Milani Baked Blush Petal Primavera

sreda, junij 08, 2022

These blushes have been very popular for years, especially Luminoso, the most well-known shade from this line. While we got Milani in DM a while ago, I still haven't seen the stand, as despite having three shops in my local town, we have none here. I'm not going to bother tracking them down, anyway we can get everything online, but these blushes were for a time on mini stands in DM. I swatched Luminoso and that shade is too coral-orange for me, but this one Petal Primavera looked a lot more appealing. 

These are baked blushes and formula or better said pigmentation changed since I got it. Top layer was so loose that the brush picked up too much and it was challenging to apply it evenly on the cheeks. Then I broke through that top layer and it's now more smooth, brush picks up less and I can layer it more slowy to the desired intensity. It does take a few layers to get a flush going, so it's not very pigmented, especially considering how pale I am. Sometimes it bothers me that I need more time to apply it compared to my other blushes, but I can get nicer effect because there isn't instantly a lot of colour on my cheeks. It has a nice glow with very tiny shimmer, so it's just the type of blush I like, but I still love my L.O.V. blushes more than this, as I feel they look a bit better (but I don't even know where you can get those anymore, so it's pointless to mention them). I picked this shade based on swatches I've seen online and it looked better in the packaging when I swatched it in DM, but on my cheeks it's more peachy than I wanted (it's likely more pink on darker, warmer skin tones). Still I pick it up often because of the beautiful glow and it's one of my most worn shades in the last months. Those with darker skin tones might still want to pick Luminoso over this, but this shade is kind of a Luminoso for pale skin. 

These are 14.49 € in DM and 10.58 € on Milani's official website, which ships internationally.

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