MAYBELLINE SuperStay Vitamin C Skin Tint Serum

torek, januar 09, 2024

I have been struggling with this foundation since I got it months ago. My first impression was disappointment because I expected a lot given that I love their Fit Me Matte + Poreless and Dream Urban Cover foundations, so I was really looking forward to this launch. I've been trying this with different bases and in different conditions and we continue to have our ups and down - well, decent days and not so good days. It's one of the new serum foundations, so those formulas that are meant to be very lightweight and contain skin care ingredients. This one has a small amount of Ascorbyl Glucoside, a stable version of vitamin C, but that's about it. What's unique about it is the tiny shimmer that you can see in the packaging, however, it doesn't make the skin look sparkly in any light.

Texture: It's a light liquid foundation formula, similar to their Fit Me Matte + Poreless, so quite thin. I've tried applying it with different methods and I prefer my usual dry sponge with it. This foundation has often made my skin look much more textured than it is without foundation. It can sink into pores, emphasizing them, as well as making the lines appear deeper. Something similar happens to me with most such serum foundations (most notably both Catrice such liquid formulas, HD Coverage and Skin Tint). Maybelline's Fit Me Matte + Poreless is nicer as it manages to create a smoother look over pores. Superstay also doesn't work well with thick coats of SPF, exception I found so far is Biore which has a velvet-primer like finish. Over SPFs I've experienced it becoming flaky at application, peeling in places.

Coverage and finish: Coverage is low. With one layer it's more like a tinted moisturiser and just evens out the skin. I need an extra layer or a separate concealer under my eyes and the sides of my nose - most of my freckles are also visible. It can be built up easily. Finish is unique, as it sets matte on me (dry skin), but the formula contains extra fine shimmer, so the skin is matte, yet glowy from that highlighter in it. From far away it looks great, but from close up you can see the texture. 

Staying power: It lasts ok, which isn't surprisingly for a matte foundation on a dry skin. Since the coverage isn't amazing, it's also hard to see when it disappears from the skin. It wears evenly on me.

Shade: The lightest shade we have in local drugstore is 03, which is similar to Fit Me Matte + Poreless 110 (a touch too dark for me). Naturally I assumed Shade 02 that I found online is lighter than 03, but it's not a great match for me. The difference between my neck and face is visible at this foundation, not as much because of depth, but also because of the undertone which pulls to peachy-orange. At Maybelline their Dream Urban in 095 is a perfect match for me.  

Scent: It has no scent.

Packaging: This foundation has a big opening and no stopper, so the neck can become messy very quickly. I've tried a few such foundation with a pipette and this is the first at which is works.

Price and availability: I ordered online for about 10 €. In local drugstores it's 16 €.

I like the matte dry-to-the-touch yet glowy finish it has, but it makes my skin look textured. I've been trying to make it work, but so far this is not as good as Matte + Poreless. 

Have a great day!

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