODY SHOP Coconut Bronze Glistening Glow Powder
Unlike the Catrice pebbles this is a lot more like an actual bronzer. The Body Shop has very highly rated bronzers, in particular those for pale skin, but I never tried one. The texture of this is so smooth and it’s so lovely to apply and blend, especially after trying Catrice LE products which were all lacking in that department. Shimmer in this is very refined, so it's a powder with a natural radiant glow. The bronzy side’s colour is ok, maybe it needs a hint of redness for my skin tone and should be less yellow, but it’s definitely a shade for pale skins. The highlighter side is kind of my skin tone shade with beige-champagne glow and a subtle, natural radiance. I prefer to use them separate, since mixed together they are neither a bronzer, nor a highlighter for me, but on deeper skin tones it might work as a subtle highlighter. Packaging is metal and you get the softest puff inside, which I actually didn't try it for applying this product, but I think I'll use it for setting powder. The Body Shop has a whole new collection of bronzing and self tanning products called Coconut Bronze. By the way, this doesn't smell of anything, making it suitable for those who dislike fragrances in makeup.

Lipstick is L'Oreal Color Riche 06 No Hesitation. Eyeshadow Talisman from Essence Witch Side palette.
The Body Shop, 16.50 €

*THE BODY SHOP Zesty Lemon Shower Gel
The Body Shop launched two fresh smelling collections for this summer, this one and Cool Cucumber. Zesty lemon shower gel smells like hard lemon candy straight from the bottle, but under a shower it develops into a proper, freshly squeezed lemon. Formula is unexpectedly thin for TBS, but not annoyingly so that it would be too runny and it foams ok. It's a simple shower gel that smell nice and the scent lingers for a while. 
The Body Shop, 6.50 €

*THE BODY SHOP Zesty Lemon Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub
I had the last year's Cactus Blossom version of this type of product and honestly I'm not a fan of this texture, at least not as a scrub. It's ok as an thick shower gel, but I'm one of those who like harsh scrubs and this is a gel with micro beads, so exfoliation is mild. This might mean it's suitable for those who find most such products too abrasive, but I don't know every one's preferences. This one smells like hard lemon candy all the time. 
The Body Shop, 19.90 €

*THE BODY SHOP Cool Cucumber Body Yogurt
This has a very authentic cucumber scent. It's just like peeling freshly picked cucumbers for a salad and the texture is a light sort of lotion-gel, so it feels a bit cooling, which some might enjoy in hot summer months. Their Body Yogurts are very light, I have a banana one that I use in the morning because it absorbs so quickly, but it's not nearly as nourishing as their amazing body butters, which I prefer. Cool Cucumber is not my scent, but if you're looking for something refreshing and not overly sweet or citrusy, this is it. My top choice for a refreshing TBS scent is Pink Grapefuit, but Satsuma is so uplifting as well. 
The Body Shop, 9.90 € 

*THE BODY SHOP Cool Cucumber Hand Cream
This has the same cucumber scent as yogurt and it lasts on the skin for quite a while. I'm not impressed by the formula, but I tend to like richer creams in general. This one is like body yogurt for the hands, so too light for my liking, but it absorbs so completely so quickly. Personally, I like the rich formula od their Hemp cream a lot better, which is one of the best I tried so far, I just don't like the scent of it.
The Body Shop, 5.90 €

*ORIFLAME Sun 360 Dry Mist Body + Face SPF 50
I was very happy to see this in the parcel, SPF 50 is always something I need. This one is said to work for face and body and that's it's not greasy. First impression of this were very deceiving. I applied it straight away when I got the parcel and I just sprayed it generously on the face, which ended up with me looking like a Christmas ornament. It felt like layer of thick oil on the skin and was very shiny, so much I couldn't just put powder over it, but I resorted to absorbing the shine with a tissue, then applied powder. However, on the next days I tried spraying this on my hand first and then applied it on the face. It works a lot better that way, it feels similar to Nuxe's dry oil and while it's still shiny, it's not overboard for my dry skin. With the spray I have no idea how much is enough, but I apply two layers and it was still ok. So this can be very shiny and oily feeling, very far away from a dry mist with a feather-light feel, but you can work with it. It has alcohol as the first ingredient, which is not ideal, but I tend to be more forgiving to alcohol at sunscreens, still it'd be better without. It smells great, like tropical fruit, I think it's papaya. This came in so handy already because it's so easy to just spray and go, so perfect when there's work outside and you need reapplication.
Oriflame, current price 14.99 € / regular price 21.99 €/

