Revolution PRO Supreme Eyeshadow Palette Captivate

nedelja, april 19, 2020

I have this also in a version called Allure which I like only in part when it comes to shades, but it's one of the best palettes in my collection when it comes to quality. I didn't get to pick Allure myself, so this time I got a more neutral version, well actually the only neutral version as there are only four of these and the other two not my thing. Again this palette is definitely one of the best drugstore ones I've tried. 

Texture: All eyeshadows are very soft, some in a buttery-creamy way and the rest are very silky smooth. This one more tightly packed compared to the ones in Allure at which some shades feel almost crumbly at times, but so far I haven't had any difficulties with that palette. Matte shades are easy to pick up with a brush and blend with such ease, just like in Allure. The first three more creamy shades are better applied with fingers, but some brushes work too. All of the shades have a good pigmentation in this palette, with the weakest performing being the dark brown.

First three shades have the same texture. It's very creamy and all three are fully opaque in one swipe with the finger with a metallic finish. Due to this almost excessive creaminess, they can appear a bit more creamy chalky, but they blend out nicely. First is a metallic white, second a peachy shade and the last something between light copper and pink. 

Fourth shade is a neutral medium matte brown with a very smooth, silky texture and excellent pigmentation

Fifth shade is a bit deceptive in the pan because it looks like UD's Smog, so a leaning a bit to old gold/green, but it's a warm bronze on the eyes. Finish is satin with tiny shimmer, it's again super pigmented and easy to blend

Sixth shade is a satin burgundy that leans to brown. It's super pigmented and one of rare such high quality shade in this type of colour. It blends out into a brown and it's only reddish in a fully opaque coat

Seventh shade end up a lot more sheer on the skin than in appears in the pan. It looks like a deep warm brown, but on the skin it looks a smoky cool brown with duo-chrome green-red shimmer.

The last shade is a matte black. Another very black shade as is usual for this brand. Nicely pigmented and smooth.

Staying power: My eyelids aren't oily, so most stuff lasts well without a base, these included. They don't crease and last pretty well in a slightly faded version to the end of the day.   

Packaging: It screams cheap packaging, but the hinges and working mechanism work ok, plus you get to see the colours. 

Price and availability: I got mine on Notino for 7.90 €, It's also sold on Lič and its sister sites (Pink Panda) as well as on for international buyers.

Have a nice day!

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