Eveline Cosmetics 7 Days Gel Laque Nail Enamel 43

sobota, maj 06, 2023

I bought this a while ago and it was the first Eveline Cosmetics nail polish I tried. It's rare a nail polish disappoints me completely, as everything lasts well on me and I'm not fussy about the formula. But never have I had such a problem as with this one - bubbles. 

Formula is easy to apply and has enough coverage with two coats. Colour is pretty too, a peachy-pink nude that suits my skin tone. However, as it's slowly drying, bubble starts to form. I used Eveline's top coat with it, which I've used with other nail polishes and it's always behaved ok (though it dries much slower than Seche Vite). 

Right after application when the nail polish is still wet.

After about 2 minutes. 

Despite my bad experience I picked up another shade because it was gold and that's not that's common in drugstores here. Shade 173 has more of a frost formula, so tiny shimmer. First coat is sheer and adds some sparkle to the nails, while the second and third make it fully opaque. I didn't have a problem with bubbles at that one, so maybe my 43 one was maybe old when I got it or there's a problem with creamy formulas - I don't know. 

These are cheap at 2,79 € in DM. 

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