*ORIFLAME Love Nature Hair Smoothie Revitalising Mango
Hair mask for coloured hair
There's three versions of these: Banana, Avocado and Mango, I got the latter which is the coloured hair version one. Mango butter is the last ingredient on the list which likely means it'll be too light for me, also 30 ml is a stretch for my long hair, but we'll see. It might be a handy thing to have when you're travelling or if your hair is normally not dry and you just need a little pick me up, which I think is the case for a lot of people, but you know I need a lot more. 
Oriflame, current price 1.49 € / regular price 2.90 €

*ORIFLAME The ONE 5-in-1 WonderLash Mascara 
This is a regular formula mascara, so I'm still considering if I'll even open it myself and review it - you know how I feel about reviewing such formulas on my lashes that don't hold a curl. Such reviews are not really helpful to you anyway. So for now I'll just direct you to Lana's review she did quite a while ago, which tells me this is quite an old mascara. I think it's their best seller, but I not certain. This has a plastic brush with bristles that vary size on two sides, so it's like a straight version of Maybelline Lash Sensational. Personally I love their Tremendous mascara, it's one of my favourites. 
Not in the current catalogue, but the XXL version is 4.99 € 

*ORIFLAME The One High Impact Eye Pencil
Pitch Black
Maybelline's Tattoo eyeliner has set the bar so high for me that I just assumed this will not impress me, but it's actually quite good. It's not quite as smooth as the gel one from Maybelline, but not far behind. It's very creamy and pigmented, you get instant transfer into the waterline and it's easy to apply on the top lashline too meaning without skipping, though I'm useless at being precise with a formula that's not liquid. It doesn't state that it's a gel formula, but it behaves very much like it. It sets in a while and is then hard to smudge. It claims to be waterproof and I tried to remove both Maybelline's and this one with water and soap, and both did not come completely off, though Maybelline still wins. I had to remove both with an oil makeup remover. It's a twist up eyeliner, so it doesn't need sharpening, but to keep it precise for use on top lash line you have to use a mini sharpener from another pencil because this one doesn't have it. Staying power surprisingly good, though not as good as Maybelline's, but it lasted 9-10h in my waterline and there's not a lot of such product that can go past a few hours mark on me. This is one of the best eyeliners I've tried. 

Maybelline's is a bit more intense in person, but both are very black in have an instant colour pay-off.
Current catalogue 4.99 €/ Regular price 7.90 €

*ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls
Sublime Radiance
I already have Bronzing Pearls in another shade and there's a full review on the blog. Though they look so similar in the pots, Sublime Radiance is a shade lighter, but in the same tone. Both are a bronzer-blush mix, a rosy-apricot shade and Sublime Radiance is still somewhat too warm and orange-y for my skin tone, at least for my taste. In the pot Sublime has more lightest bronzy-illuminating pearls and slightly cooler pinky ones compared to Natural Radiance, but honestly in person they are hard to tell apart until you swatch them. Both are more of a blush than a bronzer, so I would only use this on the cheeks rather than all over. Pigmentation is great, at least for my pale skin tone I get enough, actually too much with one swipe of the brush and it blends evenly. Texture is fine, so it doesn't emphasise pores and the finish is satin with a subtle radiance, so they give a lovely healthy glow without looking like a highlighter. There is a lot of pearls inside and the packaging is quite large, so the very likely last forever. There is a puff inside, which can be useful, but for applying these I prefer a brush and the puff is more to keep the pearls from moving too much in the packaging. Oriflame has several sets of these pearls, not just for bronzing or blush one, but also illuminating, which remind me of the Guerlain's Meteorites in 02 Clair. 

Sublime Radiance and Natural Radiance. 
Heavily applied. Lipstick is Deborah Velvet Mat Pencil 07, eyeshadow Talisman from Essence Witch Side palette, foundation + powder Lancome Teint Idole & Maybelline Fit Me Loose powder. 
Oriflame, 22.90 €

*ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Kabuki Brush 
I’m really enjoying this one, I already know I’ll use this one a lot, though at first glance I thought I won’t like it. It's very soft and dense, but it feels synthetic so I feared it won't pick up product well and I'm glad to see I was very wrong. As a near-sighted person I love it has a short handle, so it there no chances of hitting the mirror with the handle of the brush. It's not large, which is great for my petite face, so I can use it for applying brush and powder. This blends really nicely. I also love it’s brown because all my powder brushes are white and I have no idea how much powder I picked up, so this was a very welcomed addition to my collection. 
Current catalogue 8.49 €/ Regular price 9.99 €

