REVLON Colorstay Suede Ink Lipstick

nedelja, november 26, 2023

These are currently my favourite lipsticks formula, though I won't say it was love at first try, as they left a terrible first impression - but it was likely all my fault. They were so dry and refused to swatch, but before I swatched them I took a ton of photos, meaning they were opened for quite a while or they all had this dry layer on the top, but once I swatched it off, these became as described - opaque in one swipe. I'm just saying that in case you come across a tester in a shop that's going to be dry that you don't get the wrong impression about these because this formula is impressive. These are some of the most long lasting lip products I've tried. 

Like I said above once I got though the top layer, these became creamy and smooth lip colour that are opaque in one swipe. Once they set on the lips, which is quick, they don't wipe off or smudge off, they just stay in their place like a liquid matte lipstick. There is a downside, though, formula is thin and matte, so don't expect any nourishment from these. I can handle them fine and don't find them drying, but some may want to use a lip balm under or over them. To my joy I discovered that unlike most long lasting formulas, you can apply a lip balm on top and it won't shorten their staying power much. They look smooth on my lips, but my lips don't get flaky quickly. 

Once these are on, you can't wipe them away and even by the end of the day, they need an oily remover to get off. If you swatch these on the hand, the don't smudge or transfer, they really behave like matte liquid lipsticks. That's why I love these - you put them on and you can feel secure they won't smudge or come off quickly. However, as resilient as they are if you eat anything oily, they will wipe off.

001 Gut Instinct

One of my favourite shades. It's a colour that is similar to my natural lips. It looks more peachy in the tube, but on the lips it's more neutral. It's overall similar to the discontinued lip liner from Essence Big Proposal, which I'm still using to shape my lips. 

002 No Rules

002 No Rules is deceptive in the tube. It looks orange, but on the lips it's a deeper version of Gut Instinct and there is some rosy/flesh tones to it. 

005 Hot Girl

I would never expect to like I shade like Hot Girl, especially based on how it looks in the tube, but is another shade that looks deceptively warm/orange and comes off more rosy on the lips. It's similar to No Rules, but a hint deeper and warmer.

008 That Girl

That Girl is a light pink shade with a neutral-cool undertone. It just manages to not look too girly. 

009 in Charge

A deeper pink-purple shade with the coolest undertone in the bunch.

010 Tunnel Vision

A standard magenta shade, least unique in this bunch, even as far as Revlon shades go. I'll will likely look more warm on deeper skin tones than mine. This shade was also the only one that was smooth and creamy from the start, so the formula is a bit different than at the rest. 

014 Spit Fire

014 Spit Fire is a muted warm red. In the Lite Crayon range, Ruffled Feathers is a brighter version on this shade, while Air Kiss is a cool red. All look very similarly matte.

Packaging is a square tube with a very tight closing system. Caps correspond to the colour inside reasonably well, thought 002 No Rules and 001 Gut Instinct are more pink.  

These have no scent. 

If you can handle long lasting matte liquid lipsticks, you're going to love these. They are some of the most reliable lip colours I've tried. Formula is similar to Oriflame's The One Unlimited Ultra Fix Lipsticks, but Revlon's hold more pigment and I prefer the shade range. If you can get a hand on these, I highly recommend them. 

These are 13 € in Slovenia (on Click2Chic, Tuš Drogerija, Müller in drogerija Ilirija). On Look Fantastic (worldwide shipping) they are quite cheap at the moment. 

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