Oriflame The One Unlimited Ultra Fix Lipstick

ponedeljek, april 26, 2021

I've had a few of Oriflame lipsticks and I was already quite impressed by two of their formulas, Giordani Gold Mastercreation and The One Colour Stylist (though it depends on the shade), but these are their best so far. They remind me a lot of Colourpop's Lippie Stix Matte X, which are some of my all-time favourites. 

The formula is one of the lightest I've ever tried, in fact I can't feel these on the lips at all, especially when they set, which happens fast, within minutes. There are rare classic lipsticks that set in a way that there is no transfer, even among matte ones, but these do. Despite the matte finish and completely dry-to-the-touch non-transfer formula, they glide like a creamy lipstick on the lips at application. They don't come off on a mask or glass and they last well on the lips, several hours, but eating will fade them, so they are not quite like some liquid matte formulas. They aren't drying, but like I said these feel like there is nothing on the lips, so if your lips tend to get dry a lot, you'll feel the need for a lip balm, which unfortunately will make these disappear from the lips faster. At the end of the day my lips weren't all flaky or rugged, but that's just my lips, I can say for sure it will be the same for all. 

Ultra Nude is a neutral light-medium beige shade that I'm happy is not leaning to brown on me. I've become quite a fan of this shade, since it's so easy to wear, plus the formula makes me want to use this one a lot. I just grab this one without thinking because I know it won't end up on a mask, it's easy to apply quickly, yet I get the matte liquid lipstick look and the colour is very flattering. This shade will likely look more corpsy nude on darker skin tone, as I'm very pale. 

Ultra Red is a warm red with the most intense pigmentation of the three. 

Ultra Bordeaux is deceptive. In the tube you see a deep burgundy shade, but that doesn't translate on the lips, since it's only demi-opaque and on my lips it's a cool medium rosy red.

One thing I'm not a fan of is the shape of the lipstick because it's hard to be precise with this one, that's also the reason I stick mostly to wearing the nude shade. I wish they had a classic slanted design with a pointed edge because now these need a lip liner if you want a nice application. But the packaging itself is ok - nothing special, but it doesn't feel cheap.

Every time I post something about Oriflame I get the "I've never heard of this brand" message from at least one person. They have the catalogue system and are from Sweden (their catalogues can be viewed online too, but they also have an online shop). I don't know which countries they are present in, but their products were some of the first I ever bought, when I was still a child and DM and Müller weren't exactly filled with affordable brands (Manhattan was the cheapest). Regular price of these lipsticks is 13.90 €, but Oriflame has offers where they drastically drop the prices. 

Honestly I never expected such a great formula from Oriflame. I don't mean that their stuff is bad, actually a lot of their products are really nice, but this a surprisingly formula because it like a next level of lipsticks - so light, no transfer and nicely matte. I'd say only the staying power isn't exceptional, but good enough. I'd like a nice neutral pink in this formula (like Pink Flair in Stylist line), but the shade range in mostly quite bright. 

Have a great day! 

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