*ORIFLAME NovAge Nutri6 Oil Face Capsules
I've already expressed my opinion about the price of these on Instagram, but basically they are simply overpriced for such a product, though they are not a bad, nor do they contain harmful ingredients. The ingredients list reads like a hair serum due to a combination of silicones with oils and it has no other special ingredients currently very valued in skin care. The silicones give it that lovely smooth and soft feeling on the skin, so it's an oily type of product that doesn't feel very greasy, which will appeal to those who dislike how long it takes for oil to absorb, though this one doesn't absorb in an instant either. I know many such pearls have silicones as the first ingredient, but there's no actives in this, so why use such a format, I don't know. I'm unsure if any of these oils are so unstable they'd need to be wrapped individually or is it just to make them for fancy, based on what I know they are not. It's just two silicones at the beginning, followed by soy, avocado, apricot kernel, black currant seed, sesame seed and limnantes alba (white meadowfoam) seed oils, plus some obligatory vitamin E and fragrances. You get 30 capsules, which means 30 days and that comes at more than a 1€ per use if you get them when they are regularly priced.  If it had at least one more “fancy” ingredient, like a peptide, vitamin C or A, I'd be more impressed. But if you're not on a budget, you enjoy pretty packaging and want a format where the amount sufficient for face and neck is in one capsule, there's no one stopping you. 
Oriflame, 37.90 €

*ORIFLAME Love Nature Purifying Face Oil
This is Oriflame's treatment for spots/blemishes/pimples/acne/whatever you call them. It's a very liquid and somewhat oily product, so I'd apply this with the help of a cotton bud because it's not easy to apply it on one spot. Bottle has the same opening as essential oils, so this comes out in drops. First ingredient is isopropyl myristate, followed by alcohol, water and the two ingredients that deal with the spots, tea tree oil and salicylic acid. There's also some lime extract, but after fragrance, meaning there's not much of it. I mentioned it's oily, but in a light way. I currently don't have any spots to test this (so happy about this), this came a couple of weeks too late, but when I do, maybe I'll test this and report back. It first smells like a hospital disinfectant, then like tee tree oil.
Current catalogue 3.99 €/ Regular price 9.90 €

*ORIFLAME Tender Care Protective Balm 
My cousin used to have this when we were still kids, but I never tried it at her (using someone else's pot was not my thing even back then), though I remember she loved it. Since then they've released a lot of other scented versions, I got the original which smells of nothing, basic vaseline scent. It's thick, as you might expect from a balm, but ends up feeling lighter on the lips than I expected. I know many love this product, but I don't find it beats Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in terms of nourishment. It fixes dryness ok, but it doesn't last as long on the lips and by the morning it's been gone for hours, so the effects are not as intensively nourishing. The packaging it not to my liking. For one it's in a pot, but the main problem is how deep in the pot the product is. If you have long nails, this is impossible to use, also because the opening it narrow. I use the silicone paddle from Laneige to apply this and it's a shame Oriflame doesn't include it too.
Current catalogue 2.99 € / Regular price 7.50 €

*ORIFLAME Swedish Spa Salt Crystals Body Scrub
I expected a very harsh scrub, since it’s a salt one, but the salt particles are much more fine than in sugar scrubs I’m used to. I’d say it’s “moderately scrubby” and it might be more appealing to most than my kind of strong scrubs. It has this strange feeling, almost like there’s some vaseline in it, though there’s no mineral oil or petrolatum in it, but it doesn’t wash off completely and it leaves the skin with this sticky feeling. I think Afrodita's sugar scrub did the same, but with a heavier oily coat. I find it's best to wash this one off with a shower gel, but if you don't, once you dry yourself the skin doesn't feel sticky. It smells oceanic fresh. Jysk has this scented oil for home in version Ocean and this is almost the same scent.
Current catalogue 17.90 €/  Regular price 13.99 €

*ORIFLAME Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream
First checked the ingredients and I thought, there's no way this is good because it's so basic meaning it has nothing I'd buy a cream for like shea or cocoa butter and honey is almost the last on the list, which is not cool in my books, but strangely I like this. The pudding-like consistency is deceptive, it made me think this is like The Body Shop Yogurts, but this is a lot more substantial in terms of nourishment and as an extra plus I appreciate, it leaves the skin with this silky coat even though there's only a small amount of silicones. It also smells so nice, like a fragrance and I don't even mind it doesn't even smells like real honey and milk. 
12.90 €

*ORIFLAME Amber Elixir eau de parfum 
I already had this a while ago, I bought it myself on Notino, but I gave it away because it had this note that I just didn't like. On the second try I changed my mind about it and I'm keeping this bottle for now. I still think it's not a very modern scent and just like L'Occitane's Amber I see it as a vintage scent, but compared to L'Occitane this is a warmer, more cosy vanilla, though it starts with a more uplifting note, I notice mandarin most, then it settles into an amber-sandalwood-almond mix that I feel smells even better when it's very worn off on clothes and hair (in particular the hair on the second day). This is well reviewed fragrance on Fragrantica and most I know that have tried it, like it. I guess I needed some time myself to grow to like it and I don't notice that heliotrope note anymore that bothered me the first time. This exists in flankers too, I find myself often rubbing the scented pages of the Crystal Eau de Parfum version which is a fresher, more aquatic one, but I don't know how the new Mystery version smells like. 
Top: mandarin, red grapes, black currant
Heart: peony, heliotrope, almond
Base: amber, musk and sandalwood
34.90 €, it's not in the current catalogue, but Crystal and Mystery are reduced at 14.99 € and 17.99 € respectively.

*ORIFLAME Wellness Astaranthin & Bilberry Extract 
Oriflame has supplements as well. This one is meant to provide protection from environmental factors or as they say on their website oxidative stress. Aside from the two things mentioned in the name it also contains vitamin E and C. I think it's best you check their website for more information and I'll just paste the ingredients here:
 Sunflower oil, Capsule shell (Gelling agent: Fish gelatin, Humectant: Glycerol), Haematococcus pluvialis L. ((5% Astaxanthin) Emulsifier (Sunflower lecithin), D-alpha-tocopherol, L-ascorbyl 6-palmitate), Bilberry extract 4:1 (Vaccinium myrtillus L.), Thickener (Beeswax), L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Emulsifier (Soy lecithin), D-alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E).
Oriflame, 22.90 €

Have a great day!

*PR products.

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  1. Omg these Catrice highlighters are looking beautiful!

  2. They have been launching some great products lately.

  3. Catrice osvetljevalci so naravnost fantastični. Res je, ni to Becca shimmer, ampak meni je ravno zato všeč. Malo spremembe. So res zelo sijoči, ampak za moje pojme je šimer še vedno ravno dovolj fin, da ne izgledajo cheap. C01 je meni najljubši odtenek. C03 me pa čisto malo spominja na Colourpop Flexitarian - zaradi hladnega sijaja.

    Prvi odtenek v Catrice Glow In Bloom rdečilu je bolj kremast, mislim da se zato težje nanaša. Je pa lažje z stippling varianto čopičem, da pobere manj izdelka. Na meni sta sicer oba precej sijoča, ampak to je zaradi moje kombinirane kože.

    Sungasm spraj ni podoben tistemu roza - če misliva istega - ker je tisti imel dodan majhen šimer. Jaz sem ravno to pričakovala od tega, zaradi opisa glow, pa je prosojen. Je pa res, da doda sijaj, čeprav mi bil še bolj zanimiv s tistim rahlim šimrom v kakšni bronze verziji.

    Oriflamov osvetljevalec me spominja na tiste od Makeup Revolution - tekoče verzije. Jaz imam liquid champagne in mi je odličen še danes. Čeprav ta odtenek od Oriflama je čudovit - bolj nevtralen, šampanjast. :)

    1. Mene pa highlighterji od Catrice niso tako prepričali, mogoče zato, ker mi je od Oriflame toliko lepši. Ti mi preveč poudarijo pore, čeprav so res lepi za pogledat in močni. Flexiterian mi je milje boljši. Tudi blush me sploh ni navdušil. Sem pričakovala čisto drugačno, metalik formulo.

      Dewy mist sem zamudila pa par mesecev in sploh ne vem točno kakšen je samo, da je bil glowy in zelo pohvaljen - normalno, ga je Catrice moral vrečt iz prodaje. Manjka jim en tak sprej v redni ponudbi.

      Tale od Oriflame je res prijetno presenečenje. Kot bi vzel odtenek od L'Orealovega in uporabil formulo od Wet n Wild :)

  4. Sem ravno napisala celotni komentar, ampak sem ga (ne vem kako) zbrisala, tako da napišem na novo kaj se spomnim haha :D

    Highlighterji so čudoviti <3 Meni je ravno zadnji, CO4, najbolj všeč.

    The Body Shop kolekciji se bereta zanimivo, ampak bi verjetno Cucomber vonj šla prej prečerirat, kot pa da bi preko spletne trgovine kupila.

    Hvala za link <3 Ja, je takšna basic maskara, oziroma še pod basic za moje pojme, sedaj ko sem sprobala že veliko maskar. Tudi kračka ne pomaga čisto nič pri efektu.

    1. Jaz si vedno kopiram komentar preden pritisnem odgovori :D. Se mi je prevečkrat zbrisal, ker kaj net ne dela :D

      C04 bi pa bil zate, na meni je žal pretemen. Pa še tekstura je najboljša :)

      Meni Cucumber ni niti malo všeč, ampak jaz pač ne maram tega vonja po kumaricah. Je pa čisto avtentičen :)

      Ni za kaj :) Sem jo za zdaj še pustila v predalu. Bom videla, če bo zares prišla na vrsto :)